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Author Topic: Califax, Not having Mystical Experiences, 4 Nov. 2016, Daniel, L V NV.  (Read 342 times)

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daniel alderfer

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Eyes Only
Teacher: Califax
Subject: No Mystical Experiences?
Category: Melchizedek Teachings
T/R: Daniel Alderfer, Las Vegas NV.
4 November 2016, 16:57 Z

Transmitter: Thank You Father for the opportunity to be trained at this time here in the Teaching Mission halls as it were, with your teachers and top leaders of Nebadon, Paradise and all over, who have loved us like you have and have put themselves out in our service, tirelessly guiding all in the Corrective time for Urantia! We appreciate and are grateful for that example for us. Is there a message You would like to be transmitted at this moment?

“Yes Daniel, now you can begin. What I would like to bring today to the Forum is a teaching on the nebulousness of contact with God. Most mortals on Urantia go through their entire lives getting only small indications of the reality of God.  We at first take these helpful happenings as coincidences, but then often, as we grow older we can’t dismiss these serendipitous happenings or just in time relief when some important commodity we need, such as a certain amount of money or perhaps the perfect medicine, herb or treatment that relieves us in short order of the malady that has been causing us such discomfort for maybe weeks or months. As we open more to contact with God by scripture reading and then to quiet introspection and prayer we come to have a sense of Him but we all long for a private appearance of some celestial being like Jesus or an Angel.

“We hear these stories from scripture or books telling of the person being engulfed in a blissful, uncommunicable feeling of; all is well and joy welling up and warmth and peace past finding out, but it eludes us personally. We’re not worried, since we seem to be left out in this miraculous mystical spiritual experience department, but a person might say; oh my, can’t I please have a little bit of that in my life to once and for all have in my memory the undeniable manifestation of something real like I read so many persons have had? A person might think; what is wrong with me after all, since they had these special glorious experiences, I must be flawed in my practice or insincere in ways I am blind to or something? Am I destined to go along till leaving this earth with only these undeniable small occurrences, yet where I am forced to simply trust without the whoopee doo, thrillers I hear about? Persons leaving their bodies in astral travel, Jesus coming and sitting beside them on the park bench for a little chat, type thing.

“Here is the answer to all of that: you’re not having those more spectacular experiences are a particular journey you are bearing in the preparation you are enjoying for the morontial life you will begin on the mansion worlds. The very fact you have not had those mountain top experiences is that the conditions you are experiencing of the patient believing and having faith without the seeing, is more effective in the long run for your overall development and maturity. Those that have had the car lifted up and effortlessly passed over the huge rock that could not be avoided on the mountain road are blessed, but in the end you are even more fortuitously favored because you believed and were content without seeing. You more or less blindly trusted and in many cases will have died unfulfilled for seeing, in a provable way, that this is all real. How commendable is that? ......Very!

“That is a definite feather in your cap, you can be happily confident about. In your case it was truly a trust in the face of very little proof that you maintained through thick and thin. It is a record of great renown. You have the billions of ascending mortals that have lived and died on planets where the Planetary Prince and the headquarters city of God is there with its celestial speakers plainly evident and the museums full of artifacts proving Gods providence and the gorgeous Temple To The Father there for all to visit. You’re having the opposite experience of being required to not only not have any of that to experience, but at the same time having to buck a Godless culture or family members, where it is all seat of the pants nitty gritty keeping on keeping on endlessly maintaining the faith in lonely devotion. You can see from this [and that is my intention with this lesson] that your less then spectacular, little physical evidence journey of faith and trust is a better way to go with enhanced spiritual fruit in the end.

“Speaking again to all of you this is Califax with these things you can assure each other with.  It sometimes is a tough road, but be confident of the sure place in the Family of God as you ascend. With very assured and satisfied feelings as we progress together in becoming useful for the Magisterial Sons Mission, I wish you all a good Day!”


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Kathy Rathbun

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In the story about Jesus, in The Urantia Book, Jesus had some miracles happen automatically because of his divinity that expresses God's love. The love and compassion he held for God's children brought forth a miracle as natural, automatically. I believe this happened to me, once. There was a moment, when I loved Jesus whole, without reservation, and my heart was filled with compassion for him. At that instant, I was filled with a glorious love. I believe I was not "chosen" or given this experience of pure love specially. I believe, that for a second, I had my will and my love lined up with God's love that is available to us all. When that happens, God's love is expressed immediately and automatically as a natural part of his divine energy. It is only stopped by our free will. Alas, this experience I had did not persist. I continue to struggle to align with God. (It's that pesky free will again!) So take heart, my friend. The river of divine love is there for the taking, if we would only just accept it.
Together in Christ,
Kathy Rathbun
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