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Author Topic: Sentenact,Historic Review-Melchizedel School Ann.1 Dec.2016, Daniel, L V NV.US  (Read 335 times)

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Speaker: Sentenact
Subject: Historic Review- Beginning of Melchizedek School
Category: Announcements for all of Importance
T/R Daniel Alderfer
Las Vegas NV. 18:42 Z
1 December 2016

Transmitter: Our Father of all, thank You for all the support and open giving of all we need in this life to begin the journey to you, finally fully mature children able to serve and work with you in the expansion and finishing of all you envisioned. Thank You for this opportunity with the Corrective time on Urantia! Is there a transmission for all you are training here at this time?

“Yes you can begin. Beginning approx. 1985, just before the adjudication [a formal judgement on a disputed matter] of Lucifer and his followers, [which you can read about in the Teaching Mission Archives in some of the earliest posts as well as more then several posts scattered among later receptions received by various individual T/R persons].  These told the details of the trial and Lucifer's and Calagastia’s last statements, [as was also reported by Ron Besser in writings archived on this Forum], who was given a glimpse of the proceedings in vision. Just before the trial itself, which was masterfully aided and the evidence assembled by System Co-Sovereign herself, Creative Spirit of Nebadon, Nebadonia. [This was before the communication circuits were begun to be opened], there was a meeting on Salvington of all those most connected and having to do with the problem of Urantia’s urgent state of affairs.

“In this meeting, the plans and the ideas They called the Corrective Time, were put forth By Father Christ Michael and Mother Spirit Nebadonia describing the dream for a fully transformed Planet, recovered in every way, physically and spiritually and completely back on track for the continuance of the progressive development to the beginning of the period called light and life, to then continue ad infintum. The Urantian Magisterial Sons Mission crucial to help bring this about was reviewed and discussed in much detail. It is not as simple as one planets makeover. Along with Urantia was also the challenge of similar disarray in another 36 planets that simultaneously are to be revitalized with Magisterial Son Missions. These had also been sidetracked and hijacked from the Fathers Administration here in the star group called Satania.  [Satania will eventually have about 1000 inhabited worlds. There are now over 600 evolving with intelligent life].

“I review this because the history of the last thirty years or so on Urantia is especially historically important as all the details of the struggle, the account of bringing a group of mortals to the place of capable coworkers, the archiving of extensive teachings that augment the Urantia Book, the ups and downs of administrative handling, and all the trials necessitated by the rapidly changing and mostly deteriorating human and geologic conditions on Earth’s surface, is all highly educational for posterity. Along with this account is the story of the revolutionary idea to have mortals for the first time be, trained to become part of the hands on team to relate and liaison with the public as the MSM begins and starts to actually be highly visible and effective in informing all on earth about what is now to take place; ‘Complete World Wide Refurbishment’.

“It is exciting beyond measure to all the Celestial workers of many different types and specialties, [over ten million] who have volunteered [and more are on the way], as the need for their help is coordinated and timed in the gradual upgrading of everything. It has been an exacting and taxing wait for all, for more full activation of the Missions; [MSM Mission, Jesus Mission to fulfill his promises, the Teaching Mission and other Missions of training and education we will fully know about in time] to take place, but it will be put in happy perspective when all plays out.

“My purpose with this account is to review for those just beginning with us the events that brought us to this point. Now [December 2016] almost immediately, some public announcement of intentions of the Missions, on the scale fitting for the more influential physical rulers and leaders of Urantia to be unmistakably informed of the Celestial intentions and primary actions. Now also to take place is the organization and physical creation of the Magisterial Bank, the beginning in York Pa. of a few rudimentary workers, the ground work for the Administration building now in Morontial readiness to be open and visible to the public, the assembling of communications hardware for the conducting of business, the funding of the several organizations and corporations to be fundamental for the MSM, and the redoing now or a little later, the residence of Ron Besser, important for official business.

“As of today, a very important and joyous milestone was announced by Christ Michael, and Machiventa, of the definite formation of the first Melchizedek school, on Urantia for over 10,000 years with Ron Besser as first student and Instructor. This will soon take place to be located as a classroom and building at York and it will be the foundation and seeding of the New Teaching Mission to be overseen by Machiventa Melchizedek and Abraham. The school proper which has been promised in communications through the first Teaching Mission for some twenty years, will be led by Mantutia Melchizedek who will incarnate and be leading classes when the time comes.

“This is the one known as Sentenact, with this communication, for all being at the same place of understanding, as the events of the next two months will hopefully see very satisfying progress and headway for the moving of Urantian change especially in the dynamics of the American republic. We are happy and joyous and We thank all of you for the loyal support in prayer as well as the attention to all on the Forum. A good day to all! Domtia…….”


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