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Author Topic: Meloloc, Work Ethic & Health Maint, 26 Oct. 2016, Daniel, L V NV. US  (Read 256 times)

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Teacher: Meloloc
Subject: Work Ethic & Health Maintience
Category: Sustainability of Civilization & Life
T/R: Daniel Alderfer, Las Vegas, NV.
26 October 2016, 20:46 Z

Transmitter: With love for You Father, I am here in confidence with respect for the care and help you are giving all every day, Thank You for the Corrective Time for Urantia. Is there a message you would have for all at this time?

Meloloc, “Yes Daniel, You may begin writing.  One aspect of our teaching for those being trained here today has to do with the subject we would call presumptive machinations or self-willed initiative leaning to your own understanding. It’s advisable for a person to stop and ask for wisdom at every turn with circumspection of reality about how much you have yet to learn before your innate knowledge and wisdom can carry the day on its own. This being still in the future, be quick to go for advice and guidance rather than winging it on your own, is an aspect of humility you all can think about in these early days of the Teaching Mission work. Conversely most of us probably have had positions in a work environment where we were supervising someone who refused to take responsibility for the smallest decisions, always checking with management for input, their own resourcefulness should solve. This balance of an individual being a creative team player as opposed to being a law unto themselves is the heart of what I am talking about.

“Another aspect of this having to do with excellent working traits is the quality of fastidiousness when a task is given you that you would cross the tee’s and dot the I’s, turning out fully polished examples of whatever the job is at the moment without needing to be cross checked at every turn. Another facet to this work place discussion is about promptness for arriving at work and the willingness to continue longer when needed, in spite of the long day already served. It boils down to a passionate approach verses a laidback and too easy going execution of the things we would be given to do.

“It could be however that the reason for these lapses is gross overwork in the past that makes all tasteless and meaningless and a rest of considerable duration is called for to recover the zest and verve for the job. Health issues are a big part of this because the energy to go the extra mile may not be there as sluggishness is present from less than optimum balance and lightness in overall health. Regular vigorous exercise as painful as it is must be fitted in to the week for optimum functioning.   Maintaining a heart rate by some activity of approx. 120 for about 30 min three times a week [Upon the advice of your health care physician] would be the minimum to tone and stress the circulatory system sufficient to have that bounce and healthful equilibrium.

“Diet of course is uppermost of importance but yet the proscription of the proper one for you is a personal journey of education and discovery. Yes, to do your best to find natural produce raised on soils rich in humus teaming with bacterial and fungal life that breaks down the organic waste then providing nutrients for healthy plant development, but a general rule however is that irregardless of what the actual food stuffs are, very moderate intake will go a long way to a person being healthy. It’s true also that less than ideal dietary balance concerning food intake, which is not necessarily perfect, can be easily tolerated and even health maintained if a person eats a very moderate amount that allows the whole system to be free and unburdened from over indulgence.

“A little understood area for vibrant health is the Intestinal flora of sufficient variety. This is important and can be replenished by foods containing the long understood natural fermentation and bacterial population that then is capable to produce even those elements you need that you are not consuming from what you are consuming.  All microbes and all cells are intelligent to the extent needed. For example there are available many microbial varieties you can ingest that give resilience that can adapt to and actually change what is being eaten, to new vitamins and minerals that fit your particular need for cell maintience. Finally in conclusion on this subject of healthy body maintience, Your mindset of positivity and confident trust is important to your health also as it sends a message to each organ and even each cell that all is well and full speed ahead is expected.

This is Meloloc again with this lesson intended to impart a small beginning of knowledge toward you living in the most energetic and satisfying way possible as we then also set the example for those we will be serving in the Corrective time. Thank you for you’re continuing in study and learning as you all become teachers in your own way. With love, wishing a most interesting day to each! Domtia”…………….


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