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Author Topic: Marloc,What The Father is Like, 23 Dec. 2016 Daniel, L V NV. US  (Read 188 times)

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Eyes Only
Speaker: Marloc
Subject: What The Father Is Like
Category: Monjoronson Staff and Messages
T/R: Daniel Alderfer, Las Vegas NV.
23 December 2016, 18:03 Z

Transmitter: With confidence and appreciation for Your always being available for communion and guidance, thank You Father for this day and another opportunity to serve You. Would you at this time have a message to transmit for all on these training forums?

“Yes we do, whenever you feel comfortable you can begin Daniel. This is the one known as Marloc, with a message of hope and joy. I say that because every small thing that takes place in the Cosmos can be sincerely construed to contain nothing but hope and joy. Especially today though, you all, and everyone on earth have reason to be exceedingly joyful for we are on the eve of announcements to the world in a way that will most effectively bring the news of Celestial intervention, that will directly affect all alive at this moment, similar to the birth of Jesus, Christ Michael, now so long ago.

“This direct interaction, of loving benevolence, coupled with wisdom that is the result of practically an eternity of experience, is a blessing that will be noted and regarded only in hindsight by most alive. The full import is only absorbed over time, even by the most spiritually advanced among Urantia’s population. There are so many ramifications that have their genesis from the spoken intent to take place now, it is unfathomable and will be a fascinating study to be done later, that will reveal the ways of the Father for any wanting a fast course in His character and personality.

“All I can tell you is that the earth has hit the jackpot of all time with this masterfully orchestrated intervention. [The MSM] Just at the last moment of the most propitious second to act, the decision will be rendered and the unstoppable wheel of history and Urantia’s destiny is activated for all that has been promised by its Creators. What has been promised in the best tradition of human [and any species] relating, is highly modest compared to what will be actually delivered. It’s like the businessman who orders a ship load of goods and upon inspecting what has arrived in port he finds huge additional quantities and better quality of goods that were included at no cost by the originating supplier, a gift of love in the hopes of continuing the relationship. This is the way of The Father.

“Of course most have no inkling of all of this and continue to go forward in a fog of ignorance. That is the field The Father works in alongside all of us. One by one turning the hearts of the whole lot, to see clearly the truth of the Family dynamics where love [out going concern] is the beautiful matrix supporting every action taking place. This is where you and I come in, the hands and feet and voice of The Father. Our reality, our self, our personality being face to face with sincere loving concern that we communicate with little gestures of affection that only our species would relate to in that way, wins their Beingness to want to be with us in whatever we are doing and brings them to love whatever it is we represent, not having much knowledge what that is really, but knowing it is safe and warm and comfortable and that they can trust us to steer them right.

“This personality we are learning to honestly portray is priceless in the Family enterprise and is the cohesion that has us feel like next of kin in a few minutes of relating; winning hearts and minds almost effortlessly. It’s the mystery ingredient that is missing in any other enterprise that is instantly obvious when that entity is not connected with The Father. It is a connection and web between two persons that draws them together like magic, identifying in a second the integrity of a being that without such has difficulty instantly relating. Those brothers and sisters [without that integrity] take a little longer to connect but connect we do, because the makeup of The Father, the kindness, the sincerity, the lack of selfish or any agenda, the generosity, the feeling of appreciation for what they are, our inclusion of them, our acceptance of them, is impossible to misconstrue. Even the toughest nuts are reached in this manner. They just take extra TLC [tender loving care].

“And so we are in training to be the harvesters of mankind, the fields are white. The commodity, the harvest, is simply put, that moment of someone sincerely turning to The Father. Almost always [It does occasionally take place alone] it is through the relating to a brother or sister that we finally get the truth of who and what The Father is. With joy we make the choice of alignment. Mostly we make the choice, unknowingly, because someone communicated His Character. We could see clearly at that moment a safe and secure life path that we wanted to be a part of.

“I end this lesson with the thought that for all time, your privileged calling and positioning [You being part of Urantia’s Corrective time] will be a marvel of propitiousness to all and the question will even be asked; ‘How did you luck out to be a part of this?’ you will answer with a wistfulness of misty eyes, that you just don’t know. This is Marloc who can get misty eyed with the best of you, who feels the same way about my own existence albeit a much different journey! With love and family affection I wish you a most profitable day.

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