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Author Topic: Meloloc, Part Time Work? 17 December2016, Daniel, L V NV. US  (Read 247 times)

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Speaker: Meloloc
Subject: Part Time Work?
Category: Serara Staff and Messages
T/R: Daniel Alderfer, Las Vegas NV.
17 December 2016, 18:17 Z

Transmitter: Thank You most high of the Universe for this time of life and training in these Teaching Mission forums, Thank You for the inspiration that is there when we listen with sincere intent to do the work and expand in the ability to hear and communicate through the spirit of Christ. Is there a teaching or a lesson today Father?

“Yes Daniel, begin; We can always say with assurance, that the inspiration from the Father is continuously there. Whether you are able to hear in some moment is a combination of your level of trust, your ability to control the path of your thoughts, your knowing without any doubt that the communication from the Celestial realm is not only possible but expected as part of your office in the MSM for executing your duties. Easy communication to each of you at a moment’s notice is a part of the life you will live now.

“Father Christ Michael lamented that more were not able to be as Ron Besser is, open and communicative to any personage that may come and have something to say. It is a gift and dedicated practice that has seen his ability develop, coupled with a humility that is pretty much total. To be so without agenda and personal preference to the length or difficulty or disruption caused personally, concerning a particular transmission is the goal of all T/R persons. A person may not feel like doing it right now. To drop everything any time of the day or night, quickly get to the key board or writing tablet, put out all distractions and consciously give of yourself in service is where we are going.

“Some of you are actually putting work for the Mission first in your life. Being there at a specific time is where you start, being so dependable and trustworthy that the Celestial workers and teachers know at least once in a day you can be used for Transmitting. We may not use you every day and sometimes all you will hear is silence, but you were there. Later your availability steps up to be of the nature where it would be hard to care less about your day and things you would like to do, truly at the beck and call of The Fathers earth assigned agents, who are busy with Corrective time duties. Why is it taking so long for so many of you to take the Mission this seriously?

“Perhaps, because of the repeated delays you feel off the hook to get profound in your dedication, because you may think, after all we have sufficient time later when things are actually in gear. Not so, they are actually in gear now. You just don’t realize it. We have mentioned this before; a large percentage of those unable to transmit would see a rapid escalation of your ability upon putting T/R work as the first thing in your life. When it is second or third or fourth, you can see we also are Luke warm to spend any effort on a fair weather servant. Many times we do that however, hoping the successful reception of a well done clear message will motivate and enthuse you no end and kick start you snapping your desk chair seat belt on.

“This surrender thing is a bugger.  We go along for some time only willing to go so far. Yes Father I’ll give you this and this and this, but complete takeover of my life? Well, that I just can’t do yet. Being willing to put up with anything concerning the work; that I can’t do. I would disappoint my spouse, my children, my boss and enter a scary area of total trust letting the chips fall where they may that I am just not ready for. Take me use me but only when I’m ready. For instance Father to be on the street homeless I just would not be able to do, and while we are listing things, to be without a car is just something I could not abide.

“To use public transportation and to have temporary accommodations on couch’s? I cannot go there. Yes I realize this is the most important opportunity I have ever been given, yes I realize to refurbish Urantia from top to bottom is important but others can make the hard adjustments, I want to help but that’s the thing Father, It must not cost me too much, I just can’t take it. Don’t you have part time low commitment level duties that I can take care of using only a few hours a day that I could stay in good standing with in the missions? Surely you don’t expect me to be willing to give up almost everything I hold dear, do you? And certainly not now?

“Hello everyone, this is Meloloc, here to discuss the crux of everything, giving your life to The Father. Of the approx. ten million volunteers in the environs of Urantia, in response to the call from Father and Mother to accomplish the shining dream of thorough rejuvenation called the corrective Time, not one is anything but over the top dedicated. Not One. We are offering you this chance to be the same way, work along with us and come on board, with the highest calling and purpose possible for any mortal in this Universe! [That I know of] Good day and God Speed. Domtia……”

End Discussion Forum-

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