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Author Topic: Meloloc, Studying, Fiery Commitment, 12 Nov. 2016, Daniel, L V NV. US  (Read 207 times)

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Speaker: Meloloc
Subject: Studying and Fiery Commitment
Category: Teaching Mission Skills, Transmitting
T/R: Daniel Alderfer, Las Vegas NV.
12 November 2016, 18:26 Z

Transmitter: With excitement and joy at this life, working for You Father, never a smidgeon of fear and only more and more respect for who and what you are. With your consistent forgiveness and positive acceptance, my confidence is increasing daily about the prospects for service for You in such a climate of positive reinforcement. Thank You, with as deep appreciation as I am able! Is there a transmission to the Serara, Monjoronson Forum intended to be placed there today or soon?

“You can begin any time; listen carefully as there tends to be some inattention that comes from needing to more readily control your mind. Our task today is to cover the subject you would call; research reading.  In the university the instructor would say to a student; ‘Jill, I see you grasp most of this part of the course but you need to do considerable extra reading to have you understand what we are really covering here. Read this and this and this in the next week and come back to see if it was sufficient to bring you up to speed in this course’.

“Every one of you in the training taking place here are in this situation. There are in each; even those here for a long time, many areas we could recommend for your rounding out in knowledge that would be best for you right now at the place you are. This as you know is and has been a duty or consultation that you can see has been taken care of exquisitely by your adjuster, over the years. That is in fact why you are here. What you studied five years ago till now was very closely put in your orbit and you took the bait and it, in many cases is the very reason you are now open and enthusiastic about all taking place here.

“As you probably realize you assimilate and remember very well and easily, anything you are intensely interested in. If you are studying anything out of a sense of feeling this is something you should do, something you should cover, something you need to do as part of the training and not naturally turned on by that material, it should be put on the shelf for now as it is time much better spent in following your interests. You can tell you are doing this because you sometimes cheat yourself out of sleep, as you can’t put the book down. Later those things you should do, you will find, come to be intensely interesting, as it required some time to gestate your study path and you now are ready. This subject really does not need to be covered. A wide awake, open, turned on Son or Daughter literally spends most of their free time in study and reading and it is literally the reason you are here. You assimilated knowledge, became convicted about your path, and took courageous action. Wa-la, you are here.

If a person is consistently in a battle to keep the motivation high regarding say; the work and activities and future and happenings of the Magisterial Mission it just means you are not putting that first in your life. No condemnation, simply a fact of life. Partial commitment is like the old joke about being half pregnant, no such thing, it doesn't work. Over and over those here and being used somewhat, made ridiculous decisions like; important family and business obligations were reluctantly turned down and sidetracked to take care of this training. [Like the recommendation to some to come three times a day for attempting to receive and become a useful T/R person] [That would certainly tend to screw up your performance on some full time jobs][Or not as time could be sandwiched in]  Family members and bosses were pulling their hair out because of your less then dependable performance because of this weird new interest you had taken on. They were being treated like second class passengers on your bus and it wasn’t pretty.

There in a nutshell is the rubber meeting the road in your response to the definite request and call for your heart and soul here and now. Once that over the top decision is made and acted on, Life is one big joy and pleasure. The relationship, the Job, takes care of itself and you could not care less what that looks like. So, now many things change and maybe you have a much harder time with the physical details of your life since nothing is as important as the Serara,Monjoronson MSM. Perhaps you’re freed by the love relationship blowing to smithereens because of your new priorities, Is that a sacrifice to you?

Our leaders and Guides and Teachers chief joy in life is a few good men and ladies. Here they have a stable full of excellent candidates and way over half treat this opportunity like an invitation to be a booster to the local soccer club. [Come to all the games, wear their shirt, etc.] That’s okay and we really kind of expected as much, this being from Urantia’s society at this time, but really this is a little important.  This work is conducted by the Spirit of God working in each of you. For Christ Michael and Creative Spirit Nebadonia to come and harangue on this issue would not do at all. All comes from the Father, all will be provided for, and all will take place as needed. Perhaps someone like me though, could be used by that spirit, to open the eyes and to light a fire, pretty close to the posterior of some of you and thus provide a service.

My heart is full of Joy and Happiness, why is that? Oh, let’s see, is it because I know with no doubt, that what I choose to do right now is exactly what I have been led to see is what The Father would most appreciate for me to do for him at this moment? That’s it, you got it! This is Meloloc, thankful beyond words! Adios For now, thanks and Domtia…………”


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