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Author Topic: Meloloc, More on T/R Work, 20 December 2016 Daniel, L V NV, US  (Read 270 times)

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Teacher: Meloloc
Subject: More on T/R Work
Category: Teaching Mission Skills, Transmitting
T/R: Daniel Alderfer, Las Vegas NV.
20 December 2016,  04:18 Z

Transmitter: Our Father, in appreciation, with love for Your inspiration and care, Thank You for the life you have given us and for the universe for our living space. We ask for all of us the help for our respectful honoring and following of Your life of love and service, submitted to any way You would have us go. Is there a transmission you would have delivered today?

“Yes there is Daniel, We can begin with the statement that whenever there is a promulgation from me or other Celestial speakers, that you will know is coming by an up step in the ringing in your ears, let everything go by the wayside and come to the keyboard as soon as you are able. Ask for an increased sensitivity for discernment of prompts, you have been missing some lately. Discipline your life to have the self-control to be in bed for that solid eight hours, eat moderately, make sure you walk that long walk at a brisk pace at least three times a week. You have been letting interruptions take place in the middle of a reception, a condition we put up with but be strong to not be pulled into helping someone, when you are receiving, except for an emergency.

“My message today is about having the perseverance to be able to continue no matter what, with this Transmitting Receiving occupation. As you have found out the last few days, your concentration has been diluted by being too tired because of going to bed too late. If we hesitate in delivery and you dose off, this is not working. You do not need to worry if you hear nothing sometimes, even though you felt a prompt to come. Come any way and wait attentively. This is your full time job. Right now it is only a four or five hours a day yet have in the fore front of your mind that you are needed without reservation.  We will make sure you have opportunities for recreation and breaks of diversion, yet look forward to continuous service as your way of life from now on.

“Further we could say Daniel; that you’re being open to more and longer receptions are something needed. What this will look like is to work often for a stretch of some hours, then break to eat or take a nap and then come back for more work when you are ready. Your chores and duties otherwise will have to be fitted in as you can, but give priority to these teaching transmissions. When you are ready to work again, ask us in prayer for a transmission as you are ready to begin. Now another thing as part of your training, you can rest in assurance that what you hear is pretty accurate as to what we want to say, we do give you the task of reasoning through the statement for proper delivery of the meaning. If there are two meanings possible, stop and focus on hearing an answer to your question of which meaning we intended. Soon you will know internally the meaning we meant even before it hits the page as you become attuned to our thinking and more spiritual in outlook.

“When you have a day like today of discombobulation and being at loose ends with the receptions that came being something that you just did not feel good about and that were not smooth and satisfying, take that as a feeling that comes from your adjuster as something is amiss and not to worry as many factors enter in to make that come about. Hang onto the ‘word’ copy of that transmission and read them again later and you may be inspired to add to and delete parts for what we really intended.

“The nature of the receiving being an acquired skill that goes with increased discernment requires your big minded thinking the best and not allowing any negativity to color any of it. The cheerful holding to the ideal of rapid, accurate and versatile hearing, being able to sense the presence of another teacher coming wanting to say something, is a regular and normal proclivity that will develop over time. Expect it and be not disheartened when it takes a long time for that to be in evidence. We are helped emensly simply by your mindset of this being no problem and a foregone conclusion that you know and expect that all of this will take place. Also important is that you want very much out of joy to do this

“Finally as Christ Michael has mentioned to you before, your maturity and ability to put up with long periods of tedious work still needs an adjustment. It looks like, after a while the realization of what you are doing is ho hum and boring to you, not because it actually is, because we know how you feel about the privilege of T/TR’ing, it just means you are still in grade school with your pain threshold for putting up with continuous highly focused work, hour after hour after hour. You’re asking us to help of course will make all this be in the past. I write in this way to put it out in the open and to inspire and give insight to the many Transmitters on the way in training right alongside you.

“This is your friend and Guide, Meloloc. With not a doubt that the required amount of top notch T/R persons are being brought to full usefulness in the next months and years. Continue with confidence, trusting in every moment, expecting the development to come, being willing to put yourself out more. See the vision of what is being brought to fruition, a corps of Family workers, happily expanding with this unusual and even matchless combination of circumstances. I wish you all a good night. Domtia………”

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