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Author Topic: Califix, Forum Talent and Diversity, 7 Nov.2016, Daniel, L V NV. US  (Read 313 times)

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Speaker: Califax
Subject: Forum Talent and Diversity
Category: Melchizedek Teachings
T/R: Daniel Alderfer, Las Vegas NV.
7 November 2016, 17:07 Z

Transmitter: Father, with so many instances of You, through brothers and sisters and Celestial beings, taking care of us all, our heart is full of appreciation! Thank You for Your love Father! Do You have some writing or news or instruction that You would like transmitted today?

“Yes We do Daniel; the message on the tip of my tongue is one of loving appreciation for everyone’s response to the latest plans for our action soon in the MSM! This is again Califax; I hope you’re not tired of Me, Yet? We appreciate also the many responses to Serara’s request to think about and answer the questions He has posed. It is a big help, as we think about all of you working together and see the gifts and useful abilities and faith for our consideration.

“The variety in any group of this number is a such a joy, with a rainbow of talents, different interests, highly educated scholars in a bunch of disciplines, persons with very extensive experience as human Live’s go, persons with extraordinary love, developed over 60 or 70 years of the rough and tumble of business and family life. Many have a huge supply of compassion because of what you have suffered personally.

“There are myriad that are beautifully courageous, who with proper circumspection would walk through the gates of hell for Christ Michael and Mother Nebadonia! So many have been tried in your life experience and have personally worked through rebellions in corporations, churches and organizations of all types that had factions against the leadership and thus are well versed in the despicable disloyalty and naked self-interest, that caused the trouble in the first place. You have a sensitivity and abhorrence of that path that you can now smell a mile away.

“There are numbers of you that have suffered with tedious physical maladies perhaps not as trying as Ron’s, but close, giving you a Job like equilibrium. I’m thinking of a certain Forum member in Connecticut you all do not know yet that has been exceptionally stalwart in the face of egregious physical suffering.  More than several of you are total experts in human relations that see you relate to others like a wise judge of many seasons on the bench. Utmost curtesy and kindly respect that powerfully influences those you work with. Quite a few of you because of what you have experienced are of top drawer, generosity and magnanimousness because you have been on the receiving end too many times. You were helped by others that gave to you all they had and you experienced that way of life and you cannot react any other way yourself now.

“We see patience and steady continence by the truck load, in numerous ones. We see artistic talent and love of scholarship. We see for all practical purposes experts in agriculture and the care and healing of the human body. We see scientists of excellent ability in invention and deep intricacies having to do with physics and chemistry. Total genius fixers and mechanical wizards. We see lawyers and negotiators and fashion and apparel affectionos. [Important in diplomatic work] There are excellent chefs and cooks and hospitality workers and expert pilots and navigators of ships and planes. There are accomplished pubic speakers, excellent imaginative writers and many in the wings not having a clue of these latent gifts just waiting to blossom.

“Here in this little group are some that relate to children and youth like they were trained in a magic art for putting them at ease, being funny and filling them with inspiration. I recount all these things for your understanding, the exciting strengths we have. Many of these skills would not be your occupation yet your ability to commiserate and warmly relate will be used powerfully.

This is kind of a heart to heart with all of you and I made this scribe have some drops of salty water come out of his vision devices. It is such a happy thing we are doing and for the first time in this manner.  That being; working side by side with us of a tad more ability and maturity. Would to God I could have experienced this very thing. Our experience is similar but this is uncommon and remarkable. I notice too that the grand majority can see what is going on and truly appreciate what is happening to you. Thank you for giving this your attention, as much is competing for your time. With fond and devoted love this is Califax. Domtia!


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