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Author Topic: Margul, Issues of Trust, 31 December 2016 Daniel, L V NV. Us  (Read 235 times)

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Eyes Only
Teacher: Margul
Subject: The Issue of Trust
Category: The Will of God
T/R: Daniel Alderfer
Las Vegas, NV.
31 December 2016, 21:41 Z

Scribe: Thank You our Father of all, most high, with perfect wisdom and love, for giving us life, more understanding daily, and the faith to see the unshakeable workings as they unfold, in your good time. Your plans and intentions will come to pass and we look to you with confidence as they do. If there is someone, anyone, in Your family You would want to transmit a teaching or message at this time?

“Yes there is Daniel. Today I would like to speak on the subject of distrust. This is Margul, a Trinity Teacher Son, here with the understanding from The Father on this most important subject. When a mortal or anyone in The Fathers vast family of individuals, has the first thoughts of the possibility that someone in a leadership position is somehow deviously off the track and no longer to be given that unreserved support and obedient service, the root of the distrust issue is born. From that thought of possible maleficence, it often progresses to, devaluing and holding in reserve, unreserved service and dedication, that all of the Fathers functionaries deserve, no, that The Father Himself demands. Those who allow themselves to think this way, now have a life that is colored with a shade of gray that in turn devalues their worth and holds in abeyance how they can be used. This is a condition that is very common in mortals.

“When The Father is accomplishing something and some individuals in his team and group he is using are even a little bit cautionary and less then enthuasticly wholehearted about His appointed leader, He is forced to categorize that one in a remedial training mode for however long it takes, for them to become unreservedly, whole heartedly, trustworthy again. They will be used and will continue working in the group, but now their status has been compromised. The truth you must come to, or the mature foundational concept all must come to, is to have the mindset, and actually be, in the innermost part of their heart; ’A true believer in The Fathers perfect wisdom’.

“If a being, in their mind, casts derogatory aspirations on the individual appointed to an office, if any clouding of resolve to accept and follow and enthuasticly obey who the Father has placed in a position of executive action, there is one simple conclusion. That conclusion is; ‘That person believes this group, or Mission is only marginally vested by The Father, The Father has been judged to possibly be flawed, or His wisdom is possibly suspect. In this case, The Father [it is thought] is unable to use all circumstances in a show of exquisite, perfect wisdom. They believe this is only a typical human effort to work for The Father, in this instance and so they think they must personally vet and give sanction to what is asked of them and upon some perceived miss step or perceived mistake or miss-judgement, they must pull back and register their displeasure by no longer being abjectly, unquestionably obedient.

“This is such a misunderstood subject because of one reason; Human history is literally bulging with examples of trusting and faithful individuals, giving their all to a person in leadership and eventually being dashed on the rocks of bitter disappointment because that leader was wrong and even evil in knowingly playing on the trust of those supporting them. Here is the understanding I am attempting to bring this group to embrace. Working for The Father at any time, at any place, in any occupation, for any appointed leader is no longer a crapshoot you must analyze and do due diligence on, about the leading of the leader. The only thing you have to do due diligence on is; ‘Is this directly of The Father?’ If that answer comes up “yes” go over the top unreservedly.

“The only time you can do this safely, is as a worker employed in a direct intervention of the Father, where he has assigned and appointed humans to be part of the Celestial organization. All other times you go back to the old mode of carefully vetting the leader in question. This is such a Celestial organization, [The Magisterial Sons Mission, being trained with the Teaching Mission and and the TM List] this is such a time. Only very few really get this! This group, those in training in the Corrective Time, I am hereby showing and asking that you do get this! It is a most important and basic nuance of team functioning. It is a group ethic and embrasure, without which, we cannot and will not operate.

“To have double minded, second guessing workers, calling into question constantly, decisions and policies, setting themselves up as watch dogs of propriety is like pouring sand in the gear box. We always welcome debate about the most efficacious way to proceed, but that debate consistently has as its foundation the premise that it is only a preliminary necessity for sound policy conceptualization and not an indication of vacillating and uncertain leadership. What you are seeing is a very privileged curtesy that we offer, bringing you or anyone into our confidence, asking you to be part of the discussion to have even more input for making informed leadership decisions.

“It is difficult for a mortal to shift gears on this subject. The reason in most instances that it is such a huge problem and so common is that they [those wary and cautious] really do not believe the circumstance in question, is directly of The Father. They may believe it is inspired often by The Father, that The Father is doing many positive and needed things by using this group, but they have trouble letting go of the no longer valid surmise that this is a human effort and being it is a human effort, I am free, even obligated to vet everything going on. I must not trust implicitly as so many foolish, gullible predecessors have done, to their ruin. Trusting implicitly in this case, is absolutely safe and absolutely necessary, because, it is directly of The Father!

“When there is uncertain vacillation it means the individual has not proven to their satisfaction that the enterprise is unquestionably from the very top in origination. We will continue to work together in happy harmony but you cannot be given work duties of a very responsible nature because there is this issue of double minded, partial, and reserved dedication. Dedication predicated on your personal decision of the moment, that decides go or no go upon your evaluation of rightness. A prerogative you do not have. A prerogative you have decidedly and happily given up as a worker for The Father, [because, and only in this instance] it is of the Father! Also, don’t lose the all-important point that: Yes, it is of the Father, but it is just as binding to; and necessary to give, the same obedience to, any that He might appoint! This is often the big bug a boo. We must learn this principle well.

“This lesson is, shall we say, the most important issue of the day, as we build this human contingent for the Magisterial Sons Mission and indeed the complete time from now to the milestone of Light and Life.  This is impossible to emphasize enough. Being immersed as you all are in the dangerous, tricky, devious, dishonest, untrustworthy, society and civilization, it is understandable that this trust issue is so difficult to wholeheartedly embrace. This point that I am making by this lesson must and will be understood and adopted by all who have any interest of a long term career in any Divine undertaking.

“This is your first taste of how the Family of God operates and that is: across the board openness and invitation to bring any possible aspect of what is going on to the table for debate, but simultaneously having no ownership or addenda privately. To fight tenaciously for a concept or method you feel may be crucial for leadership acceptance, is commendable. To instantly back down with happy acquiescence when the decision is made, putting full cooperation behind what is decided, that may not even slightly resemble what you were so ardently proposing. Confident the whys and wherefores will be understood later. This is The Way of The Family of God
“Thank You, one and all for putting your mind to understanding what I am saying. If and when you might be tempted to think you were being treated offensively and unfairly and that instance is kept unforgiven and allowed to live in your heart, return to the knowledge that everything is known by the Father and a circumstance like that can only be some part of the wisdom of the Father that you are willing to undergo endlessly as part of your journey.  Loyal and instant response is paramount in those working in the Missions of the Corrective time. This is Margul, Good Day!”

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