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Author Topic: Meloloc, Just Use Of Money, 3 January 2017 Daniel L V NV. US  (Read 304 times)

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Eyes Only
Teacher, Meloloc
Subject: Just Use of Money
Category: Justice on Urantia and in the Community
T/R: Daniel Alderfer
Las Vegas NV.
3 January 2017, 18:18 Z

Scribe: Thank You Father for the love and faith you are giving us as we come to you in trust, being confident of your ever present help and inspiration. Your name and way is above all and we ask for the understanding that brings the maturity for useful service. Is there a lesson or teaching you have for our enlightening?

“Yes, you can begin writing: Our subject that we feel is important to discuss in this lesson is: ‘handling money’. Sometime you will come to have at your disposal lots of money. Almost everyone has the experience of having no, or little money, only a few have the experience of being given unlimited funds, or at least so much that there is not enough time in the day to judiciously spend it. Some robber baron types of the 1900’s spent the last decades of their life doing their best to give away most of their fortune. They found even that was difficult because the bestowment needed to be given to a responsible party that would bring benefit to humanity as intended and those were hard to find.

“When you are given comfortable or even opulent amounts of money, as you will at some point because it is an experience that is important for your career training, you will be faced with the difficulty of using it wisely. The first lesson of having sufficient and generous amounts is to share freely as you come across needs that can be taken care of and that are crying out for your help. It is almost a proverb for the ages that many when they do become more then prosperous continue stingy penny pinching ways in business or societal dealings that reveals their fear and lack of understanding.  The lotto winners that received millions were investigated in a documentary on TV, some years after the gifting and only one or two of dozens highlighted had been able to successfully handle the sudden wealth.

“Several said that it really was the worst thing that had ever happened to them because of the fallout from family and friends, made their life a hell of being constantly hit up for handouts and hard feelings from those thinking they should have shared more in the windfall. Those who now were able to stop work found the adjustment to doing something worthwhile was difficult as there was an emptiness and meaninglessness. They had trouble finding a life or suitable purpose that gave satisfaction and validation.  Dispensing the money publicly in charity came to be a charade of self-vaunting emptiness as they came to realize the adulation was only immature posturing with no real value, cheap shots to gaining a reputation containing little effort or service. Giving anonymously, which will be your new way of life, was fraught with endless glitches, as to truly hide your tracks was like committing a crime; be sure you somehow will be found out.

“Some that became wealthy, who built the wing to the hospital or library with their name on it, came to be acutely embarrassed later when their maturity caught up and the transparent nature of the gift being only to aggrandize themselves and family was seen for what it was. When you come to the experience of having much more than enough, as you surely will, begin now to see what you must do and how you must live. To have apparel and living accoutrements that are extremely opulent and fine, are absolutely necessary in an occupation of rubbing shoulders with the kings of the earth. To be attired in a humble and unlearned manner won’t do when ordinary persona and dress and accommodations would be off putting in circles of refinement. There might be an occasion you would come to a meeting dressed like Gandhi to make a statement or to fit the culture you are visiting, but it is a gracious gesture of appreciation and respect to conform to the high standard of those in top government or education if needed when building a relationship of trust in a diplomatic setting.

“If this should be your experience, the conduct of the rest of your life would require considerable judgement because you’re having an off duty life of showy ostentatiousness is likewise untoward. Having quality things that cost twice as much will be for economy reasons now that you are in this bracket, but it is because they last four times as long and the purchase is actually wise management. Generosity in big and small ways will characterize you now, [as it did when you had nothing] being careful to let no opportunity go by to bless those in your association with additional comfortable largess. To be known as tight, when it is common knowledge of your success sets an example of what appears to be selfishness. Your orbit will show you constantly how you can clandestinely spread the blessings you have, now with a joyful pastime of doing good with comfortable assets to back you up.

“You will learn also if you bestow sums of money to rescue someone in a tight fix because of miss management on their part without the turnabout in discipline required to make it work this time, it really is not helping in the long run. It takes some little experience for us to learn to handle great or even midrange wealth with aplomb, justice and finesse.  Wise management will always demand general frugal attention to the flow so wastage is minimal but leaving good size corners of the corn field and fruit orchard for public use should be the backbone of how we conduct our life. This is Meloloc with these things to consider even now when your circumstances are modest for the later transition to a much more adequate income then you have ever been used to should that come about. With regards of love and appreciation, thank you for your attention. Good day!

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