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Author Topic: Meloloc,Betrothal,30 December2016 Daniel L V NV.  (Read 194 times)

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Meloloc,Betrothal,30 December2016 Daniel L V NV.
« on: December 30, 2016, 15:31 »

Eyes Only
Speaker: Meloloc
Subject: The Betrothal
Category: Revelation, New and Old
T/R: Daniel Alderfer
Las Vegas NV.
30 December 2016, 20:30 Z

Scribe: With Joyfulness Father, for the opportunity to be here in training for the Magisterial Sons Mission. Thank You for our Adjuster to guide us and draw us closer to you. Thank You for this Corrective time and these communications you are enabling us to be taught with in a most direct and personal way. Is there a teaching or lesson that you would have transmitted today?

Yes there is, this is Meloloc, to discuss the teaching premise of existentialism, which is the philosophical [and realistically, the only workable idea] that each individual has the freedom, duty and responsibility, to take charge of their development through acts of their own will.  In other words, no one else can be depended on for your maturity and expansion except yourself. In our circumstances, unlike most humans, who are uninformed about this, we can look to our indwelling but impersonal Father aspect with a mind that is imbued as He thinks, to provide the blueprint for our maturation. The secret of the ages is to let go and let this piece of The Father have free reign as we acquiesce with full enthuastic compliance. Our resistance to giving up our sovereignty in developmental matters, finally dissolves after many experiences where it is patently obvious their guidance about wise choices for our life path, is seriously superior to what we, personally had attempted to manifest.

“Now our development becomes accelerated, as the advice that will pour in, upon an open request, is thorough and comprehensive and usually at first a little too much to handle and we put on the shelf somethings we just are not ready, either to let go of, or to religiously attempt to follow ‘yet’. This picking and choosing is normal and our right as the boss of our ship, but then the realization comes that this is no ordinary fallible guide but a master pilot of unerring judgement that didn’t just contract for a short river journey but has offered their free services in perpetuity, and not only that, suggests that a melding of themselves with us in a; ‘two becomes one’ partnership, is inexorably the best [but not the only way] to go.

“It is so much the superior way, that it is the preeminent choice for a life of permanence, of most beings in this Cosmos. The comfort and downright pleasure of the partnership is so sweetly pleasant to experience, that we are eventually hopelessly in a love relationship of utter exquisite; glee, delight, happiness, gratification, contentment and joy. There are paths of ascension to the Father that do not include this fusion and they are perfect for that circumstance and individual, but most will find that the Adjuster fusion, is one of the most brilliant inventions of The Father. He ends up with a being, half earthy, physical, evolutionary, and half Divine, Cosmic, Spiritual, polished and burnished to perfection and utmost trustworthiness by the lengthy experiential life.

“My purpose is to set out and make plain the highly desirable plan The Father has for you, so you can see clearly what you should do. Many of you take a long time to acquis, hanging on for dear life to the self-directed prerogative, afraid that the capitulation will rope you into limitation and stifling conformity you envision will limit your options. This could not be further from the truth. The opposite is true, as the options from The Father are like having the freedom and choice the wings of a humming bird would give you, compared to a the blind earth worms limitations if you were at the helm.

“Your Adjuster is figuratively chomping at the bit to reveal the vista’s available to you. It is however all in good time as our absorption quotient is limited, so the progress may seem miniscule and tedious to the extreme for the moment. If you think this is slow try your own uninspired direction for a few decades. Most of you have done that, however not strictly, as the Adjuster even so gave you lots of suggestions you unwittingly took, for many refreshing shortcuts you never realized; still it was painfully slow and retarded compared to what could have been accomplished.

“The wise one chooses the way finally of reckless abandonment to Adjuster over care and lets loose of much self-direction. Our preferences in occupation or educational path as mortals, is always a big factor that is respected by the Adjuster who adores our uniqueness, concerning leanings and longings because of our conditioning or genetic endowment, but finally we come to see half of those are untrustworthy and juvenile and can be brilliantly enhanced in collaboration with him or her. It’s like having a life coach with a hundred normal lifetimes of experience and this is the actual reality in many, many, mortals, especially on these training forums. The bottom line, to say it tritely, is to live a life of; out and out, downright, unqualified, unmitigated, sheer and absolutely enthuastic embrace of our adjuster!

“This is Meloloc, who hopefully has with this review of the facts, enhanced your joy and exuberance, that you and we all, can enjoy in each day and circumstance, in complete fearlessness and serenity as we unequivocally relax into this engagement, this betrothal.

End Discussion Forum-

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