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Author Topic: Meloloc,Wealth and Its Use, 14 November, 2016, Daniel, L V NV. US  (Read 294 times)

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Speaker: Meloloc
Subject: Wealth and Its Use
Category: Brotherhood of Man and Citizenship in the Universe
T/R: Daniel Alderfer, Las Vegas NV.
14 November 2016, 18:42 Z

Transmitter: Thank You Father, as we are here together, in a spirit to humbly be taught, in the front row of the school room, present on Your Campus, looking for guidance and lessons for life that insure our success. Please inspire what you might have for the instruction at this time.

Begin writing Daniel, never fear for the material that comes out to be out of whack or fallacious. If that ever happens, as you know, it will be handled easily and also will be profitable as a teaching lesson. I wonder if all of you students reading this have heard of the concept of Redistribution of wealth? It has been tried by nations, more than several times after a revolution. The extensive holdings and land of the wealthy class were confiscated, the peasants were surveyed and the most likely were given parcels, in as wise a manner as could be devised for their own small farms and estates.

The Russian experiment confiscated the land and then administered it through collectives that put the common people on the land again in agricultural brigade’s obstensively to more fairly distribute the wealth. It worked somewhat only, because the lack of ownership by the workers disconnected their motivational juices for acquiring personal assets for the future, [Since your basic needs were taken care of by the state] which managed the production of commodities and told the workers how much each could keep for their own families. That particular plan redistributed the wealth [Land and assets] from the wealthy class, gave it to some of the people [party members and the governmental administration].

Some south American nations after a coup establishing a dictatorship, than arbitrarily redistributed large parcels of privately held land to portions of the peasantry again with only mixed results for many reasons. The Rhodesian [Zimbabwe] experiment of wealth redistribution was almost a total flop as the new native owners of the once efficiently run farms and estates now found it very difficult, for any kind of successfull management, without the hard-won experience that had come to the old colonial owners [now deposed]. Running any farm or estate, is a complex mix of skills and marketing decisions that would be acquired by years of hands on experience for that unique soil, climate, market etc.

“In the Urantian restoration, the redistribution of Wealth will happen naturally as administrative policies that foster private family prosperity, will likely within fifty years or so see a system that justly and fairly encourages modest accumulation of private assets for; emergencies, travel, home purchase/ maintenance, retirement, charity and leaving at least some financial legacy for the next generation. A societal ethic will come into vogue, as The Fathers way of ultraistic communal togetherness and cooperation preclude the over the top fortune accumulation that would have great chunks of capital and real property exclusively under the ownership of one family. Ambition, resourcefulness and inventiveness, must be rewarded generously but it will be common practice when wealth reaches a reasonable amount to cover a normal lifestyles, albeit in some cases of a more refined and quality nature, still propriety and generous sharing with the area’s economy will preclude fortunes in the mega million classes.

There is another side to the subject of redistribution of wealth that is important to consider; and that is the imbalance of National Wealth. For instance, gold, other mineral deposits, trade surpluses, forest, fishery and agricultural stockpiles. Invaluable technical expertise, huge surpluses of transportation equipment, like ships, trucking, rail equipment, construction equipment that more usefully could be distributed to the nations around the world in a workable way.

To confiscate the property of massively successful private corporations owned by thousands of persons, or to confiscate the bank and stock assets of extremely wealthy families against their will are ticklish issues of how to justly handle such inequities to move ahead in a truly win, win, sharing worldwide. The concept of one big family, on balance, of equal worth and meriting sufficiency in all circumstances, is a challenges that will be fairly met, because of one factor; The Spirit of God will slowly [or rapidly in some circumstances] permeate all of human kind. The spirit and motivation to share and help in any way possible will be a way of life that will see this issue resolved with fairness and equity. At least we can say with total assurance that heavy-handed, draconian policies by the Magisterial Sons Administration will be looked for in vain.

“I end this little teaching and news of soon coming attractions, in the same spirit, of just, fair and reasonable addressing of all the things having to do with the across the board, wholesale refurbishing of Urantian institutions. The good ways will be kept and praised; the unwise will be patiently, by education, brought along. Enlightened human understanding and growth in maturity will take care of the aspects of Urantian life that are no longer copacetic or beneficial for all.  This is Meloloc wishing you a productive and profitable day!


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