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Author Topic: Machiventia,New Challanges,29 November 2016 Daniel, L V NV. US  (Read 238 times)

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Speaker: Machiventa
Subject: New Challenges
Category: Machiventa Melchizedek & Staff
T/R: Daniel Alderfer, Las Vegas NV.
29 November 2016, 20:30 Z

Transmitter: Thank You our Father, for your love, which is the power of the universe, the guiding force of each life and process.  We trust You being there as we grow to understand all it means to be like You in perfection. As part of our education today, is there a lesson or message for all reading these forum postings?

“Go ahead and begin writing when you like Daniel. The things I would like to say today, are a discourse concerning being ready and open when it comes to any new process or method of any kind or way. It is normal and common to resist some change to how you have always done things. To conversely be constantly casting about for improvement, willing to throw overboard the way of the past and go into new territory of discovery or behavior. You are still drinking out of a cup and riding a bicycle, for they are proven ways to take liquid and ambulate efficiently. We keep the proven ways until something better is brought to our attention.

“Now each of you are about to embark on a journey of enormous discovery where almost everything that is brought to you will be a little head spinning in nature. Relating to Celestial beings in the same room will be a most pleasant adjustment and the learning curve will be steep. Because almost all you need to learn is brand new. Every single thing you do will be wrong, from a good standpoint. It will be similar to starting a sport new to you, such as golf, the stance, the grip, the swing, the amount of force applied, all a mystery that you only slowly come to understand. I am going over these things for your comfort and reassurance. Those you will be learning with are chosen for this exact circumstance.  For them it is like showing your little sister how to handle the riding mower safely, or to use the washing machine, or cook a turkey, or shoot a bow and arrow. All about your strange [to you] new life in the Magisterial Mission work force.

“Most of you being past middle age, when your friends and neighbors in Urantian society are slowing down in challenges they accept, limiting the amount of work they do, having worked all their lives in very active and strenuous lifestyles and work, now looking to rest and take it easy, finally. YOU of course are in the opposite circumstance of accelerated activity, increasingly demanding work situations, of increased application of energy and skill mastery required. No rest for the wick… err, I mean weary. You will come through it all, with an increased zest, a renewed youthful resiliency, wide and marvelous new vistas opened to you, undreamed of, blazing, purposeful contribution, that will set your heart singing. All worth any price you have to pay.

“There were many, many hundreds who have come through these portals and then with small minded timorousness and lack of vision, rejected the opportunity. It was too out of the box and far-fetched, too risky and uncertain, too turbulating and stretching for comfort, too much corrective and acquiescent behavior required, too much waiting, [sometimes for years] and trust needed, too much work by far, asked of everyone. The benefit to an ascension career was uncomprehended, the fast tracking to expansive stimulating challenges and opportunities was passed over as worth little, the public and private censure they might receive was feared, the validity of the Mission leadership was doubted, the possibility of damage to life and limb was entertained, all understandable,  Its just that to all of you here remaining,  these worries were very manageable risks you were eager to take on because you could see, could envision, could read between the lines that never in your born days had you ever hit the jackpot so big.

“All of these qualities for your success here were there in you, because of one thing; your openness for correction or always embracing what you were brought, [The Urantia Book, The Corrective Time Idea] that earned you the extra character ingredients, such as I listed just above. Now we are on the eve of your more active beginning in Mission work. [Here I must remind all, that since the uncertainties you know about are still part of the mix, the possibilities exist for prolonged putting off of this or that necessary for Mission advancement. Be ready for anything, such as more waiting, as that is the most trying part of your training. To have capable workers bail, for being weary of well doing must be a thing of the past]. Anyone loyal will have no problem in waiting, if God forbid, it is required!

“Some that are no longer here did not realize or forgot that you all are already on the Mission payroll. I guarantee you will not have to wait as long as Ron Besser for reimbursement. You are now employed in the MSM!!  Your taking on more day to day work, will come as you are inspired by your adjuster to start doing things you can do. A big part of your work is to participate in the discussions [every single reply or answer or new topic you bring helps you a great deal, because you are brought to see many ways that could have been done more professionally, or more graciously, or with more mature reasoning, etc.] and to learn to Receive and then to reach out in friendship to your workmates here.

“To buttress your UB knowledge, your Archive knowledge, your handling of the computer, you’re learning to use the translator engines of several stripes. You’re becoming more adept at continuous prayer and now for the first time beginning a conversation with Celestial brothers and sisters, as many as you can handle. You can see from all of the above that it is a very fine, but large, challenging opportunity, and for you to have the heart to take it all on, is our hope and prayer.

“I want to be certain to always thank you and show our appreciation for your, upon having the vistas opened to you, you fearlessly diving in. We are very proud and gratified to work with each of you, in a way, blazing new trails and pushing the envelope on our part too. With lots of joy and happiness this is Machiventa Melchizedek with most friendly regards. Domtia……”


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