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Author Topic: Margul, Dysfunction of Urantian Society, 26 Oct. 2016, Daniel, L V NV. Us  (Read 289 times)

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Teacher: Margul
Subject: Dysfunction of Urantian Society
Category: Revelation, New and Old
T/R: Daniel Alderfer, Las Vegas NV.
26 October 2016, 17:04 Z

Transmitter:  In this most auspicious time Father, as the events to begin the long awaited actions of loving intervention draw near, we thank You with heartfelt feelings of appreciation and joy, confident of Your over care. With Love I ask if there is some message You would like brought to all today?

“Yes Daniel, again you can begin typing. This is Margul with a teaching about the return to sanity and reasonableness on Urantia. Examine any area of Urantian society and you find a craziness and lack of logical follow through and a mismatch about the ways things are done that make no sense. A good example is the educational system, where from small childhood on, especially in the western world, often the self-will of the child is allowed to develop strong traits of disrespectfulness and sassing of authority,

“All the mature leaders of the educational organizations know of the old ways of reasonable corporeal punishment and the sensible ways of in home discipline and early training for good characteristics but which they are no longer empowered to teach by the establishment. By the age of three much of the household work such as very short stints of dishwashing and helping with the laundry and house cleaning is shared within reason so that order and neatness within each child's living space, is partially maintained by the child themselves. This would have them arrive at the place of public education, albeit with in their very limited abilities, to be ready to listen and go right ahead with small responsibilities right from the beginning.

“These educators know of the importance of balanced diet and natural foods, of vigorous exercise every day, but now in a display of weak disorganization and lack of follow through, although there are many fine exceptions, it is common to have learning environments of a mishmash of over protectiveness, fearful adherence to political correctness, parental meddling that has nothing to do with reality. The societies detrimental attitudes are allowed to powerfully influence everything to the exclusion of reason and proven time honored educational standards that are now watered down and compromised often with individuals leaving the twelve years of primary school with literally half of the character readiness for adult life of only fifty years ago.

“Another example is the crazy illogical ways of the health maintience and care industry. Most of the disease and sickness of the modern Urantian life, although many examples of enlightened living style can be found in enclaves around the world, are simply the result of eating refined and adulterated food. Almost universal are eating habits unbalanced by too much sugar, starches and heavy protein with little vegetables and legumes, few natural oils and fats, substituting margarine , oil altered by hydrogenation making it incompatible with human assimilation. These factors over time, tip the body environment to toxicity and unbalance that sickens the cells themselves. Then upon sickness being diagnosed, only small credence is given to the maladies cause, but the remedies are illogically treated with more chemicals of occasional usefulness but in many cases designed to cover over and retard the symptoms only, not addressing the reason for the imbalance.

“The hospitals and therapy establishments serve in their dining areas, in a manner that defies a sane approach, the fare and the snacks and the beverages that are the very reason for many of the patients being there in the first place. Little credence is given to a teaching of moderation in quantity of diet and the importance of occasional fasting and moderate exercise to regularly stress the skeleton, the muscles, and circulatory system. In short an approach lacking sound logic and understanding. A physician is rare who will address the cause of the patient’s sickness being simple over eating.

“Another area that makes no sense, is the way most stumble along into marriage and child raising without basic guidelines about genetics by the educational authorities or the preparation by the parents for their children's graduation to adulthood concerning wise dating and matchmaking, methods of child rearing using kind, moderate, loving discipline, responsibility training, maturing into kindliness and self-control, missing the point of the romantic relationship being primarily for the purpose of schooling in learning a way of life of: caring, honesty, integrity, serving, and patience.

“It is not emphasized that married life is excellent to address immaturity challenges like moodiness, lack of diligence, self-centeredness, and most of all the trait of loyal support and patience in spite of many difficulties. All this, often overlooked and neglected to such a degree that law enforcement becomes the crude and mostly ridiculous way recalcitrants, produced by ignorance, lack of love and wise home environment are after a fashion dealt with in a dysfunctional and only partially effective way. Many times being imprisoned for infractions that as a solution, only harden the individual in the way that put them there in the first place.

“My purpose of this lesson is to simply highlight the work we have cut out for us as a discussion starter about the scene extant today in many of the nations of the world. It is a mixed bag of good and bad, the result of planetary leadership run amuck, that is highly detrimental to progressive evolution. However we will treasure and commend, fledgling enlightened efforts existing simultaneously. These can be adjusted with little change to continue as sound practices into this new era of a sustainable worldwide Urantian course change to balance and a wise, intelligent lifestyle. This Is Margul, very happily looking to the future, working with and training all of you here in the Corrective Time Teaching Mission. Thank you for your attention, good day!”


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