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Author Topic: Meloloc, Small Disclosures, 11November 2016, Daniel, L V NV. US  (Read 245 times)

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Eyes Only
Speaker: Meloloc
Subject:  Small Disclosures
Category: Monjoronson Staff and Teachings
T/R: Daniel Alderfer, Las Vegas, NV.
11 November 2016, 20:52 Z

Transmitter: Thank You Father, for this very happy privilege to; with Your Spirit and the Spirit of Christ as the catalyst for these messages to be received; be here for this day. Inform and inspire us with those things timely, as we mature toward you. Is there a teaching or message you would have received?

Yes there is a message for all today! I guess you could have some of it most clearly stated as: Tales from the Crypt. [The scribe thought surely that was a miss heard phrase] But it’s not. It means dark tales kept from the public in a dank, cobweb strewn underground tomb. In old musty books kept there, are stories that curdle the brain, revealing shocking accounts of devious doings and foolish attempts at shenanigans to get something for nothing, to take revenge, to murder and torture. The histories when finally written of the last 50 years especially, that disclose the full story of how the last gasp of the dishonorable to the extreme, ruling hierarchies, set a standard for all time of the most reprehensible, unconsciable, heartless, unfeeling, devious, double dealing, back stabbing, criminal, and finally; compassionless, soul-less seeming behavior for all time.

All will come out in full disclosure; of myriad technologies deliberately kept from the world, free energy machines, teleporting technologies, clean nuclear technologies, that produce more fuel then is used, antigravity technologies known even from the forties, electrical power transmission without wires, all that would have boosted human progression, have been suppressed and locked away to protect money making interests that would have lost out to that knowledge. Easy natural and free; healing and health methods suppressed to protect the pharmaceutical industry. Easy natural and sustainable; farming practices to enrich the soil with each crop, producing incredibly, healthful, balance restoring food stuffs as intended by the designers.

The world educational system was deliberately high jacked by a clique worldwide to dampen spiritual interest, to secularize philosophic underpinnings and historic perspective, suppressing true stories of what really happened. Systematically denigrating scriptural and revelatory sources, explaining evolutionary processes as a purely mechanical happenstance with no intelligent design. Making a religion of a world view that perpetuated only suffering and oppression in a cleverly crafted way, to hide the truth and make humans think in a way set in concrete, that persecuted free thinking and that had the enslaved subjects satisfied they were free and enlightened.

There are brilliant and noted exceptions to this and those will be illustrated and exemplified; now that inspired sanity is at the head of world Administration. These exceptions, with only minor changes, will be used to demonstrate the way of God already begun, alive and extant, in spite of being in the middle of ignorance and misrule as an inspiring starting point of the rebuilding. We intend to give credit where due to the courageous, visionary, pioneers that had bucked conventional wisdom with much difficulty.

“Disclosure having to do with the true story of world politics and financing will also tend to astonish not a few who had no clue to the underlying rottenness, stealing, cheating, treasonous and hypocritical, foundation of almost everything. Some cynics will say; see I told you so, but most are asleep at the wheel about for instance foreign aid, at least by the worst nations, ostensibly to help progress but, was really a way to loan to and thus enslave the unsuspecting and trusting population of that whole nation, in fact retarding their future development. This was overseen by politicos in charge that criminally sidetracked the loans and betrayed their people. This only took place about a hundred times in recent history, the resources of that nation then held as ransom and open for plundering without concern for sustainability or the resulting pollution and disease, profits from such were removed, impoverishing that nation even more.

The full story of the wholesale sidetracking of gross world product, to the tune of perhaps 40% for military activities that perpetually dampened the prosperity of billions.  The ridiculous and despicable stories of countries devastated by war, retarding for many decades their prosperous and balanced development, which ordinarily, would have insured a lifestyle of societal happiness and education for all. This was consciously and knowingly perpetrated by the rulers now recently emasculated and deposed. That story also of how their demise came about and who was instrumental to bring it about will thrill history students, for it illustrates selfless and courageous persons of hero status. Many lost their lives in that effort.

Little could be openly said until now by the Magisterial Sons Mission, biding its time for this little to come out to help realistically explain what has been going on, but I haven’t even scratched the surface of the real story of the Calagastian legacy. This will be part of the common education of the Universe, to see the full ramifications of this insidious anomaly known as self-will, with the premise being; a vicious, independent, individual sovereignty carried to this unbelievable extreme.

I must admit that I have enjoyed emensly writing this through this scribe as it is like a catharsis, as I finally speak more plainly, things we have watched forever, taking place which oppressed all on the beautiful Urantia. Much, much more could and will be said along these lines when it is wise to do so. For now this is a little venting to have all appraised, that yes we know all that has gone on and this is kind of a kindergarden version, as we want to dwell on the opposite things, as a way of life. This is again Meloloc, bringing information to give some balance about current events. With as usual, a most warm hearted and devoted appreciation of all of you, our beloved trainees, regards and Domtia…….”


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