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Author Topic: Announcement of Importance  (Read 176 times)

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Announcement of Importance
« on: December 27, 2016, 13:15 »

Dear Forum members: The announcement below I make with a caveat. This Christmas weekend I’ve been experiencing some pain on my right ear, promptings to take a message, being unsettled, etc. This morning I was woken up from a deep sleep and asked to come and take a message, even saw pictures of “sound waves” with my eyes closed, so I came and wrote the message. This is not how I naturally think, and because of the nature of the announcement, having been disappointed in the past, I write this note to all of you. I’d rather post it and be wrong than having the right information and not posting it. You know how in the past messages have been withdrawn based on the Go/Not Go from the Father.  Domtia. Licha

Eyes Only
Teacher: Gabriel, Jesus of Nazareth, Serara
Subject: Announcement of Importance
Category: Jesus Return
T/R: Licha – Riverside, CA
Date/Time: 27 Dec 2016  16:00 Zulu [12-27-2016 8:00am Pacific]

Gabriel of Salvington: The day has dawned and Christ is ready to come to you today. Everything is ready and in line with the Father. Do not be surprised when the announcement is made today. 

No one is going to be allowed to destroy the opportunity—planes falling from the sky, weapons malfunctions, communications disruptions and confusion in the minds of individuals attempting to create death and destruction. Chaos will erupt in many places yet the chosen of God will be protected. The work is beginning now.

Jesus of Nazareth: This is the beginning and I am back, now my work begins anew, I welcome all of you who have answered my call to action beginning today. Be ready and alert! Blessings to all of you.

Serara: The trumpets are ready to ring and announce the Sovereign of this Universe as he fulfills His promise of returning. 

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