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Author Topic: Jesus' Christmas Message and His Return with the Magisterial Mission  (Read 252 times)

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Teacher: Jesus of Nazareth
Subject: Christmas Message and his coming return with the Magisterial Son Mission
Category: Jesus - Return
T/R: Sue Whiley aka 7inOcean
Location: Geelong VIC Australia
Date/Time: 22/12/2016  9.52am (AEDT) (-11GMT 11.52pm)

Dear Jesus,
This is a time of year when we pause to be together with family and friends in memory of your life upon our world and we get to share in gifts and goodwill to our family. Is there anything you wish to share with us as we all gather to celebrate your birthday and your life?

(Pause in prayer)

“Thank you Sue, I am here, I am Jesus.
This is indeed the last Christmas like it upon your world and I wish you and all of you a very merry season indeed. So much is to occur when I come that it makes this Christmas to be relegated to the past as I will introduce a new calendar of events that will far surpass those you celebrate as of now.

“See to it that you remain warm and safe in this winter solstice that is bringing in a bitter cold wind. Truly, I find it terrible to get use to it as Ron Besser tells me it gets worse every winter and I shudder to think how anyone can weather such severe conditions these days.

“Be prepared and ready for the changes coming in some of you as the Father moves to adjuster some of you in getting more fused candidates to participate in the Magisterial Son’s Mission to Urantia. Keep focussed, level headed and do keep those emotions in check as you Sue have been experiencing lately. Your emotional body was wearing depression terribly and now you have taken the time with your Adjuster to keep steady as you go in the process of your Adjuster taking those steps in your brain.

“Some of you will experience confusion, disorientation and emotional leverage that it is important to remain calm in yourself and let it pass as your Adjuster makes those adjustments in your state of being.

“As I get acquainted with a physical body, my mind is tuning to the frequency of those spiritual circuits the Father has made available to make our transmissions more receptive and clear to the point where it is vitally important in the coming days and months ahead. Universal broadcast news is of upmost importance in what we intend to receive and impart to the inhabitants of planets that are to receive a Magisterial Son Mission at this time. Panoptia, Urantia and a couple of other worlds are lined up for these Missions to transpire concurrently, so as to keep in with progressing evolutionary beings into universal alignment.

“I am here and getting ready to do my part to bring news of worthy import for all who would have an ear to hear of what our Father wishes for you all to know and understand. Serara, your Magisterial Son, is tasked to get the ball rolling in the organisational framework of operations that must be implemented in light of the many adjustments that must be made to an erring and belligerent planet that Urantia has become. Violence, drugs and weapons of destruction must be dealt a heavy blow immediately as the use of these has escalated to the point it must be our priority to ensure the safety and well-being of all citizens of nations the world over.

“The task before us is numerous and complex and we endeavour to work as a Team to co-ordinate efforts to bring back under the control of the Ancients of Days. Too much is left unattended and not taken into consideration by governments who are inept to handle crisis after crisis that keeps getting in the way of good governance. It is now time to see a better handle come into place by the Magisterial Son who can and will place some firm controls over those who will not stand down on the use of violence. In my own words, ‘enough is enough, it is time to stop killing in anyone’s name, let alone mine!’

“I am Jesus and I come with a sharp two-edge sword to speak the Father’s words straight into your ears to hear and be heard until you are truly contrite and genuine in your heart with Him who is your life and your Source. 

“This season is one to remember me and one to know of me and the Father of All.

“Come to me all of you while you can, and give an ear to that still small voice that speaks in you, it is the Spirit of Truth that guides you in the way of the Father. Take my yoke upon you and learn from me, for my burden is light and my yoke is easy. Let us pray the Father has his way in the lives of you soon as that is the reason I come to you in the first place, it is the way of eternal life who have faith in Him.

“That is all for now as this scribe struggles to keep her concentration and I am grateful to be here with all of you as we soon begin a mission to reclaim what is lost to a rebellion that should never have happened but it did. For that we are so sorry and we endeavour to pick up where I left off some two thousand years ago when I was condemned to a cross. That is not to ever occur this time when I come before you once again as when you see me, you will see the scars too fresh and real for you to forget.

“I am Jesus, and I come soon.

“Domytia my love and be in my peace.”

End. (10.54am 4 pages long in my notebook)

[T/R note: this is one of many long transmissions I have been practicing on over some length of time and the above is one that is worthy of importance to share as Jesus has come to me twice already to get practicing with me with him. Some of my long transmissions go into some 8-9 pages long.  Many regards to you all, Sue/7inOcean]

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