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Author Topic: Mother Spirit,We Notice ALL You Do, 11 Dec.2016 Daniel, L V NV. US  (Read 233 times)

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Eyes Only
Speaker: Mother
Subject: We Notice all You Do!
Category: Mother, The Divine Minister and Creative Spirit
T/R: Daniel Alderfer, Las Vegas NV.
11 December 2016, 19:09 Z

Transmitter: With love for You Father, we are here in devotion; with confidence overflowing for the knowing that Your plan and course of action will soon have the effect You intended. In all the trillions of Planets, not one is left out of Your loving over care for even a moment. Thank You for these communications from You and Your Sons and Daughters! Thank You Father, if there would be some teaching today.

Any time you want you can begin Daniel; I am here on a mission of mercy to all of you. Mercy in the sense of We seeing your state, We see the heavy difficulties you are immersed in some times as things play out. You wait and wait some more, without finalization or relief. We see those of you in physical pain because of accidents long ago. We see you have suffered almost without caseation for thirty years or more in one case. We see you who never can remember feeling light and energetic and youthful, only heaviness and malfunction in so many bodily processes. We see you with only enough money and clothing and shelter as to be truly on the edge of disaster, almost every day and your existence is taken care of and you survive another day and then another day without any reserve to let you relax.

“We see you stumble and fumble with joint pain and poor eyesight, constant indigestion, marginal hearing and it goes on and on with no relief. We see you wonder why we would call you now at the end of your life, in physical crepatude to the extreme, we see you wonder incredulously, what we possibly could be thinking to do such a thing when you pant and puff just to take the garbage out! Than we have the gall to remind you all the time of how much work We want you to do when the MSM is in full swing. Stand still and see the salvation of the lord.

“We see you; and this is the beautiful part, in the middle of this, you use these difficulties to develop your maturity with cheerfulness.  We see you literally bite your tongue, because your irritation and discomfort are so great you want to jump out of your skin with agitation, to lash out in recriminations to your companions because the sufferings are so great. We see you endure with patience and lonely unshared distress, deteriorating circumstances you see no solution to. Relationships of such heartless criticism, such irritating boorishness and rudeness in your direction, maybe from your own children, which you want to run away from, but you don’t. You realize it is perfect for your journey, for your polishing and for their future development, where the memory of your loving tolerance, seeing through their immaturity and you having stuck with them in friendship that was undeserved by them.

“I am covering these matters as many will be inspired to know of Our knowing and seeing and appreciating your steadfastness and willingness to continue on without relief, setting your jaw in resolve to see this through if it kills you. We see a special breed of believers that without seeing, in the flesh, hang tight with knowing it is all true. We see you, and this is a whole ‘nother’ area of hard to take circumstances, you being reviled because of your over the top but mistimed decelerations of the Father's intervention that was then postponed and you trusted and declared again even the second time, foolishly as they see it.

“You even sent these decelerations to your total contacts list of 250 persons and now your reputation is in the basement with almost each one. Your relations with The Fathers administration are tense, we have seen in more than several circumstances and lives, where happenings have you on the verge of throwing in the towel, as to the leadership of Ron Besser and the Serara, Monjoronson training forums, because you think We are persecuting you with overmuch correction and unfair treatment. In this instance you can retreat, for the wisdom of your handling is exquisite. So you’re on the ash heap scraping your boils with shards of pottery and your wife is telling you to just put yourself out of your misery and curse God and die.

“The other reason for my writing is that it may not be over yet and more reserves of trust and belief are required for more months of discomfort and imperfection and strenuousness. Here is where you see over the horizon to the far country of your pioneer destination, the storms of driving rain and cold in your leaky covered wagon, your ponderous oxen, with savages lurking and stealing from you at night. Of rivers too high to cross for a week, while the timing of the coming winter is eating away for how far you have yet to go. Most of you are much more comfortable than this. [Those of us in this category are grateful beyond words] but there are some that are just this touch and go and still daily tested as to steadfastness. My main premise of this is; we see you all in great detail and are recording each drink of water given as it were. Any errors or problems we are careless, irresponsible and extremely negligent to record or even remember!

“Thank You Daniel for writing this, This is your Mother again, who with emotion of love and tender appreciation welling up in both Michael and I as we hold each of you in such inexpressible affection because you are doing this for us, because you love us and you are doing it all on a shoestring, using your own resources at your own expense. Thank You my blessed children, most thankful wishes for all this special season, sincerely, Mom and Dad.”


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