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Author Topic: Mother Spirit,More on Receiving,10 December 2016 Daniel, L V NV. US  (Read 184 times)

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Eyes Only
Speaker: Mother
Subject: More on Receiving Messages
Category: Mother, Divine Minister and Creative Spirit
T/R: Daniel Alderfer, Las Vegas, NV.
10 December 2016, 18:47 Z

Transmitter: Our Father, in much happiness to be working with the Magisterial Son’s Mission, Thank You for this opportunity of helping in the beginning to restore Urantia to the glory you intended all along, with stability and progress the norm worldwide. Is there some teaching you would like to be brought across today?

“You can begin typing Daniel. My message today has to do with listening to the silence in that place of wanting to be used for receiving messages from us. Your focus with intent to hear is the place to begin. You already have no problem with the belief that YOU can do this. You have left far behind the doubt that you are sufficiently worthy, because you know of a certainty, even with the imperfection at this time in your life and your surroundings, still it has no bearing on your candidacy for this occupation. All that has long since been taken into consideration by your mentors.

“We did let you show us your diligence and motivation and that has proven to be strong. So now you can be there in the silence, with relaxed confidence, you now know it is going to work. If you still cannot hear anything like a faint clear thought or small voice, this is the place and this is important, just continue being there in confidence. Your thought must be; I am sure this is no problem; I know this is going to work. Either now or later, I will cheerfully relax and wait. I am sure sometimes my timing is off; The Celestial being has another task at this time, no problem to me. I know I was put here in the MSM Forums to do this, they have told me many times that this is my intended service, I can learn to do. I know in the light of all that has happened, I can and have no doubt, that I am intended for this.

“Whatever my seeming problem, like my motor mind on auto pilot, like my preprogramed oldies station internally, that I am having trouble dimming down, they [my Adjuster and Celestial leaders wanting to communicate] know all about those challenges and can work around them all. But do you believe that? You can see, I am confident, that the Being transmitting to you has a very hard time if under your breath you are saying; this just isn’t working, I just can’t do this.

“There is another factor here that I have never seen to be otherwise. If the perspective T/R candidate person has even one thing more important and desirable then doing this job, we cannot use that person. So your challenge may be that there are areas of dedication to The Father that are still un-surrendered. What this looks like is this; you will get up very early to go fishing on Saturday to the lake that is one hours drive up north, or to make sure you get to work at 7:00am, but you will not do that same dedicated service every morning of your life to your maker. No way, that is just too fanatical and plus, it’s not worth it; miss all that sleep, for what! Or go to bed two hours earlier to reprogram my old lazy ways, so it’s a cinch to roll out at 5:30 am for reverent, not moving muscle worship? [That nobody ever finds out about].

“In the old days, [1930’s] an American went north to Greenland, he was single, early twenties, as a helper on one of the polar expeditions, was so captivated by the sincere people [and one of the ladies], of the north Greenland Eskimos, that he stayed on, founded a series of trading posts with a young Finnish friend and twenty years later wrote of his life. In describing their religious practice, he saw a funny rite that the older generation did. They would sometimes dress in their best skins, go around the bend of the cove, so they could be alone and just sit on a chunk of ice. Pretty beautiful don’t you think?

“This, almost all important service we need now, will come forward, as you sincerely put this first in your life. The culture of much of Urantia struggles with the inability to take serious a calling such as this and it is a growth thing where you know and embrace the woo, woo, occupation of communicating with spirits. Any time you are on the cutting edge vanguard of societal change, [Like ladies having full, and I mean full, opportunity to be spiritual teachers and important spiritual leaders] that the rest of our friends and neighbors are still having prejudice against, it is tough. Like the subject today, [the acceptance of receiving messages from much more mature and finished teachers that are here to help], as routine and not only accepted, but honored as the way to efficiently be taught, then we have these challenges. Many of you still are laboring under the false premise that in your case it is a little too far out for this to be your serious occupation.  

“This is Mother Spirit, loving all of you fervently, as some of the most amazing heartwarming fruit of the billions of year journey Father Michael and I have ever had the pleasure of mentoring and bringing along. Yes a billion years ago, we had kids, evolutionary mortals we loved just as much, about the same place you are now, but somehow this is different in a way because of the spiritual difficulty you have persevered through. With love my dear children, thank you for your seeing and responding and stepping out with fearless courage not knowing even how the rest of the day will go in some cases because either your physical condition is so marginal or your wherewithal is so urgently lacking everything is an act of faith and trust. As you know, we will see you through! Thank You! again my dears!


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