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Author Topic: Sentenact, Transmitting/Receiving, 23 Nov. 2016 Daniel, L V NV. US  (Read 228 times)

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Speaker: Sentenact
Subject: Transmitting /Receiving
Category: Teaching Mission Skills, Transmitting
T/R: Daniel Alderfer, Las Vegas, NV.
23 November 2016, 19:10 Z

Transmitter: With happiness and Joy at the prospect of being used for a possible transmission from those to teach and guide, we come before you Father, respectfully and very appreciative of your bringing us to be part of the Magisterial Sons Mission and the Corrective Time. Using the Spirit of Christ for the clear relating of that Message from the speaker who comes through as themselves, I ask for being the receiver at this time. Is there a lesson you have for us?

“”Yes there is Daniel, you can begin typing. My name is Sentenact and as the speaker today would like to convey some things on my heart to all of you we are training in these Mission Groups.

“To recount history; approx. 30 years ago, Abraham with Ham and Machiventa and others came finally to Urantia, after all the years with a drought on communication. We started to give teaching and even new revelation through some common mortals who had begun spending time in worship, some not even finding the Urantia Book yet. We, you can surmise, were pretty happy about those individuals and about the Corrective time Ideas that Father Christ Michael initiated to begin the remaking of everything, now that Lucifer and his partners were truly forever out of the Urantian picture.  

“The Teaching mission, as we called this effort to build an archive of current thinking, included much more detailed explanation for everyone about everything. This we achieved in an effective manner and some of you with the maturity and sound understanding you have, have it because you started studying this material and took it seriously and embraced it; much to our delight.

“Then we had the gradual challenge and situation of the male and female T/R persons having all sorts of difficulties about the cohesive brotherliness that is absolutely necessary to a group like this.  It was common to have an excellent clear hearing receiver feel threatened by other effective receivers so much so that disparaging remarks and open breaking with each other took place, over and over.  The leader we were training to be the head of this group we called the Teaching Mission was excellent in every way [Ron Besser] and even though we communicated clearly our placing him in that office, those receivers, we, and hundreds of Celestial teachers had painstakingly developed, missed the point completely and only found fault and could not look past his normal humanness, not discerning his high and unshakable connection with Father and Mother and Machiventa Melchizedek that should have been plain to all.

“The long and short of it is that we were testing all of them for the absolutely vital quality of loving loyalty to one of our servants. About 100 or so excellent Receivers were no longer able to be used as we intended. Some are even now being used as Receivers for the archives, yet missing the connection that is all important; allegiance and support of the human head.

“This meant that we pretty much had to start over building now a whole new cadre of first rate receivers for the indispensable use of communicating the messages that will need to be communicated to all people everywhere in the coming years.  The human element doing this work is vital because we as Celestials would have to incarnate to effectively deliver messages such as some of us like the Midwayers can. They can appear at will as a normal human but even there, you, having lived in the culture are the most effective communicant.

“Now the bringing on line of T/R persons is one of our most pressing needs. The many dozens of you that are faithfully attempting to acquire this art gratify us no end. Some of you are desiring and wanting and working to be able to do this for years and your still being unable, is in many cases simple training strategy, [now we tell you] as the character to stick with and not give up on a difficult request is the real reason for your lengthy sojourn in the training booth.

“To state it another way; you could effectively transmit tomorrow by our miraculous and powerful intervention much like Balaam’s donkey was able to transmit the Angels message to the recalcitrant prophet. To do that without the framework of your overcoming great difficulty, is wasting an opportunity to set you for all eternity on the path, of a ‘can do mentality’ in spite of challenging roadblocks. Your many sincere requests for help, you’re learning to be scrupulous in punctuality, you’re learning to work in obscurity for long periods with some uncertainty is the reason for your difficulties. So you can see it is a very honorable journey you’re on and not the result of some shortcoming that is somehow making you unworthy.

“Your own personal desire for some skill or requested performance is also a big factor in this drama. You are forced to see how strong and true your commitment to the Father really is. When it is not very strong then the effort and desire is weak also. Over time your eyes are opened and great improvement and enhanced commitment take place in partnership with your adjuster who keeps bringing, the way you should go, to your attention.

“Now to mention a minor subject. A funny thing happened on the way to the forum; T/R persons started to deliver accurate and comprehensive lessons and teaching and messages and then felt since they had accomplished the TR’ing that no more work and teachings and message were their responsibility. Not so, it is a long road to be able to have all the broadening for more sophisticated receiving and transmitting and I ask you to: ”please resume the difficult consistent work!”

“We lament that we need more transmitters, [a couple hundred more], but we can see in the woodwork those budding future workers who are starting to have a gleam in their eye for personal service to Jesus, Serara, Monjoronson, Machiventa, Christ Michael, [and hence The Father]. Even realizing the hard work and commitment!, they can still see that there could be no other occupation on earth, to gratify them personally, accentuate their ascension career and promote their maturity, more, then this opportunity.  

“This is your friend mentor and one of your chief fans, Sentenact! Good day to you all and to all a good night. Domtia……….”


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