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Author Topic: Sentenact, Happy Relationships, 20 Nov.2016 Daniel, L V NV. US  (Read 252 times)

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[When this came through yesterday I completely  rejected it as bromides of my own subconscious, something I want to avoid like anthrax, so discouraged, I set it aside asking all the while what to do about it. After a night’s sleep and Senasact came today in a fresh message about patriotism, my insight was much better and this was resurrected in my mind as being worthy to post. Transmitter]

Eyes Only
Speaker: Sentenact
Subject: Happy Relationships
Category: Jesus Return, His staff and Apostles
T/R Daniel Alderfer, Las Vegas NV.
20 November 2016, 20:10 Z

Transmitter: With Love for You Father, Christ Michael and Mother, Creative Spirit of Nebadon, thank You for Your solicitous and outgoing help all along in our lives. We are here with trust for your kindness and inspiration to receive messages from many of the Teachers and Guides you having helping at this time either here or in other places in the Universe. With confidence I ask if you would have some teaching or message for those here in the Serara, Monjoronson Forum?

“Did I hear someone say: you could begin writing? Yes you did, this is Sentenact.

-This is a Name new to me, thank you for spelling it several times when I asked! Do you mind if I ask your circumstances in the Corrective Time?

“Not at all, I am happy to tell everyone. My purpose and reason for being here is as a liaison person working with Jesus in any way he sees fit.

-If it is not an imposition could you tell us what type or kind of being you are?

“I am a Vorondadek Son; I have been here for some years and will be here at the pleasure of Jesus as long as necessary.

-How is it you are able to speak English so well, is it through translators?

“In my case I learned English as part of my training a long time ago and now it is particularly useful.

-How was it decided that you chose to come to have me transmit what you would like me to say?

“That is decided by our supervisor and we come at the time we know you will be ready.

-I hear you as a very quiet, barely audible voice, almost more like a clear thought. How do I come back to you?

“What you say is clearly discernable as a thought. We enjoy this contact and duty as a very stimulating part of our day, hopefully to deliver something memorable and appropriate for the particular message intended to be uplifting and educational for all. Today as an example I want to speak on the subject that I entitle: ‘The missing dimension in human relations’. It really is about all relations including your Celestial Friends. The Human relations part are the focus in this lesson and concerns aspects such as two beings interrelating or a teacher to a group, or a national leader to a nation or a group petitioning another group or individual. To simplify this subject from the beginning, the statement; ‘love is the catalyst for all meaningful relating’ is the starting point for my lesson today. Love is simply put; the outgoing concern to show interest and help and to spend time in giving attention to someone or group. It further is a feeling of connection, of specialness without reason, other than the one related to is seen as highly worthy and valuable and this just is. It is there without a person having to work it up. All love is truly a gift of God. It manifests itself in a desire to serve. If something is sensed to be needed for a person or situation then love is the motivator and power to accomplish that.

“Any other motivation in a relationship, such as to acquire something, or to change something, in both cases for your benefit then the relationship is of lessor nobleness and altruism. The human relationship of the predator to the prey is the basest. The relationship of the nurse to the patient, the teacher to the student, the paramedic to the injured, the fireman to the homeowner, the priest to the congregation, is the highest. A marriage is deliciously happy when both simultaneously have that loving, or serving attitude. It is hell on earth when there is a judgmental, critical way of relating in one or both persons.

“All the patience, thinking the best, expecting nothing and forbearance, goes out the window in that relationship and decades may be spent in spinning the wheels in friction and demanding performance, missing the point of being nothing but a servant and as much as possible letting time and experience heal and handle all immaturity issues. When the one relating to regresses, or never was reciprocal or energetic in interaction, patiently waiting for expansion in character, is the only way of continuing the relationship lovingly. That is the mark of a true friend, all other friends of all stripes are accepted but we prize and cling to that friend of pure givingness, acceptance, transparency and guilelessness.  If a relationship is not going well then in every case the path to rectifying it is to simply give up on any expectations.  Accepting what is, as sufficient and then to take a loss if possible, in any controversy now causing friction.

“Sometimes realistically, that is not possible because your own immaturity has you succumb to fatigue in endurance, for where you are at the moment, you could say you are fed up. Perhaps the relationship needs a long rest for both parties to mature apace to continue at a later time. When one enters a relationship like; customer to the grocer, roommate to roommate, forum member to forum member, you, to new in-laws, to immediately determine only to serve and help as best seen to do, without expectation of performance on the others part, only happy to notice some small reciprocity if present but if it is not present, you still would be willing to continue interminably.

“This is how The Father approaches each of us. Any other approach is only in the end self-serving and almost sure to have the relationship remain only somewhat developed.  Over time with the best relationships we see consistency and fidelity, single minded dependability and follow through and responsiveness. Simultaneously we will have many relationships that are only half way there and this troubles we not at all, as all of us had to learn these same nuances of relating that we see of such a high standard for instance; in those you are relating to here in the Magisterial Missions.

“Is there more you would like to say, respected, Sentenact? Yes there is Daniel, you could say now on this subject of relationships, as you ascend and you have thousands of friends over the eons, all these ways of harmony will be developed to a fine art. Now, according to a business model, most of you have approx. 250 friends and those you know as acquaintances in your orbit. No matter what happens in your long life, the most valuable thing you will possess is the friends and relationships that develop in the life you are living.

“Thank you everyone for your attention to this message and I look forward to becoming at least an acquaintance to each of you and hopefully a close friend.  With enthusiasm in the prospect of working with you; Most warm regards!  Domtia…….”


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