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Author Topic: Marloc,True Nature of Present System, 21 December 2016 Daniel, L V NV. US  (Read 244 times)

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Eyes Only
Speaker: Marloc
Subject: The True Nature of the Present System
Category: Sustainability of Civilization and life
T/R: Daniel Alderfer, Las Vegas NV.
21 December 2016, 19:44 Z

Transmitter: We come before You Father, with no concern for anything but contact and communion with You. We know You have placed us here for our learning and positive stimulation toward more finished, useful, personhood. This, as the Corrective time is effectively organized to reset and rebuild all on Urantia. Thank You for this work of receiving. Is there a communication You would have come in this way today?

“Yes there is. Begin by saying that our lesson I would like to bring is about the egregious nefarious and even evil power structure on Urantia that over the centuries, is like a parasite plant we know of as mistletoe, which attacks a full grown tree and eventually kills the tree and becomes what looks like that tree, the leaves on every branch are dark green and thriving appearing, but for years the tree itself has been killed and the foliage is in reality mistletoe, a completely different species of plant. Everyone who sees the tree and pass’s by only sees what looks like a normal tree, but in reality the original tree is commandeered to provide sustenance and in the end after many years of full sucking of life, the tree falls, destroying the mistletoe, because of the internal rot of the long dead wood.

“This in microcosm is what we are seeing today. The Calagastian, kleptocracy of stealing, deceiving by trickery, being criminal but hiding the real purposes and reasons of virtually everything they touch, public relations make operations look like altruism when in fact they are bald faced grabs for wealth and control. The old American Mafioso, which is in close league with the real overlords I am talking about and who are one of their murderers and enforcers, [they use all of the mafia like organizations worldwide] has done the same thing, having what look like legitimate business’s that really are criminal from the threshold to the water tank.  All human relationships in these organizations have a veneer of brotherhood but the truth is your life is absolutely worthless and can be ended at a whim for any infraction. The utter heartlessness is covered by generous payment for your compliance with no loyalty or safety in any instance, a fact carefully covered and hidden by what appears to be family compassion but is only further trickery.

“This is all coming down with a huge crash as we speak and the full disclosure of the extent of the unsustainable systems and unsound policy of self-interest with heartless mercenary operations that have brought this worlds system to the brink of collapse; In forestry resources, fishery resources, agricultural methods, public food processing industry that despoiled foodstuffs nutrition, causing widespread unhealthy conditions, unhealthy pharmaceutical practices, polluting manufacturing processes, polluting agricultural fertilizer, plant and pest chemicals along with destroying soil health, leaving insufficient plant refuse for humus production, water retention and compounding the problem with mechanical compaction and poison induced microbicide.

“From top to bottom the Calagastian mind set was unreasoning, destructive, shortsighted, love adverse, self-serving, unsustainable policies of taking advantage and despoiling for profit of all on the earth. Anything to harm, set back and thwart the efforts of the Universe Sovereigns. They went to great lengths to hide this side, using educational misinformation to make all look copacetic on the surface. Hence most of humanity embraced what was going on with innocent compliance.

“As all is exposed and brought to light, and the humans responsible and culpable are brought up on charges of criminal activity, all will be given the full benefit of the mercy of God upon an attitude of remorse and sincere intent to reject and repudiate all of the old selfish ways of egocentric, barbarousness, atrociousness, cruelty, inhumanity and savagery. Only a few may be able to see the full extent of their misguidedness, none the less, all will have that opportunity.

“That, with the many criminal individuals needing to be brought to justice, brings us to another area to be urgently addressed worldwide; the more than several millions in prison. A certain percentage are falsely imprisoned by prosecutors rushing to judgement for rapid settling of cases or are ones framed for crimes not committed as reprisal in political infighting. Or there are many unjustly imprisoned on minor infractions blown out of proportion to make a statement or to simply provide fodder, for profit in a private contract prison system that then is also an income source for the governments in that state or county.

“On the surface, the attempt to rehabilitate wrong doers by locking them up, fools no one as all know the fruit of this method for ever, yet the alternative, to address the psychological and environmental climate that brought many to criminal activity not to mention, lovingly and compassionately dealing with the warped individuals that require such tender loving care for their rescue, is beyond the finances or the education of the judiciary and prosecutional institutions. Having wrongdoers consigned to a highly supervised and enlightened work environment is the most effective way of rehabilitation except for the small percentage of those recalcitrant without hope of remediation which in those cases would be handled only by imprisonment. All these issues will be addressed as urgent needs to bring justice, but it will require time and education and that means decades of less than ideal conditions still being extant in the prison systems of Urantia.

“This is meant to be a realistic assessment of the way things are and the recap of the fact that the Magisterial Son’s Mission knows and understands very well the unconsciable criminality of this world’s civilization. To condemn publicly all the wrongs of society in a confrontational, adversarial manner is a sure way to retard the progress, as many are open to reformation of all things if given the opportunity to come at their own pace of enlightenment. Many of the minions and functionary's of the evil organizations were truly ignorant of the criminal nature of the organization they had worked their whole life in or they knew and were biding their time to somehow escape as making a break would jeopardize their family or their life. Those by the many thousands will enthusiastically come with us in the rebuilding of all that is now needing changed as they will understand the nature of the Magisterial Mission and what it means and will be highly motivated to be part of a new fresh start.

This lesson is brought to you by the one known as Marloc, a teacher and guide under the auspices of Christ Michael communicating more of what He and Creative Spirit, Nebadonia want all to know about the nature and details of what we will do, to have develop as part of the Corrective time, Teaching, Magisterial and Jesus Missions. Thank you for your part as trainees to be vital workers with all of us, the Celestial team. I wish you a good day. Domtia…….”

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