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Author Topic: Califax,Other Loyal Understanding Mortals, 29-Dec-2016 Daniel, L V NV. US  (Read 206 times)

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Eyes Only
Speaker: Califax
Subject: Other Loyal Understanding Mortals
Category: Brotherhood of Man and Citizenship in The Universe.
T/R: Daniel Alderfer
Las Vegas NV.
29 December 2016, 19:42 Z

Scribe: In assurance of your inspiration, I come with thanksgiving, gratitude and appreciation Father. Thank you for being always here when we come with a desire to listen and serve you. I ask for humility and the ability to focus. Is there a teaching you would have for all being trained in this group today?

“You can begin typing Daniel. This is Califax with joy, as we get ever closer to concrete beginnings on the ground. We are prompting you to write this about what is taking place; We made a search Urantia wide some months ago, for those mortals who would have some dedication to the Father. Our specific purpose was to set them apart and at the same time begin to think about and be able to identify the most direct way to bring them along, understanding wise, so they could be of direct help in the corrective time. This search was done by Seraphic beings with the ability to accomplish that in as little as one day. Out of the over 7 billion that were surveyed, only about 3 million were open, receptive and were, We felt, able to see the Corrective Time changes for what they are, Interventions by the Loving Creator God.

“Since they were well along in faith and basic knowledge of the unshakable premise of The Fathers trustworthy benevolence, that their Adjusters had led them to, they can see the validity of the MSM as having the full authority of God as they understand the concept. That is a rare and necessary confidence that they understand enough to join in with The Magisterial Son’s Mission in an increasingly wholehearted manner. These brothers and sisters, in full cooperation with those already trained and working will be a powerful force in the Corrective time.

“This is where you come in, [those being trained on the Serara, Monjoronson and TM List sites] as well as many in other peripheral missions, part of the MSM. You are the ones that will actually take in hand these precious and highly useful brothers and sisters and will notice, include, encourage and reinforce their participation. They will be a solid complementary group scattered among the earth population that will have only enthusiasm for all they see being done by the now fully engaged and operative administration. Their placement will be an important catalyst for the further embracing of the refreshing changes taking place that many will still be Leary about and doubtful of.

“My purpose today is simply to supply more information to everyone about even more of the workings of Spirit and to have you aware of the full picture that will be unfolding soon. These approx. 3 million individuals are part of a silver lining that will give important lubrication for the policies of social change instituted by the MSM. Public opinion and understanding is primary and this group will help when it comes time for their location to understand all we are going to be doing. For those in that location when administration actions take place, to have it be perceived, as not only a very good thing, but as absolutely providential in nature and a serendipitous creation that a kind Creator God is bestowing on Urantia.

“The other important realization that this group has is that, more or less, this is a new beginning taking place very close to the time when, without it, all would have been lost. Your knowing about these sincere lovers of God among us who you will encounter and prayerfully include in your work, even though they know little or nothing of the Urantia Book yet and have the outmoded understanding of Urantia’s religions, we see what they are in their heart and patiently include them knowing in time, they will be fully knowledgeable and the important thing now is their wholehearted love of humanity. Also their attitude of service and their recognizing in part, but sufficiently, that the MSM administration is truly ordained and connected with The Creator God they also have been worshiping in their own way.

“The value of this group is the fact that the actions and words of the Magisterial Mission will resonate with them and will only encourage their active participation as things progress in their area. Your knowing they are there among the population is a big plus as you see areas open more and more to the Celestial leading all over Urantia. In other words, things are not as bad as they look. An unreligious but devout person, or a Muslim, Mormon, Catholic, Jewish, Protestant or Eskimo, who may use totally different vocabulary to describe their loyal adherence to God, will be right with you in spirit, intent and usability. We would never quibble over gaps in maturity or knowledge. They have the one invaluable ingredient; love of humanity, which can only come from their relationship to The Father and this we profusely endorse with our loyal friendship, hearty cooperation and acceptance.

“Now Daniel, I would like you to write: To bring this to a conclusion, this is only one of many factors in the successful handling and orchestration, of the Magisterial Mission. These millions we know are in the wings to accentuate and be a catalyst, can be trusted to do their part as they see the changes being brought. We wanted to have you be aware of this most positive aspect as part of the playing out, for you to trust, as we go forward. Thank You for your perusing and remembering this aspect of our operation. This is Califax, Good Day!

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