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Author Topic: Mansonloran, Is the Tribulation Just? 26 November 2016, Daniel, L V NV. US  (Read 287 times)

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Speaker: Mansonloran
Subject: Is the Tribulation Just?
Category: Justice
T/R: Daniel Alderfer, Las Vegas, NV.
26 November 2016, 18:20 Z

Transmitter: Thank You Father for this day and the life to experience what you would have us do. With appreciation and respect for You and Your creation, very happy to be developing in Your Family and thanking You for your love that You have given us. Would there be a lesson or teaching you would like transmitted?

“Yes Daniel, you can begin. As I have begun one time before; ‘A long time ago and in a land far away’, there was the family of God on a planet. They were intelligent life of a humanoid type similar to those on Urantia. It was at the time of one of their Magisterial Sons Missions, quite a while before they came to the era of light and life. There had not been troubles like a rebellion or the eco system being damaged by pollution or squandering of natural resources. The challenge in this situation was the beginning of a time of volcanism and seismic disturbances.

“An overcast sky from the volcanic effluent was cooling the planet and the lack of direct sun light was stressing all types of agriculture, retarding development in the normal growing season so the resulting crops were stunted and only partially ripened. It was a time of straightness or lack that everyone felt. This time of stress had the effect of a worldwide spiritual renaissance.  The realization of dependence upon God in every way, at the same time working hard to solve the effects of the changing climate by resourcefully switching to crops tolerant of little sunlight and a more temperate, cooler atmosphere.

“The upshot of this drama of trauma was the enhancement of spiritual development in all ways throughout the population. I mention this story that really happened, to explain the coming trials that will be felt all over Urantia Soon, as even more catastrophic disturbances by far will be our experience in the next twenty to forty years. As you can imagine, a change from at least a fair stability and a modicum of prosperity we have at the moment, to a very touch and go daily struggle to find something to eat will be a severe challenge to large segments of the population.

“In the undeveloped world it will be less traumatic as it will be like; ‘So what else is new, our life has always been like this.’ But even so all segments of the population in this scenario will be affected and the result will also be a spiritual renaissance in those left alive. Since the cataclysms will be so enormous, the most basic issues will be brought to the fore, survival for another week or month.  

“When we have no resources to fall back on, except our wits to try to solve the daily dilemma, it is like the proverb; ‘There are no atheists among solders hearing the bugle to attack. When our life is on the line we become centered quickly. When the prisoner is to be executed in the morning his thinking processes take a quantum leap in clarity and capacity. I am speaking about these things to show there is very much rhyme and reason for all taking place. There are genuine imbalances in the plates and internal heat and pressure causing all, but simultaneously there will be a tremendous positive spiritual result by everything that is happening.

“To have this viewpoint, that is the real truth about what is our coming experience and to understand about the timing of everything to be at the stage that it is and the trauma coming when it is coming, a realization of rightness and inspired playing out of a thousand things that need to take place. A time of trial that will once and for all on Urantia have all [Well, at least most] alive here, on the same page of compliant looking to The Father, before this time is all said and done.  

“Hand wringing and second guessing will be prevalent, but in fact this is all a most wonderful turn of affairs. [Urantia’s mantle stabilized, Devotion to The Father will be universal]  But oh how difficult it was and how acute will be the suffering. How could a loving God let this happen? You will be asked. I am covering this to set in the proper perspective, the understanding of all, about how, very, very violent and prevalent the tribulation will be. It will seem to be outrageous over kill.  We will see tragic seeming destruction of magnificent  human creations to be lost forever. We will see whole cities with priceless treasures gone forever. On balance, the civilization to rise will surpass all now existing by quanta, when it comes to spiritual development and also eventually in building and technology when we can handle it. Yet still, it will be tragic beyond figuring. This lesson today, is to let you know that a response and explanation can be readied now, as we think of these things.  

“The confident conviction, that the wisdom of The Father is in all taking place, [He knows and is aware even when a sparrow dies], is really true. It is something we will need to remember when it looks like everything is totally out of hand. His ways are past finding out, but we will see, more and more, the perfection of the events. This is Mansonloran, bringing a view about areas of understanding that will confound most at first in the Population of Urantia. Our hope is that this goes to the heart of what your answer will be, you as the human leaders at the forefront of the Magisterial Mission responses and outreach. My feelings for all of those being trained here are emotions of gratitude and love as we see you strive to be useful, to take part in your new calling. For now with all best wish’s! Domtia…….”


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