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Author Topic: Allie - My Introduction  (Read 516 times)

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Allie - My Introduction
« on: June 05, 2016, 17:12 »

I wanted to tell you a little bit about myself.   My background is in a more strict church.   I am here on this site because of my Love for Jesus and for no other reason.   I am an RN and a Reiki Master.   The Reiki helps me connect with energy which helps me give comfort to others.

I recently finished reading The Urantia Book.   It is not an easy book to read but I highly recommend it.   Read it from front to back, including that difficult Forward.   The book is full of new information that will be very helpful to you in the coming times.   Don't worry if you stumble over the new concepts and new words.   Just keep on reading.   You may think you know the story of Jesus, but you will be surprised at what is written.   When you finish, you will have found new insight into his life and teachings.  

I have faced many difficult experiences in my life.   So many times I yelled at God, asking if He hated me because He treated me this way.   Then one day, I realized that there was NO hate.   There was only LOVE!   The experiences I faced were LESSONS!   The wisdom I gained was for me and then I could share it with others. 

No one can tell me that I don't understand, because I have been there.   I have shed the tears and faced the pain.   I have known the hopelessness and the despair.   But I have risen above it and so can you!   It was not easy, but it can be done.   And I will be walking every step of the way with you!


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