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Author Topic: Adam & Eve, Creative Educational Ideas, 30 Nov.2016, Daniel, L V NV. US  (Read 231 times)

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Speaker: Adam
Subject: Creative Educational Ideas
Category: Sustainability of Civilization
T/R: Daniel Alderfer, Las Vegas NV.
30 November 2016,20:14 Z

Transmitter: With happiness Father, we are here in an effort for hearing what would be the best message, lesson or teaching. We look forward to what You inspire and appreciate each class from You. Thank You for Your guidance yesterday, and now, your enlightenment and blessing that we can expect today. With Love for you, I ask if you may have instruction for all today?

“Yes We do Daniel. Begin by saying; remember when the days of summer were longest last august in the Northern hemisphere, and because of daylight savings time that some nations have adopted, you could have light to work outside until about 9 pm? What DST does is take an hour of light from the early morning, you would ordinarily not appreciate, because you are getting ready in the house for your day and it appears to make your daylight an hour longer in practical terms in the evening when almost everyone has free time. This is a common sense idea that may still be used in parts of the earth and We intend to do the same thing! What I mean by that is not about DST, but to show the whole earth gradually, a better way for living with creative ideas that are practical and work.  

“There are many customs on Urantia needing revision for greater practicality and effectiveness.  One of the first things that come to mind is the conduct of schooling that most free public schools have adopted. From 8 am or 9 until 3:30 in the afternoon, students are in class sitting at a desk, being instructed or working on writing assignments or reciting yesterday’s homework requirements. They do have perhaps twice a week, physical education, maybe artwork instruction or band class, learning an instrument. All fine for some of the time but consider the refreshing idea to take the classes  often in the age group from six years to twelve years, to the other end of the campus in a wooded area, outside, start a campfire if cool, in an area that has seating and in a circle with the fire, to tell stories in an informal manner, to cover all the subjects they are studying from math to science, to history, to language. The juice, the enthusiasm would be much higher, or retire to a glen in a shaded area with the birds and butterflies, the group, sitting on the grass to discuss many subjects.

“Whenever younger children are in a teaching circumstance, much creativity to insure sessions are not too lengthy, are engaging so that interest is high, so that at the end of the session a feeling of it being too brief should reign and there is aroused a desire for more as soon as possible. For exercise, to require a trek, [teacher participating] running at top speed across the school grounds to the next teaching area, is important for physical stimulation at least twice a day. If the weather is bad and outside classes are not practical because of wind, cold, heat or rain, imaginative alternatives inside the school house such as impromptu short sessions where the student acts like the teacher in some subject they know about or to simply take turns presenting or reading something of interest to all, that would give them a comfortable chance to present before the class to expand their public personality.

“The important thing is stimulation and variety so that going to school is a joy and not boredom, trepidation or anxiousness. The varying capacities and levels of attainment give the biggest challenge to the teacher having perhaps 20 students and the need for smaller classes is the answer to that, with ten being the most advantageous number. With introverted students that are naturally not so comfortable in a social situation, care must be taken to make sure they have other avenues of expression so they feel successful and are not pressured to be something they are not, as embarrassment is unconsciable at any time. Giving as much freedom as possible to pursue any interest should be the paramount teacher’s duty, along with determining where the strengths of each lie, so that most of the time, maximum stimulation is the norm in any student’s life.

“Thirteen thru fifteen year olds are a special circumstance requiring much more action and strenuousness to ensure they continue to be seriously turned on in the ongoing educational process. Reasonable sport participation is pivotal for all, especially at this age and must play an important part of the week. Here is the age also for working part of each day, in a practical, hands on, real life, side by side with regular workers, in the manufacturing industry, farm, kitchen, transportation, broadcasting, movie and drama production, publishing, construction or social service to help with hospital or clinic or cottage industry or numerous other enterprises that would be often rotated for maximum exposure to the whole gamut of adult life.

“This must not be make work, but by necessity would sometimes be menial service work, shared among a small group for only several hours at the most, such as; event preparation, harvesting, weeding, planting, cleaning or loading or boxing or painting or assembling in realistic work environment.  This takes love and willingness to provide fitting duties in actual commercial or service activities that would be somewhat disruptive for these livelihoods being used to help in their education.  Normal classroom work which ordinarily confines this age group in most schools would be advantageous to only a few of the advanced students of higher maturity. For those to have that provided because of where their development is would be important also.  It’s common now in Urantian schools to have this age group, with a short attention span bored and casting about for excitement, often ending up resorting to mischief, turned off about school.

“The ideal would be to be with their parents in whatever their occupation is during these years where the stimulation and action needed could be channeled by them to coincide with the daily routine or extensive travel would fit here. The complexity of pulling this off is great, if it is impractical to work with their parents, then the challenges to have transportation to the far separated work areas, the problem of timing for the best time for both parties etc. can be solved with a will and resourcefulness. The big thing is to have the next generation excited and participating. From age 15 through 19 the ability to do scholarly work is much more tolerable and this age group generally is where languages, math, composition, public speaking, mechanical drawing, artwork, sculpture, agricultural science, animal husbandry, musical instruments, history, geography, design, business, parenting, teaching skills and financial principles are covered in a much more intense fashion.

“This, Is Adam with this letter and rambling discourse on some ideas to creatively inspire excitement. The schooling of almost every area of the earth would probably look somewhat different than this, but I wanted to illustrate that our approach is foremost one of maintaining student enthusiasm with lots of balance in the curriculum, above all else at the primary school level and no less in adult education. Eve is right here with me, very inspired as we all are for our beginning soon in the gradual world wide effort to create a highly progressive, practical and effective educational manifestation to uplift public knowledge and maturity. With much emotional affection as we [as do Father Michael and Mother Nebadonia] consider you our kids, I sign off for now. Love to all from both of us. Domtia……..”


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