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Author Topic: Meloloc,Transition,York HQ,Spirit help,Training, 10 Nov. 2016 Daniel,L V NV. US  (Read 260 times)

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Speaker: Meloloc
Subject: -Transition- York Headquarters- Spirit help- Training objectives-
Category: Serara Staff and Messages
T/R: Daniel Alderfer, Las Vegas NV.
10 November 2016, 20:04 Z

Transmitter: With thoughts of appreciation for this relationship of being here working with the Serara, Monjoronson MSM, I praise You our Father of Light and Love and endless creation, all working together for good. Would there be a teaching or message for transmission today?

“Here is what I would like to say Daniel. This is an unidentified voice for now. Just write what you hear and let it flow. This is a time of transition, where the MSM is being directed to an approach of vigorous proactive hands on setting up of all the trappings necessary for the administration of the Headquarters work from York. We will do all possible for whatever that takes. We will simultaneously be working to build connections and relationship with the new presidency In Washington D.C. as well as all nations worldwide to a lesser degree for now.

“We will be putting into place the means to begin taking care of all financial obligations as they come along, especially the monies owed in arrears to a certain pivotal person in York who has been on the Job for years with no proper reimbursement. We will be doing all we can to make active and working, the corporations Ron Besser has envisioned for all the various activities concerning water purification devices, free energy devices, educational outreach under the direction of Adam and Eve, as well as many others.

We will announce ourselves soon in a way calculated to garner the most attention in the area of the world we feel is needed for this first beginning and continue from there. We will be more and more public as time goes on and picking the most opportune time to bring ourselves into the awareness of who we should at that time. We will see to it that it will be worldwide in the beginning from the standpoint of who will most need to begin realizing the import of the fact that the guidance of the world is now actively in the hands of benevolent, Powerful Beings from God.

This being Serara and Monjoronson, no nonsense, serious agents to powerfully influence and guide all whose eyes and understanding and knowing has been opened. That is those opened to the reality of a now conspicuous, very real and active effort, to as rapidly as feasible; realign all governmental, business and societal workings on the Earth. This means the gradual adoptions of the divinely intended sustainable conduct of every area of the Earths operation and day to day existence.

“On the horizon, the icing on the cake is:  the return of Jesus before long to legitimize and punctuate with no uncertain manifestations, that will give enormous impetus to the effort started so effectively by the Monjoronson, Serara Mission announcements and the operation of the York World Headquarters of the Government of God.

“Unexperienced consciously by most, but put in place on Urantia for some time, is the powerful ace in the hole I’ll call synergistic spiritual communication worldwide that is active right now, with the interaction of all the spiritual powers and additional spiritual aid as put into place by Creative Spirit of Nebadon, Nebadonia, present all over the Earth, just for this most critical time. This is the time where so much needs to take place in millions of minds practically simultaneously to make some headway in this new approach to everything, which will be glimpsed and acted on more and more by the population of Urantia.

“It works a lot like the way yeast rapidly multiplies through the whole lump of dough to reach the stage of gas production for the inflating and lightening of the product. Worldwide we will gradually see the light coming on and the understanding being grasped about what is happening in a seeming miraculous way in diverse locations that will inspire and encourage all with this gargantuan task of world education. The darkness is literally being dispelled and the spirit of universal self-interest will fade more and more to be seen as a rejected, outmoded way of life. Also there are many thousands we have been working with as well as this group that are going to be an important part of the Corrective Time along with all of you.

A spirit of cooperation and curiosity coupled with positivity will make itself known in many we will then teach and bring along through our friendship and example. Those areas of darkness and negativity that exist to some extent everywhere become diluted over time, by the uplifting and positive inroads gradually being made. Patience and acceptance with positive encouragement coupled with friendship, as opposed to; recrimination, castigation or fear filled warnings as was common in the past to motivate new behavior, will be the de rigor educational approach.

“In any person there is the realization that comes through blunt truth telling that has us internally realize the score, but that usually happens privately, in amounts we can handle as we become interested in the revelation of scripture and delve into it with a new, curious open mind. The exciting new direction of the Magisterial Mission, we feel is destined to be the way of interacting most propitiously with Mission objectives for Urantia’s radical new departure from the Calagastian legacy.

“Thank you everyone; continue with your study and training being assured of your eventual usefulness and full understanding of where you can most effectively be used, as part of your journey, something missing in your life for now, but before long you will know.   A good part and amount of your educational path here is the steadiness and singlemindedness required to be useful in a team. Your being asked on this Forum, over time to keep the faith and remain focused on the calling, is in itself a big accomplishment as you field many distractions that have made many lose sight of this most unusual opportunity. The biggest distraction of all has proven to be the constant change in administrative approach, unavoidable in the unique climate of a rebellion planet, which has driven many to distraction, then losing faith in what is going on. In itself a big test, yet a hurtle you can overcome! With supreme confidence in the group being groomed and your eventual success in this beginning challenge of your ascension career, I leave you for this time, this is Meloloc. Good day to all. Domtia……”


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