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Author Topic: Meloloc, Importance of Your Work, 7 January 2016 Daniel, L V NV. US  (Read 221 times)

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Speaker: Meloloc
Subject: Importance of Your Work
Category: Serara Staff and Messages
T/R: Daniel Alderfer
Las Vegas NV.
7 January 2017, 19:21 Z

Scribe: With the love You are giving us Father, as we relate to you, with contact and feeling your presence, we are here. Help us to have your outlook and viewpoint. Show us the dedicated, kind, merciful and patient way of service with selfless contentment, knowing of Your just guidance, for any that come to You. Thank You for this opportunity and we ask for a message or lesson that You would have all be given today.

“What I would like to say at this time is regarding the subject you would call standing in the breach. In the old days in combat there were instances where the line of soldiers were over whelmed and killed and some giant of a man, usually in size and courage would hold off the oncoming hordes, alone for a while till the next rank advanced. Then usually he lost his life as there were too many, but his actions bought time for the rest. Losing his life doesn’t fit [it almost did] but Ron Besser has done this, as the next rank is advancing and getting their weapons poised as they sprint into position, to fill in the front lines behind him.

“The ridiculous and stupid way we had for settling differences or seizing what we wanted, in our evolutionary past, as recounted above, does carry some valuable metaphors. Metaphors like: This is a conflict of extreme life and death urgency at certain points, the cost to the average fighter is usually everything they held dear in their old life, the necessity to rely on the trustworthiness of comrades, the need for an organization for supply and transportation necessary, the need to train numbers required to field a sufficient force, the training of which make sure the fight will go well, all similar to the challenges we face in the Magisterial Sons Mission.

“The reason for this lesson is to highlight that some will soon be pressed into service. You will mobilize to reach the place of duty, small numbers at first, then many more. Now as the world becomes aware along with us of the intervention by Spirit, there will be a surge of positivity. When you talk to your friends about what has just happened, you will notice a new receptivity. This will be a most pleasurable phase in the beginning work because almost all of the friends and family you engage now will sense the realness of all you are talking about. They will be open to be led finally, as you feed them what you will be inspired to know they can handle. When you can point them to the actual headquarters of York and the website of official news and current events, it will be like pure joy to help with their comprehension and their desire and thirst will inspire you and energize you.

“More you can look forward to: World events will be bringing stress and trouble all over. You with calm confidence and a puzzling and intriguing knowingness will peak the interest of those in your orbit. You will say things that reassure and give hope that no one else on earth is able to say with the same assurance and clarity. Many will come to look to you for guidance and your answers of inclusion and kind empathy will be a magnet to inspire their lives. Now at last we have the tools [the true scoop on what is taking place] to begin that rapid leavening of the understanding of the Corrective time activities through the whole earth’s population.

“When the time is right and you think of acquaintances you could effectively inform, see it as a prompt from your Adjuster, contact them soon to inquire of their status and wellbeing and this way the accurate news of all taking place will be disseminated with the ring of authenticity, since it is coming from a friend of long acquaintance in so many cases. You may not have talked to them for forty years but your contact now will be enormously effective and they will now explain to their circles that someone they trust implicitly is not only truly informed but is actually working in the new administration and can be contacted for more information and is happy to help them become part of the effort if they have interest to do so.

“You will be sure to tell them that you realize that tectonic type troubles and weather adjustments and business disruptions are coming and to please keep in touch for helping them understand what they could do to secure the information they need when they may see highly unsettling things taking place. Our personal touch, being someone they knew in the past and you’re having the love and concern to contact them out of the blue, with information they now are very ready to listen to, will be a stirring blessing they appreciate. Your confidence in the final outcome as being benevolent, progressive, practical and the most beneficial time for humanity that could be conceived, is reinforced by your telling them that this intervention is from the earth’s actual creator, the one they know as Jesus.

“Thanks one and all for you’re considering these things as we come ever closer to the glorious time of our engagement in this most unprecedented partnership working together. This is Meloloc expressing my love and devotion, along with that of Monjoronson and Serara, with enthuastic support. Good Day.”

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