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Author Topic: Ocilliaya, Mission Progress, 16 December 2016 Daniel, L V NV. US  (Read 320 times)

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Speaker: Ocilliaya
Subject: Mission Progress
Category: Machiventa Melchizedek and Staff
T/R: Daniel Alderfer, Las Vegas NV.
16 December 2016, 21:44 Z

Transmitter: With respect and love, our Father, we are here; ready for any message you would have for the Corrective time training. Thank You for this opportunity to work with transmitting a lesson or teaching for all.

“Yes you may begin Daniel, what we would like to say today is about the organizational makeup of the Magisterial Mission. First you have Serara-Monjoronson at the head of the decision making office under Christ Michael, then you have Mantutia Melchizedek, then you have various other functionaries from the Celestial cadre, trained veterans of the Magisterial Mission trade you could say, then you have specialists in banking, legal procedures, transportation, education, administration, [those responsible to make it possible to do the work, providing work places and personal], Diplomatic functions, human resources, correspondence handling, building maintience and information technology technicians. I rehearse all of this for one reason, and that is to start all of you thinking and knowing a little of how the Mission will function.

“Further know that as regarding the new administration building, it is ready and for now is invisible, but is on location near the Ron Besser residence. This is quite a building of 13 stories that will be utilized at the right moment. Everything hangs on the proper announcements taking place according to protocol for a Magisterial Son’s Mission. As we have spoken to numerous times it is not a simple matter to make sure there is no breach of propriety, order or happening that is out of normal procedures, as should that happen, then any censure calls for our working out a way to fix the problem for historic reasons. That we do not want to happen. Our motivation is very strong, perhaps stronger than it has ever been to get this moving.

“The first order of business is to get money available to Ron Besser as he has a list a mile long for all that needs to be caught up and rectified after so much finagling to make things work for over a decade. We owe him a great debt of gratitude, but we must acknowledge the long trial of his needing to solve so many things with his own resources and him being asked to put all he has on the line and more, as an important part of his development that will not go unrewarded. The patience required as repeatedly he faced disappointment over relief being promised and then having to hold off on our intent over something out of our control was exquisitely frustrating and he weathered it will.  All of you will be asked to make sacrifices or to wait in the face of uncomfortable circumstances. To be most frank, to have top leaders of such a diehard nature is paramount for truly professional administration.

“As difficulties pile up in the manner of this Magisterial Mission on Urantia and many missions or adventures of service in the future, and then to have functionaries that would crumble, losing cheerful can do confidence would not do. That positivity and unfazeability quotient must be sterling, as for long stretches in any enterprise there is often nothing but trouble and more trouble. To not let our heart be troubled, ever, about anything is the place we all need to come to.

“That place is not easy to arrive at in most persons because of the horrendous experiences in our histories that had extremely fearful seeming outcomes that had us suffering for long periods in highly uncomfortable circumstances.  The solution to that, and this is another place we need to come to, is to be willing to die and lose all in the service to the Father. [We know it is only a temporary cessation of life but still our hopes are utterly dashed for that time]. When the desires we have matter not, because we sincerely have let the Father have reign over all concerning us, this is the sweet spot of our existence for all eternity. Nothing is too difficult because we already have left behind our will.

“The only reason this has worked so well for billions of years is that the Father is unerringly careful to never take advantage of any one or any circumstance without eventually making sure all is generously repaid or paid as it were. This quality of always compensating for any service performed, has all in his service, not a tiny bit worried whether they would be properly appreciated by Him. The caveat that is unavoidable however is that since we are just building the character of selfless service as beginners in the family business [The Fathers work you start out in], like in this case a stint in the MSM training, we often are made to wait to test our mettle. This is often where no one is given payment at first and this weeds out a self-serving person very quickly.  

“It is so common on Urantia that it is ridiculous, for having to watch out constantly for business people and almost everyone to work an angle with you in any job or purchase situation to get you to perform some work or service and then deviously bait and switch so extra value is squeezed from you somehow. Any business that is highly successful, is careful [they learn through hard experience] to be like the Father in generous compensation or fixing of complaints with no charge because that builds the loyalty of the customer base for excellent relations in the future. How much joy you have when you find a citizen that honestly will be up front and performs all they say and more. And when you find someone like that [but really anybody, good or ignorant] you make sure you compensate extra and more in return for any transaction with them. The mark of a very mature individual is the unfailing ultra-sensitivity to any kind of unfairness or injustice.

“This started out with explaining how the MSM will soon get visibly in gear and has ended with notes about compensation that are inextricably intertwined with any relationship in the Cosmos. Thank you, one and all as you consider these things, holding them alongside your own performance for comparison. This is Ocilliaya speaking as candidly as I can at this moment in a desire for all to know we are actively moving, as much as we possibly are able for Mission progress.  With our love and appreciation to all of you, as we see you respond with such enthusiasm. A good day to all. Domtia…….”


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