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Author Topic: Mansonloran, New President,Mission Starting, 9 Nov. 2016. Daniel, L V NV. US  (Read 229 times)

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Speaker: Mansonloran
Subject: New President and Mission Starting
Category: Serara Staff and Messages.
T/R: Daniel Alderfer, Las Vegas NV.
9 November 2016,18:15 Z

Transmitter: In this time of pivotal change Father, we praise You, remembering Your love for us, always mercifully there without change as you wait for our perfection to develop. Thank You for that kind relationship of thinking the best and hoping the best. Would you have a message for all today?

Mansonloran: “Yes, you can begin Daniel, Now at this moment of political change, where the machinations of the politicians and their organizations and fortunes were pitted in warfare of recriminations and invective that was barely polite. The honorable and honest relating about national and international conditions and possible solutions was a minor part of the contest. Now hopefully this will change and the wounds of partisan combat will be diplomatically and generously salved for cooperation and service to the great republic.

The ruling clique behind the scenes, in the world is being attacked by elements in the bureaucracy of the bigger countries east and west, disgusted with the usurious and skewed policies to steal as it were, with impunity, in manipulative money schemes and are now united in purpose to see a remake and refurbishment of a world currency that is not manipulatable, backed by real value with transparent banking operations.

The inspiration and influencing of these elements who sincerely want change for the better, combined with the demise of the criminal type leadership of the clique that would stop at nothing for self-interest, is the agenda and intention of all those in the Magisterial Sons Mission. As we mentioned before, each Nation has around the top leaders, charged with guidance, Melchizedek’s, now more and more to be evident in the halls of government of the many nations around the world. This working with wiley and far from compliant mortals now in charge, at the same time, always respecting free choice is, as they say; ‘a crap shoot’ where the dice often bring up highly unexpected turns of fate that cause the progress to be uncertain and slow.

Now, however, almost immediately there will be more public awareness of the benevolent, consistently kind and wise, Magisterial Sons Mission to issue from York Pennsylvania. This is at the pleasure and timing of Our most experienced astute and imaginative team of Serara and Monjoronson under the guidance of Christ Michael. We will finally see some realistic progress on the world wide dysfunctional and highly destructive malaise and warfare of especially the last 100 years on Urantia.

Jesus second return is surely on the way and its visible manifestation is now seen as the much more manageable affair than previously, to take place propitiously when it is best, timing wise. This new policy effort of the gradual revealing of the true spiritual power that is really in charge of Urantia, in a way that will inexorably bring the same result: [worldwide comprehension of Christ Michaels Corrective Time changes] as effectively as the huge splash that was initially contemplated.

You can see that this new plan for gradual visibility and credibility building is one we can be very excited about as a highly practical and workable solution to the whole second return problem. The coming crustal and plate movement disasters will be just as effectively handled as before and maybe even more so because we will have a little more time to at least have a rudimentary organization on the ground in York for as much help as possible as these most egregious, unavoidable world catastrophes take place.

My purpose by saying these things is to sound a clear trumpet, heralding the Magisterial Missions real and true beginning as a working force on Urantia. It actually began long ago in organizational workings and positioning of personnel and clearing of all protocol issues but we are now actually starting the physical work. This is a time of much rejoicing among all of us here as the conviction and undeniable knowing, after so many fits and starts, that this is it, cannot be exaggerated in jubilant, gleefully, and overjoyed expression’s by everyone all around. Now come what may, we are committed to the Jan 1st and even before, beginning of so many hanging actions, yes many still behind the scenes, but they are real and true, that we have been dying to start.

We all in Love of Ron Besser are looking for the soon normalization of his very trying physical make over that the Father Promised in a few days and know the whole group of millions of we volunteers will all breath a huge sigh of relief because we knew a little of what his life has been like for especially the last decade.  Thank you Father for solving this most trying issue that has been connected with Jesus return but is now making workable to the new Mission time table. This is Mansonloran, working on the administrative and teaching Staff for Serara who is also the instigator of this message. This is with so much happiness at the turn of events and the path we are now on and that we could not be more enthusiastic about! Yours in service to The Father. Domtia!.....” End

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