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Author Topic: Margul,Work Fitting You, Our Gift to You, 28/10/2016,Daniel, L V NV. US  (Read 231 times)

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Teacher: Margul
Subject: Kind of Work you Enjoy, Our gift to you.
Category: Serara Staff and Messages
T/R: Daniel Alderfer, Las Vegas, NV.
28 October 2016, 15:50 Z

Transmitter: Again, Father, knowing of your presence always right here with us no matter what may be going on, we express our appreciation for bringing us into the Corrective Time Teaching Mission training group and for helping we begin to hear and transmit from the many Celestial Teachers. Thank You Father! Is there some communication for all at this time?

Yes there is Daniel, write what clearly comes into your mind. This is Margul, this time with a teaching about how it is not effortless but it is easily possible, to progress on the Ascension career. When one has sincerely dedicated oneself to whatever may be the most fitting life and activity The Father may have in mind, your life will fall into place.  Right along with this is the unspoken but sure truth that your own enthusiasms and interests are also uppermost in your path as to where you go and what you do. To let you with your particular personality in synchronicity with The Fathers Personality choose the areas that naturally turn you on and get you the most excited makes a lot of sense.

“We mentioned here on the forum in the last few days as we are thinking about the placement eventually of each one to work in the Magisterial Son’s Mission, that now is the time for you all to give this at least a little thought. Because of the many messages through this forum, with what you know about the work to be done, as revealed by the many postings that have spoken about likely diplomatic, outreach and serving capacities, some ideas of the opportunities are apparent for your consideration.

“All of, or most of you have said in so many words that: it really doesn’t matter to me, I’ll be happy with the most menial position, just to have the privilege of being part of this most meaning full and far reaching effort for Urantia’s turnaround. That’s all true and except for many starting positions that will not be the most glamorous the truth is that what gets you the most excited and is the most interesting is where you should be working. It will become plain over time for the most ideal work for you at this stage of your development. Yes often you will serve a stint in a variety of occupations for some time to have you well rounded in experience, still this matter of what kind of personality you have and what proclivities fit what job, is our desire too. It’s a proverb in the army and a joke, that if you are trained as a mechanic in civilian life they will almost certainly put you to doing something as mismatched as assigning you to work as a cook. In real life to request through channels, the Army is very happy to place you where you function best. This is no different.

“Hopefully at this stage in life your ability to roll with the punches and sometimes be occupied in what is not necessarily your cup of tea for the moment, will be a big help as we get organized and more up to speed with all the variety of service the Mission will do and provide. It’s also a most excellent opportunity for your exercise in being cheerfully acquiescent no matter what it takes to get the job done. At the same time, you can know that this basic principle of personal preference for placement is paramount to efficient organizations. Your being whom and what you are and what you can do was not happenstance, I assure you.  Patience here at the beginning is my small point I am making.  

If it should prove to take much more time for the roll out of the actual work, bide your time, continue to maintain your fresh hope, as you come to develop that resilience for enduring what may seem to be a much too ponderous unfolding. I think you can see by now to remain steadfast through this whole seemingly interminable wait where you are required to keep the faith when some may abandon the ship is your supreme test.  Always come back to the comforting realization that you definitely have been chosen for this gig, you are in the Magisterial Mission employ at this moment.  There is never in our memory been a more priceless and valuable entry and opportunity for any mortal ever that we know of. Those who have left somehow let that truth slip in clarity. It is worth any sacrifice and the small difficulties on balance, so, far, far, outweigh any other forecast for any life on Urantia that it is ridiculous.  I'm speaking very plainly here.

“It’s a little like you being accepted for a full on scholarship to some prestigious educational institution but the actual announcement to your friends and family has to wait for the administration timing to let all know of your good fortune. Meanwhile your life is encouraged, colored and reinforced by your looking forward to this coming boon and windfall.  You secretly endure cheerfully knowing of your gift of this rare scholarship endowment.  It’s just like that. The administration contacted you but it has only been a verbal promise of the coming scholarship. The few friends you did tell of your opportunity scoff, as no letter was forthcoming. Still you are trusting and believe so much in the integrity of the college staff, you are supremely confident.

“With this message and lesson, my purpose is the cheering and reminding of what is truly yours.  I am Margul, with a most happy contemplation of working together, My respect and love goes out to you! Good day to all.  Domtia”……..


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