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Author Topic: Jesus on Planetary Peace  (Read 258 times)

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Jesus on Planetary Peace
« on: October 24, 2016, 21:29 »

Eyes Only

Teacher: Jesus
Subject: My Work to Bring About Planetary Peace
Category: JESUS – Return: The Staff of Jesus and His Apostles
T/R: Sue Whiley aka 7inOcean
Location: Geelong VIC Australia
Date/Time: 25/10/2016 9.58am(AEDT) 11.58pm (-11hrs GMT)

“Peace is a subject the world seeks but has not achieved it because it is looking in all the wrong places for it to be happening.”

"You know the saying goes, "Peace, peace when there is no peace”, well that is true of your world now. When I come I bring peace. How do you think I do that?”

Sue – Jesus your name is very well known by Christians, Moslems and Jews the world over and by the Biblical standards, we all have come to know your story through the gospels written by your Apostles. You are known as the Prince of Peace by your teachings, your parables, your actions of forgiveness and love to the common people that you have dealt with in your earthly sojourn and ministry. The peace you bring is the commandment of love and service to our fellows. The peace in knowing the Father loves us and calls us to Himself. The peace that sets us free from sin and evil and gives us the liberty to choose the eternal life you bring to us to live in hope.

“Yes, all that is true as you say and I know the history of Christianity and how my gospel message has been received and many believe in me. This I honour the Apostles’ work when I left them so long ago and this I will bring forward the gospel truth in full for all modern believers to hear once more the truth of my words spoken some two thousand years before.

“True peace can only be valued when the truth of my message, my gospel is to be understood and received by all who believe in the truth. When you and all others see who you are in the face of God, you will know the peace of God in you.  When you have discovered your heritage, your inheritance and your eternal career, your security in God is founded and you enter the gates of the kingdom by your faith in the Father of All.

“I come to bring peace to all of you so that you all will know we are not separated by our beliefs, or values nor our colour, rather you will find how very connected in truth in acknowledging the Fatherhood of God, your sonship with God and your brotherhood of your fellows.

“Peace comes in your heart of hearts when you receive the Father as your own and you as one with the Father as I am with Him and you.

“No one is turned away, it is your choice to turn away from the God of love and light. You who choose life will go on into eternity; those who do not, must be aware they can no longer exist, and so they will be facing extinction.

“Each one of you must be made aware that you have the God spark within you and it is the guiding pilot light that leads you to the Source of your being. You, in essence, belong to that Source. Without the Source you are effectively nothing.

“So when it is said, “The peace of God that passes all understanding..”, it means in Him we exist, without Him we are nothing and so in the reality of the Source, do we reside and rest our faith in.

“Peace in your world is to do with no more wars, this is what you know as a belligerent race, but that is not the way and you all know it doesn't work.  What works is that you all stop to think and realise you are all brothers and it is time to bow to the God spark in each of your brother in turn.  It is a holy and sacred journey you all live in the experience of being a mortal of time and space to learn the way of faith and trust in the invisible Source of your being.

“I am Jesus, I come to bring many lessons and teachings like these to help you to understand your place with others and with the universe at large to which you belong. To uplift your heart, your mind unto God and His way of love and service. I end this session with my simple prayer for you all:

“Father, may you bring these little children unto yourself and may I show them how. Amen”


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