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Author Topic: Meloloc,The Conversion Process, 13 Nov. 2016 Daniel, L V NV. Us  (Read 216 times)

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Eyes Only
Speaker: Meloloc
Subject: The Conversion Process
Category: Brotherhood of Man and Citizenship in the Universe
T/R: Daniel Alderfer, Las Vegas NV,
13 November 2016, 18:58 Z

Transmitter: Thank You Father for our life, our consciousness, our personality and most of all good standing in Your Family, with far beyond the sky, being the limit, and inexhaustible resources for our ascension to finally embrace you. With love and respect, I ask if there may be a transmission you would intend for all being trained here on this Corrective Time, Teaching Mission forum?

“When you are ready Daniel, begin typing. Today I want to unfold a story, that we shall call; ‘raising the bar’, a manufacturer might introduce a new version of a product that significantly raises the bar, in quality, usefulness, cost saving and life span. The customers are converted wholesale to its use. It is head and shoulders above the old version; the world in fact is revolutionized by its introduction. Since 1900 this has happened many times and that is commendable, but trouble is, the only thing that matters in mortal existence or any intelligent life existence is not more technical innovation, but a way to open up to all intelligent life, a direct relationship with The Father. The technological innovations are powerful but not even close to a real daily walk and communion with The Father. How can we raise the bar of the usual human path, for instance, of self-interest, which is so outmoded compared to looking to and walking with God?

A labor saving or convenience enhancing product makes the human life have less hassle, makes menial tasks of the day shorter, gives productivity a handsome boost, reduces stress and fatigue, frees up time for family, intellectual or artistic pursuit, [All the benefits incidentally of a relationship with The Father] but still, the main issue, the reason for being and the meaning of existence is left unaddressed. In an effort to cover for this missing ingredient they can’t verbalize, the short joy and pleasure from possessing things of beauty and comfort is endlessly repeated until finally, hopefully, the emptiness is realized as unfillable by the acquisition mode of living.

When this happens finally, often near the end of a life of fruitless pursuit after wind, a mortal comes to turn toward that he knows not, prompted by an inner longing he now knows somehow intuitively, is only satisfiable by spending his most precious commodity; time, in worshipful respect, as often as he can, seeking and waiting for the contact and realization of meaning and spiritual knowing of some power he knows is there as the first cause. That now becomes the most desired thing on earth to them.

The initial decades of evolutionary life struggling for meaning, security, fulfillment, recognition, status, and power are only in a few cases highly successful. Most never are able to get all the ducks in a row for other than a very brief time. This you can thank your most loving and trusty adjuster for. Then the realization of failure to acquire that peace and tranquility in this life, drives most to make one of two choices:  (1) either a cynical, despairing attempt to escape, by distracting pleasures and pursuits, still in the dark about what to do regarding the big question of meaning or (2) as mentioned above; responding to the inner prompting for sincere humble worship. Worship is gift giving [that gift being time or the devotion of our life] to The Father. They now know, also intuitively, it is without the tiniest question or doubt that it is the only thing or way of any value in the universe.

One thing that happens in the life of most that accelerates this turning to God is the realization of the joy and meaning that comes from service. At first it is practiced out of social pressure as the commendable thing to do, reluctantly done when expected, but then a turning point of some selflessness is reached because of the satisfaction experienced, and the reason for living now is comprehended as the aid and assistance a person can give freely without recognition or payment. A milestone of maturity takes place when the law of compensation is understood.

This is a law that says; in The Fathers cosmos, service rendered selflessly without payment in an attitude of love, is always remunerated for. A person’s opportunities and supply are often taken care of in this life, with a generous overpayment and bonus when perversely that side of your need is little considered or even neglected. If there is some missed payment, it is eventually taken care of on the ascension path in a manner so outrageously generous, that the overdue recipient is reduced to blubbering unbelief. This law works because your priorities now, sincerely from the heart, revolve around what you can do for others. This is true, especially when that service is quietly done with care taken to hide your good works. This takes an active trust and faith.

“There you have it, a microcosmic explanation of the existence of all canny life of a million, exquisite, beautiful variations and appearances that strain the belief because of the innovation and outrageous creativity required. These are astute, perceptive beings, living on the trillions of planets, all on this same path of experience and final realization of the preeminence of the Father and how the bread is buttered and the why of it all. This is a happy attempt to put on paper, an explanation from another angle, which with the spirit of God, can open the eyes of brothers and sisters just coming awake. This is Meloloc, wishing all a good Day! Domtia……”


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