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Author Topic: Margul, A Story For Incouragement, 30 Oct. 2016, Daniel, L V NV. US  (Read 251 times)

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Teacher: Margul
Subject: A Story For Encouragement
Category: Revelations, New and Old
T/R: Daniel Alderfer, Las Vegas NV.
30 October 2016, 16:44 Z

Transmitter: Thank You Father, as we come before you in worship, full of appreciation for your inspiring and giving these Teaching Mission lessons, with the spirit of Christ as the Teacher or Guide using this voice. Is there a message You would have for everyone at this time?

“Yes Daniel, you can begin. This is Margul with another teaching that is important for the understanding of all. My purpose is to expand your outlook and stimulate joy and jubilation at this life you have been called too. Let me begin by telling a story; a long time ago in a galaxy far away, there was a group we will call the ‘Expansion Group’.  They were ascending mortals with a mandate from The Father himself, Who was developing this group for a specialized task He knew would be needed in the far future.  Because of the nature of all expansion with intelligent beings, considerable time and experience is used to develop a being a personality with capabilities for unsupervised work. Intelligent beings of all kinds and uses, can by instantaneous creative fiat, be brought into existence and this is also a good way for Family expansion and diversity for needed comprehensiveness. However to work with mortals who are subject to the alternative of choosing to reject the opportunity, there is a dynamic of possible failure that gives a heightened edge to those on that particular path, in this case this Expansion Group. This way of creating beings gives the most reliable, sterling, imaginative and trustworthy end result for The Fathers intentions.

“In this case this group, not unlike the Serara, Monjoronson forum and teaching Mission, after being initially chosen, was used in tasks commensurate with their abilities and capabilities to provide a stage for the further training and broadening for developing all the qualities of character, The Father had in mind. This much beloved group as all groups are, now is after some billions of earth years ready for the Father to accomplish what he envisioned so long ago. The story contains a most happy side effect that I must mention and that is this: The family and group dynamic that develops over this amount of time and experience is a phenomenon of exquisite, unfathomable, immaculate, cohesive, and inexpressible, tender loving, togetherness and affection, and this is truly is one of the most glorious creations of the Universe.

“In human experience on earth, a five year period of a group being together in a service outreach like humanitarian aid to a stricken area of a planet, where all traveled to a remote location and had to solve many challenges together in an atmosphere of urgency and hard work. This is a group that for the rest of their human life will, although the task was done and the group is scattered, spend great effort to once again, come together in a reunion as often as possible, to share the love and friendship that to them was the sweetest experience of their lives. A feeling and unique preciousness outsiders cannot understand. Think of the feelings after billions of years of working together!

"Anyway to continue the story that has connotations for your own story and future, Expansion Group, when they were ready, in teams of two, were given their marching orders and responsibilities finally for the intended service of such lengthy preparation.  What this looked like was, these teams of such long association took responsibilities that were lonely assignments requiring them now, using the intelligent life at the place they were now stationed, to on their own, but still with the help of the Father, put into action all the vast knowledge and wisdom acquired by their long sojourn of so many experiences and exhaustive training. Now they could, in effect be The Father in every way, to those they were now responsible to develop into full maturity.

“The Fathers biggest challenge is to have children as the Family grows, just as capable in every way as He Is. This is why such vast amounts of time as you look at it are required. Father Christ Michael intimated in his estimation of the time to be ready to go to the first and second outer space levels it would be approximately 1 trillion years when your specific group would work together in whatever that task and responsibility will be.  It will be a specialized type of brother and sister life, you will work with in a whole different way of ascending at that time. Meanwhile this group will be together and serving in the vast future, always on assignments of opportunities for more experience which is just more training, but with a specific end in mind, which in your case is the first and second outer space level work with Mother Nebadonia and Father Christ Michael. It is a life of highly stimulating, deeply interesting, highly diverse assignments that joyfully occupies you with never-ending delights.

"This ascending life you have already begun is kind of like a scientist, I once heard declare; that all he needed to be supremely happy was a life in his laboratory, with access to all of his equipment and tools and the freedom to pursue his interests. In effect that is what the Father is giving all of you. This lesson is for inspiring that further insight at this time when you may need it most, as we go into the more rigorous time of earth changes where the vision of your destiny is important to have uppermost in mind. In other words to give you more of the big picture, when it looks like all hell is breaking loose.

"I want to thank all of you for your attention as this training continues!  This is Margul, with you as we bring Urantia into the era of Light and Life.  With loving affection, good day to all"!


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