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Author Topic: Meloloc, Receving Celestial Messages, 4 January 2017, L V NV. Us  (Read 216 times)

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Teacher: Meloloc
Subject: Receiving Celestial Messages
Category: Teaching Mission Skills- Transmitting
T/R: Daniel Alderfer
Las Vegas NV.
4 January 2017, 18:24 Z

Scribe: Thank You Father for helping us to have the humility for being willing to listen, without prejudice and freely, happily, submitting to any path you may need us to take. Thank You for your endless patience, your loving guidance that is always available and the physical life that makes our expansion possible. In confidence with positive expectation, I wait for transmitting any teaching you may want at this time.

“You may begin writing Daniel. Whenever we come to you like this, as you said in the prayer above, your positive expectation is part of the catalyst for our working through someone. Perhaps it is really the most important factor in your being able to hear. Along with it and almost as important is the wholesale openness and unclouded submission with all personal agenda no longer even a small part of the equation. You are saying to us in effect; you really can use me at whatever you would like. My time is your time. If this takes many hours all my obligations take second priority, this listening and writing is my sweetest desire. You say internally; ‘Father the fact you yourself personally have asked me through your Son and Daughter, Sovereigns of Nebadon to take on the role of transmitting, absolutely thrills me to death. Now when I think of that, it gives me much knowing that this [effective T/R work], is an accomplished fact, with no possibility of my not singing like a bird in your service.

“You would never ask and then not make a way for all the understandings to come for my doing an effective job of listening, hearing and transcribing. Any perceived obstacles are totally dust in my estimation, as minor of consideration as to be unconsidered. My typing is slow, so I can use the speak to type application, My sitting for long periods is painful so I will use the muscle rub and extra pillows, or I can put my computer on a box and stand to work.  My internal chatter is distracting, but no problem, when you enter the picture, with your bag of remedies, can withstand your solutions and the distracting mind busyness will be negated before long. I realize too that my fierce commitment is necessary, as an offhand attitude is as appropriate as a casual flannel shirt, at a wedding.

“If I have to lose this, or give up that, to work for you, I will do it in an instant. I worry about my financial obligations so I think I can’t get along if I make this my foremost occupation. I think a normal life must be maintained, but I see now, this takes precedence. The urgency in my own mind is what is lacking and this preeminent resolve will be the crux of my success. Even if I have to sleep under the bridge and walk to the library to use the computers, I will do this. When you see me put this very first, you will post haste come to my aid. I will be one of the group to be depended on with a record of production that speaks well of my devotion to you.  Nothing in this world is even close to this in pleasurable desirability, as this working for Mom and Dad in Urantia’s salvation and makeover.

“The time isn’t next month some time. This is pressing, this is serious. Because I need to practice and experience many circumstances to become a discerning T/R person, it is past due for my raw commitment. The convolution involved as I combat doubt and second guessing takes time and making mistakes is a very vital part of that. I will not be discouraged when a transmission goes badly and my hearing is sloppy and my attention to detail is undeveloped. I will not! Ask yourself: Do I really need to work that full time job? Couldn’t I cut back to half time and give my all, even with a reduced income that will have me without many comforts perhaps? Oh wait, the nicer car with higher payments, the two bedroom apartment when one would do, is more important than the greatest opportunity to be offered any mortal since the advent of the original apostles!

“Because I have been pussy footing around thinking this is a future occupation, much time has gone by. That’s okay, but it sure reveals what my priorities are. I will not go to bed very early to make that morning appointment with The Father. My regular routine, comfort and family expectations are much more imperative! I will not act like I have the best chance, right set of circumstances, lucky break, of any of my 10 thousand ancestors. No I will refuse to seriously put myself out, I will doubt the tiny, tiny, small almost imperceptible voice that sounds like a faint clear thought like this one perceives right now. The truth is that we are waiting to see that ferocious desire for service, in many of you, which must be the precursor of your use. It isn’t so much the amount of time required as the acute furiousness that smashes any seeming barrier.

“Thank you I say, for your putting the Corrective time first, as we are casting about to find a way to reach the hearts on these training forums. Hearts that are ready and willing, if the right perspective could be highlighted for them. Hearts that ring true in devotion to The Father, if the gauze of cloudy mist could be pulled from their eyes. In salutation for today, this is Meloloc, with enthusiasm to press on in fostering your development. It is all progressing, it is all good. A most productive day to all!”

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