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Author Topic: Return Message of Love  (Read 186 times)

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Return Message of Love
« on: December 22, 2016, 19:33 »

Eyes Only
Speaker: Jesus of Nazareth
Subject: Return Message of Love
Category: Jesus Returns
T/R: Licha; Riverside, CA.
22 December 2016,  10:39 PM (22:39) Zulu Time

Good afternoon Licha, this is Jesus of Nazareth coming to you to let you know that you are greatly loved and esteemed. You do not hear much of it nowadays, yet it is so.

The Christmas celebration is getting closer, I do like the warm thoughts some people have within during this season, the songs of praise and joy. Unfortunately, many people see this time of stress and memories of pain and grief—some years past you had those similar feelings. They left a mark of sadness in your life.

I am coming to Urantia to heal all those hurts and negative emotions to those who are willing to hear my voice. I love each and every one of you, just as the Father loves all of you. Your mother’s prayers for you are being answered now, she wanted you to have happiness and a full life, and that is what you are coming up to. You have been called to be in the Magisterial Mission that will be implemented with my return in a very short while. There is no need to fear that a judgment between right and wrong on each individual is to be held—that is a misconception that was planted many years ago.

My call to all is to love the Father and to have a fulfilled life. As you have thought for some years, my return will not be a fanfare as many churches have surmised it to be.  It will be a lot different, even though the message will be disseminated to all peoples yet many will be surprised and unsettled.

There is talk about nuclear proliferation with several nations, which is not going to be allowed to happen in any way shape or form. Those are dangerous objects in hands of immature individuals who only desire material power and glory at the expense of everyone else. I cannot speak of the how this is going to be accomplished now for security reasons. The actions of many warmongers are not going unnoticed and require or intervention both covertly and overtly.

My message of peace and love has been twisted, and misconstrued for centuries; I come to ‘set the record straight.’ Angry confrontations only cause pain, suffering, death, deprivation, devastation and so many more problems. Urantia must enter the period of Light and Life and that is overdue at this point. Much work will be required, new ways of thinking, paradigm shifts, trust and love kindness that humans yearn to have and thus far have been denied. Again I say ‘I have come that you may have life abundantly.’

All of you Forum members and others that have willingly been preparing for my return will have to begin doing the Magisterial Son’s Mission very soon. Wait for Celestial communications, your Thought Adjusters will make it very clear to you when and how to begin.

I love you all. My mantle of protection is hovering all of you who are to be my workers for the Light and Life.
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