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Author Topic: Meloloc,Size and Scope of Orvonton, 14Nov.2016, Daniel, L V NV. US  (Read 301 times)

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Speaker: Meloloc
Subject: Size and Scope of Orvonton
Category: Revelation New and Old
T/R: Daniel Alderfer, Las Vegas NV.
15 November 2016, 19:42 Z

Transmitter: On this day of almost endless opportunity for expansion and learning, thank You Father for the grand Idea of the Universe with such varity that the challenges for innovation, betterment and more ways to lovingly create are inexhaustible. Thank you for consistently giving us more of your love for that way of life of giving and service to the Family. At this time I am most thankful for the Corrective Time as the solution to a run-away travesty of Urantia today, contrary to your original intentions. With much appreciation for all of this. I ask if there is a teaching or explanation for all those that might be brought to read this?

“Yes Daniel, you can begin typing and I will guide you to write what should be said. Way, Way before there was a Local Universe called Nebadon in this part of the Galaxy, there was the occasional wandering sun and few and far between the occasional debris from some long ago distant explosion whizzing by. Christ Michael and Creative Mother Spirit were together and having experiences to prepare them for the Creator Son duties and the life of their future. Here was huge, huge emptiness it appeared, but as you know all space is composed of energy [except the truly empty space beyond the outer space levels] that can’t be readily seen but that energy is there in great quantities, so much so that even a cubic meter has sufficient, to make an enormous explosion of several earth size atomic bombs, if detonated right.

“At this approx. point, Our creative Father and Mother were deliciously enjoying the prospect of their creating the Nebadon area and their thoughts and sharing were mostly about the possibilities to create. They were mostly given a free hand about what they wanted to create, except for the reasonable guidelines for the general lay out of any universe of this size. This basically had the frame work dictated by natural laws of physics etc. concerning density of matter, balance and so on. The size was determined by the need to end up with about 10 million inhabitable planets when all was said and done.

“This size to put it into perspective is pretty small compared to Orvonton; it is basically about 1 hundredth of Orvonton’s size. Orvonton is mostly composed of the Milky Way Galaxy and the edge of Orvonton is roughly in the area of space about half way to the Andromeda Galaxy that you can see even with the naked eye as a fuzzy patch barely discernable if you know where to look. So that edge, if you transcribe a circle in your imagination, puts the Milky Way approx. at the center of that huge imagined circle area. That circle also includes the Sagittarius Galaxy [approx. 1/8th the size of the M.W. Gal.] close under the Milky way, [so close that it was only in the last 50 years that Sagittarius was discovered being obscured by the billions of stars in the line of sight from where we sit].

“Then in Orvonton you also have the large and small Magellenic clouds which are our sister Galaxies of considerable size, that you can see plainly in the southern hemisphere without magnification. Then in addition in Orvonton, you have hundreds of star clusters that contain billions of stars. All of this together makes up approx. 1 Trillion suns. Interestingly Andromeda, being much bigger in itself and having two small galaxies’ close by, is estimated to also have 1 trillion suns approx. counting itself and its small sisters. Our headquarters World of Uversa is not in the exact center of the Milky Way but is off to the side somewhat and is approx. in the center of the mass of the whole super universe with all its parts.

“Now with the average sun having approx. 3 or 4 planets at least, ours has nine; it is no problem to come up with the approx. 1 trillion inhabitable worlds in a Super Universe like Orvonton with approx. 1 trillion suns alone. Knowing that the milky way is only an average size Galaxy, bulked up with its sister companions to have sufficient star numbers totaling 1 trillion and that there are six more super universes of the approx. size of Orvonton, you can see that the inhabiting and settling of the known cosmos is, shall we say, with no exaggeration, in its infantine stages. The surface has only been scratched. The Seven Super Universes are only a miniscule part of the Master Universe. My point to this group is this: In your mortal experience have you not seen over and over that those in the beginning stages of building a huge corporation like Toyota or IBM or Boeing or Mercedes Benz who bought stock in the hope of successful appreciation were rewarded beyond their wildest dreams.

“We truly are not here for what we can get, we are here because we Love the Father beyond all Reason and by all we have experienced we are now died in the wool, completely service oriented little Family members that are set forever and ever as functionaries for giving Him pleasure and satisfaction and gratification. Meanwhile he has put before us and shared the future such as I am attempting to communicate today. We heard about also in the last few years here on the Serara, Monjoronson Forum, that you personally, as one of those in this Corrective time effort, are already slated to play a part with the outreach to the first two outer space levels with Father Christ Michael and Mother Creative Spirit Nebadonia. Yes it’s a long way away, but still it is sure and honest. What you are being offered is important and valuable.

“Putting in perspective the truth of all this is the key to preserving single-minded loyalty and longevity of commitment.  Any that throws in the towel before fusing and calls it quits with a despondency and hopelessness which comes from many causes, of course, are lacking in the awareness of this picture. Yet there are other factors too, as you can imagine, every one of those in that state of mind have been taken in hand by loving siblings in an  attempt to inspire and communicate what the Future in the Family holds, but to no avail. Thankfully it is a small number that end up like that, but still a tragedy.

“This lesson has the intention to as briefly as possible and still contain the big picture, appraise all with the size and scope of where we are at this moment. It is glorious and it is fascinating to contemplate the future. I want to leave you all today with an extra supply of even more mature hope and realistic understanding of the truth as we know it. This is Meloloc, in a pleasurable recounting of the facts surrounding our location.  I end this with as usual only affection and friendship for all of you. Good Day! Domtia…….”


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