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Author Topic: Serara, Commending You Trainees, 15 Dec. 2016, Daniel, L V NV. Us  (Read 280 times)

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daniel alderfer

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Speaker: Serara
Subject: Commending You Trainees!
Category: Serara Staff and Messages
T/R: Daniel Alderfer, Las Vegas NV.
15 December 2016, 17:25 Z

Transmitter: I am here as you know Father, with thankfulness and love for You, trusting in how the day unfolds, very grateful to be used for delivering any messages you might have for all on the MSM training forums. Is there some lesson or teaching you would like to bring?

“Yes there is Daniel, you can begin by saying that if there is ever a time for consecrating anew with the resolve to be there for us, in whatever way you will be brought to understand, you should perform, it is now. Once you do that with a prayer to The Father, wait in confidence for circumstances to develop. We hope to be seeing important movement in the Magisterial Son’s Mission soon and are informing you as we have done many times before, and we ask to renew your confidence in the sure working out of events in spite of the many delays before. These exact delays were wise and good and your trust and faith is being tried as usual.

“All of you have a specific place in the Missions, as we love reminding you, knowing that the lack of evidence is part of the journey in strengthening your backbone in the face of uncertainty and prolonged trusting. You having to come up with the continued conviction that all is as we have always said it will be. This is your supreme conditioning that when finally relieved by the reality, will be an eternity affirming event to set your knowing with rock solid certainty of The Fathers trustworthiness.  For it to have this quality of lasting, marked memorability, all that has transpired till now was just as it needed to be. The way you have had to a thousand times, again set your will, to loyally remain steadfast in the face of the worlds, as well as family and friends derision was your loving act of confidence in The Father.

“It is and was a road of demonstrating a level of belief based on the sure knowing your Adjuster has over and over brought to you as the fuel for your continuing. You’re responding to that inner voice has set you apart from literally hundreds who simply did not believe what they were sensing and feeling. They are no longer here. I am writing this way, to boost you further in confidence as you will need to continue this mindset of true believer even after our working in the actual mission, because many issues will arise that require the confident action without you knowing the whole story. It will look like circumstances will conspire in a manner that is disheartening, to try your resolve again.

“This is very similar to the level of steadfastness asked of the original Apostles, Evangelists and Disciples of 2000 years ago. You can see from their continuing service that so many of them are now being important teachers and guides in this current day and hour, having weathered the storms and proven their usefulness. All this is in store for you in your future. The nature and weightiness of their office required such, most trying training periods, to bring forth the character for that kind of responsible service. It is an office that excites you with possibilities you know are exceptionally worthy.  What I am trying to explain is the simple fact that this work in the MSM is no minor path to service but one of more usefulness then the run of the mill Mortal experience. It then goes to show more is required of you. Thus the rather severe experiences, all of you have had that had you waiting endlessly, in uncertainty and obscurity for the actual manifestation to take place.

“How appreciative Father Christ Michael and Mother Creative Spirit of Nebadon are, when they see your dedication and necessarily cannot rescue you or even personally show that appreciation, before all is played out. Except in the lessons like this one that you have had over and over, but there again your belief that teachings like this are true and on the money, have to be trusted by you, without the personal embrace and conversation that will take place as your way of life as a Servant before long, working side by side with the Celestial workers. Many of you have sighed and said internally; ‘How long, oh Father must this go on?’ This is simply part of the territory of this remarkable training you are privileged to enjoy.

“Taking the still small voice of The Father that is your Adjuster speaking, that in reality is mostly a hunch you act upon, is the nature of this life for now. Doubly commendable for its subtleness being obeyed and lived. Following your heart more than anything as you waver not in the concept, outrageous to most persons, of the reality of the Magisterial Sons Mission, now. Also highly praiseworthy is your giving credence to received teaching through unknown mortals like the T/R messages on this Serara, Monjoronson site and the TM Archives. The obvious fruit of being an Agondonter and a sterling example that will confound the wise in the future recounting of events, perplexed by how you knew with such certainty and acted without evidence.

“This is Serara going over again, the strange and remarkable story we are writing for the ages in the face of difficulties and tribulation that we overcame at great personal cost and not being afraid to stick our neck out. Because we trust The Father! Thank you every one, Your Magisterial son and leader of this Mission, I wish you all a good day! Domtia………”


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Re: Serara, Commending You Trainees, 15 Dec. 2016, Daniel, L V NV. Us
« Reply #1 on: December 16, 2016, 16:31 »

Dear Brother Daniel,
Your posts always seem to say just the right thing at the time when I need to be reminded of certain things.  I love this message from Serara and thank both of you.  Our teachers never seem to let us down; its as if they know what we need to hear before even we do.  With much gratitude, thank you Serara and Daniel.
domtia,  Amethyst
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