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Author Topic: Califax, Mission News and Thinking, 22 Dec. 2016 Daniel, L V NV. US  (Read 312 times)

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Teacher: Califax
Subject: Mission News and Thinking
Category: Announcements for All of Importance
T/R: Daniel Alderfer, Las Vegas NV.
22 December 2016, 19:45 Z

Transmitter: Our Father, with the love that You have given us and the faith and trust that only came because of Your being there when we needed You; we come with confidence in being taught by Your servants. Is there a lesson or teaching You have for us at this time?

“You can begin writing whenever you like. This is Califax with good news concerning a recent historic happening that you may not know about. It is the signing of an accord between the Syrians, the Rebels, the Russians and the Americans. They had signed an agreement back in the spring to cease hostilities at a certain date but it had not worked. This latest agreement looks more hopeful to be of useful consequences. It is to take place Jan 1st 2017. We found out about this just yesterday. There is fighting going on several places on the globe but the Syrian struggle has been the most destabilizing and horrific of them all. There has been fighting in the Sudan, Libya, Iraq, Afghanistan and in Somalia, but nothing like the destructiveness in Syria, spilling over into Iraq. All sides pledged to cease and desist. The Syrian Rebels also known as ISIS are demanding an Enclave within the borders of Syria proper and we have no intelligence as to how that would be negotiated or when or if.

“These conflicts, the last of the Mohicans hopefully, will all die a natural death as the funding is removed and the diplomatic carrot and stick are employed. We know from our ability to foresee certain things that the total caseation of War will not take place for decades as recalcitrant groups will attempt to damage or steal with secret intents that will momentarily erupt in the future, but the trend will definitely be to negotiate differences in a more pragmatic way. The manufacture, research and development of weapons is huge on this world. Every large and some not so large nations spend billions on equipment and maintenace of defense forces. As an example, South Africa a fairly small nation has a vast military equipment manufacturing industry to supply nations all over the world with specialized and highly powerful guns and other hardware like missiles, tank parts, explosives, you name it.

“The readjustment of the globes economy away from military industry will be painful and decidedly wasteful. As trillions of dollars’ worth of equipment will now be without purchasers and millions in all areas of weapons manufacture will have to retrain and find other employment. Standing armies, navies and air forces employ many millions that will now will also be redundant before long. A great deal of the equipment can be repurposed when it comes to aircraft and transportation vehicles but it is hard to find a cost effective use for an aircraft carrier and fighter jets, other than some small percentage could be striped of weapons and used as private Lear Jet type transportation, but at poor economy for sure.  Military helicopter gunships could be repurposed and used in construction or coast guard rescue or firefighting. Frigates or other war ships would be hard to repurpose as efficient cargo or pleasure craft but some small percentage will and some can be used for scientific exploration. The thousands of submarines will be a challenge to use in any peaceful way except for undersea mineral or scientific exploration perhaps.

“We have a whole new era in the works and a big part of the success of the reset of world purpose, opinion and goals begins simply by new ideas and concepts being disseminated and in the minds of all on the earth. Ideas like a world without military industry and as we embrace the concept of brotherly love and service in a world without borders is a necessary and workable generality to come soon. All of this must take place first in the thinking of the world population. We need to spread The conception of a world minimalist government with only benevolent intent, as only a service for the smooth operation of society, simply to benefit the world, predicated on the vision of all being one family.

“This world government, only for efficient management and coordination of such things as education and the dispersion of technology in agriculture, standards for forestry and fishery sustainability, developmental financing, infrastructure construction and such things as standardized judiciary’s, minimal but still necessary constabulary, inexpensive health maintenace and care dispersal, dispersion of pure water machine technology, the repurposing of energy production from fossil fuels to so called free energy machines, standardization of communications systems, solar power harnessing  and fostering such things as hydroelectric production without large dams [existing dams if safe will be used into the foreseeable future] and improved wind harnessing and tidal utilization for electric production. All these areas of oversight and management can be handled by a world government consisting of a small fraction of the manpower and finances presently inefficiently administered by the disparate, unintegrated sovereign National governments.

“The biggest hurtle to the world government idea being embraced is the universally believed false hood that no human staffed world government is trustworthy or capable of honestly and selflessly executing a fair to all peoples, world administration. All assume that the concentrated over control would be too tempting for human administrators to handle without corrupting provocation for personal compromise and partisan politics as usual taking over. All of that worry is not true when the Governmental functionaries are surrendered and sincerely dedicated to the service of the Creators that they will have long worked for and have proved by exhaustive preparation and training, their fittingness for their being assigned to positions of world responsibility.

“This communication or teaching as usual, is for the express purpose in stimulating the ripple effect in this group, [the forum readers and trainees], to have all these issues somewhat digested and fully broached as some of the most important beginning conversations that we in the Magisterial Son’s Mission and the Corrective time effort, want to take place all over the world. The need to grapple with these coming changes now, preclude any delay. I Thank all of you reading this, also for the ebullient support as you step up to actively be a part of the coming rebuilding of Urantia civilization. This is Califax wishing you all a good day”

End Discussion Forum-

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