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Author Topic: Meloloc, Handling of Human Resourses, 8 Dec. 2016, Daniel, L V NV, US  (Read 201 times)

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Speaker: Meloloc
Subject: Handling Human Resources
Category: Serara Staff & Messages
T/R: Daniel Alderfer, Las Vegas NV.
8 December 2016, 17:52 Z

Transmitter: Our Father, Who with total trustworthiness has brought us each along in small but telling acts of response to our giving ourselves to You, Thank You, with the deepest reverence and respect for this love relationship that makes our life have meaning, instead of hopelessness. Is there some teaching you would appreciate being transmitted today?

“Yes you can begin writing. Many might think that the ways are past finding out of how the Father thinks and does things and they are to most of us at first. But then with time and our being steadfast in subjecting ourselves to His direction, we actually come to see and understand a lot of how He thinks and does things. Then when it comes time for us to relate to someone or do something we almost miraculously start to act and do as He does. What that looks like, is a pleasant and easygoing response to all we come in contact with.

“We are not in a hurry for their being mature, so this sets up a dynamic that because of their comfort level in our presence they actually hurry up and mature in everything about them. The comfort level we surround them with, the acceptance, the embracing of all they are, the appreciating the weird, wonderful creature of utter uniqueness sitting before us, is felt and very appreciated by them. Reason is, the way most have been related to in their life, was in a climate of critical judgement that put them on the defensive as being flawed and not enough. They not only are enough, they are superbly sufficient just as they are.

“On the other hand as the trust and comfort and comradery kick in, we have myriad opportunities to clearly help guide them because not only do they not worry about being judged by us, they actually come to feel so much in good hands, they actually ask for guidance and help with their life’s path. We missed hundreds of opportunities to let them have it with correction and it was not lost on them about how really trustworthy and patient we truly were. We take the utmost care to guard that trust, almost with our life, because the delicate nature of their personal feeling is so easily returned to square one with some careless boorish behavior.

“Later of course this all disappears and their maturity and toughness of skin is so advanced that the stretching on the rack can be employed. That’s a tongue in cheek reference to things we need to understand that are quite daunting for us to wrap our minds around and when the time is right, that true friend, we are becoming to them, will see it is appropriate to let fly with a tidbit of truth that is exactly what they need to now embrace, but oh boy, it does hurt still and we are there to comfort and put in perspective for them as they come to see more clearly.

“But because of the trustworthy kindness, that we now trust implicitly, we sail on, un-scathed with any of our old rancor when we were corrected in a more direct way. Even so this is used very sparingly.  Unless….. You have proven yourself so unswervingly dedicated, that the spears and arrows of the past that you took and healed from, proved you were ready for the big leagues of rigorous training.

“Sometimes not being perfect yet ourselves, we misjudge and learn the hard lesson that the over use of or excessive amount of correction can set our brother or sister back seriously to such killing of hope and expectation, that it is truly touch and go that they will be able to pull out of the ditch of despair. Long conversations assuring them they can do this, that it really wasn’t, your intention to hit them so hard, that their worth and ability is unquestioned, are barely able to rescue the situation. This we avoid at all costs, erring on the side of slow, confident, relating that sets in stone that trust needed for more advancement to concepts of change that take quite a bit of personal discomfort for our advancement.  

“Some of us need kid gloves it seems like forever. There are cases on the morontial worlds that it has seen literally many hundreds of years, however you count time, that the individual is unable to see the opportunity for advancement and is idling in park, right where they were last century and highly prickly to any suggestion that they get off the high center under their vehicle for going on down the road. Eventually they do see it and go on, willing finally, to face the challenges they avoided for so long. The Family dynamic of kindness, rescues even these seeming impossible individuals in almost all cases. There are imaginative and stimulating solutions that are often employed, such as a travel opportunity or adventure that slowly brings them around to have the timorousness and reticence a dim memory as the vale is lifted from their eyes, finally becoming aware of the joys of accomplishment and advancement.

“This whole subject that I call ‘career dynamics’, is worthy of your study and mastery. Hardly anything is as valuable as a supervisor or leader who employs masterfully these principles of the adroit husbanding of those working with us. In your career it will be the ingredient you employ to help make thousands of lives you are responsible for, successfully fruitful in the journey to full maturity. Those in your orbit are simply, unavoidably, wowed and encouraged by how you relate to them. They come to have such a loving attachment that the team you represent is able to do and master tasks thought impossible, simply because the trust and reliance on each other is so sterling and genuine the synergism is almost magical with the spiritual power of God in concert with the active spirited progressive and zestful group dynamic based on friendship over eons of experience.

“The Team now arm and arm with Christ Michael and Creative Spirit Nebadonia, is such a band and you are beginning to see the egregious challenges in refurbishing a planet and society. Provocations that are unbelievably difficult, as we have witnessed, just in the last two years alone. The question of: Since they are God, [the Corrective time leaders] why is such care taken to preserve the free choice of everyone when everything could be solved in short order by a more proactive hands on manipulating of earthly circumstances? The answer is: Nothing is or must ever be done that is overtly coercive or punitive, forcing compliance other than natural results of the behavior of all involved. In real life that is plenty [it just takes too long] I'm joking! It is the happy and productive way of The Father and the only way we must ever use. [Although we have done plenty of hands on adverting disaster, such as the foiling of the use of atomic weapons].

“This is Meloloc with this class session intended to help all of you have another notch in your belt or on your pistol handle about the most wise and loving way of The Father; the way of kindly, patient, understanding and long suffering when most would throw in the towel or utterly destroy in frustration, what looks like an untenable situation. With love and affection, I wish you all a most fulfilling day!
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