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Author Topic: Daniel of old, Languages Diplomacy Mission Wk. 31 Oct. 2016 Daniel a, L V NV. US  (Read 321 times)

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Teacher: Daniel of Old
Subject: Languages, Diplomacy & Mission workers
Category: Announcements and Schedules
T/R: Daniel Alderfer, Las Vegas NV.
31 October 2016, 19:00 Z

Transmitter: Our Father with love and devotion to you, in an attitude of humility for responding to anything you might want to use this scribe for; is there some teaching for all today.

“Yes Daniel, this is Daniel of old, with a message that has to do with again; the prophetic unfolding on Urantia today. Like the ascending mortal that I am, the use of language is always a challenge for communicating the nuances that I as the author want to get across. I of course have studied English which didn’t exist in my life time on earth and have worked hard to learn all the latest uses of even slang and colloquialisms. You will notice how Father Christ Michael is a master of the English language as it is used today in the west and we are all inspired by the example set by He and Mother Spirit as they speak to you. You may remember a posting some months ago that revealed English is also going to be used more and more along with the regular universal languages from now on in communication even outside of Nebadon as it fits best to do so.

“As you ascend in your path to Paradise you will learn probably to be conversant in approx. 100 languages. Being able to communicate with someone of a different language can be accomplished in a basic way quickly [one day] by learning the most simple things like numbers to ten, names of the only a dozen or so everyday items, the verbs of how much, when, where, the indispensable phrase ‘how do you say?’’ and before long with gestures, a fair meeting of the minds take place. Only some 300 words are used by most people in any language for rudimentary communication. Some of the language experts used in diplomatic corps, have a comprehensive knowledge in the use of about 30,000 languages, just to give you an idea of the gifts and capacities of some of us.

“The reason I’m reviewing this is that my subject today is about the diplomatic outreach to begin to take place to all nations and peoples, now after the announcements. The other most used earth languages of: Mandarin and Cantonese, Hinde, Russian, Spanish, German, French, Arabic, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, Polish, Norwegian, Swedish, Korean, Thai, Vietnamese, Cambodian, Tamil and Swahili, listed approx. in the order of their number of adherents will be the backbone of the earths communications that will start out being spoken in English by those Celestial diplomats and teachers and then will be translated by Celestial and mortal language experts that have volunteered to help in the corrective time. In only a hundred years or so, with the new generations that come along about every twenty five years, being brought up to learn English worldwide, the saturation will be pretty universal. Also at the same time the Google translate ‘like’ services, although somewhat crude, will be available to help avail all, to at least a fair understanding.

“To give you some ideas of what Father Christ Michael has in mind for the communication worldwide in the beginning diplomatic efforts to all nations and peoples, it will look something like this: As the nation’s realize what has happened and the nature of all that takes place is understood to be of only benevolent and kindly solicitation, more enlightened national leaders will be inspired to request visits to their country by representatives from the Magisterial mission headquarters in York Pa. USA. Soon or as the decades unfold there will be a flurry of missions to respond to these requests and their arrival will be a milestone of friendliness. Gifts will be borne, kindnesses of all kinds will be showered on those in the halls of national control and symposiums of the most gracious organization will be the normal first contact with world headquarters representatives that have come.

“Members of that particular Diplomatic effort will be for the foreseeable future occupied in that nations contact with headquarters so that the friendships initiated in that first contact can be maintained for a reliable connection to headquarters.  All the advantages of the new way of administration; the stable worldwide money system, access to any educational assistance needed, any economic, agricultural, or engineering challenges the nation has, will be opened for their use for advice or ways to finance for rebuilding. Uppermost in all we will do, will be a respectful consideration for their speed of assimilation of these myriad new ideas and ways of doing things, that will most lovingly fit that nation’s cultural way, so a harmonious ethos is a thread through everything.

“So, what does this have to do with those being trained in the Jesus Mission/ Magisterial Mission/ Teaching Mission, Known collectively as the Corrective time effort? It has everything to do with you as you personally will be used, primarily first, as the many excellent receivers of the communications of the Celestial personalities with responsibilities that can only be executed through their communication through you, but then as your polish comes to the fore, you will be used as speakers and diplomatic liaison persons to dignifiedly more and more, be the actual face of the Administration, presented in public. This will take lots of time in the human perspective of time, to bring you along to that place, but it will be in our perspective of time very sufficiently rapid for the time table for ushering in the time of light and life in a highly pertinent fashion.

“You can see, as we have mentioned many times your being used like this, is at least in my mind a stroke of genius because of the problems it solves in one fell swoop about having persons in the forefront of the new administration, of the same earth society and generation being worked with. The element of an administration being thought of as foreign or off planet, even though that is the case, will be defused to a large degree, because of your most fitting presence. Thank You all for your dedication and interest and you’re assimilating of these teachings and information on the path of Mission service you have been called to. Your value is great, as the finding of; disciplined, committed and understanding individuals willing to give up everything for this most important enterprise practically of all time on Urantia,  is a commodity, that as one looks around, is very precious and hard to come by.  My most friendly and affectionate inclusion into our corrective time group. This is Daniel of King Nebuchadnezzar's time, of the Jewish captivity in Babylon, wishing all a good day!”


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