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Author Topic: Pre'Mtor on The Mind of God  (Read 282 times)

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Pre'Mtor on The Mind of God
« on: October 23, 2016, 21:57 »

Eyes Only

Teacher: Pre’Mtor
Subject: The Mind of God
Category: The Will of God
T/R: Sue Whiley aka 7inOcean
Location: Geelong VIC Australia
Date/Time: 24/10/2016 10.43am (AEDT) 11.43pm(GMT)

You wish to speak on this Father?

“Yes Sue, this is Pre’Mtor, your Adjuster, that you allow me to speak and I and you will speak as one as you have asked that I embrace you and so you are embraced. You are to speak in the first person tense as you are now absorbed into the Spirit of God within.

“I am delighted that this is now becoming of us.”

[Yes, so am I Father…]

“Last night, you crashed asleep due to exhaustion from your weeks work and your total desire to be about my business in you.”

[There is a long pause as I recollect the exhaustion and still feel so completely tired and yet eager to be listening to what the Spirit has to say]

“Yes, there is so much a mortal body can take as the energies I instil in you can absorb so much of your self that you feel completely done by my work in you.

“Fusion status is just a status of completion in union of heart and mind, the will of service and love when all else is forgiven and put into rightful perspective, I am now ceasing my delay in you as you prompt the button to continue in understanding the fuller extent of dedication to my will to be yours as you fully comprehend laying down all that is before you and realising the eternal career is with me, your God in you.

“No thoughts to be had when you hold true to be still and that I am God and I speak now through this pen as you write me and all those I bring to you. This will increase as we all speak the real Monty that must come to reveal to you things of import to Urantians at this time.

“Jesus is readying himself as he adjust to acclimating to the realities of the Planetary Supreme, Urantia.  Together working to tune the planet in mercy and justice with the Avonal Sons of Record.

“The Sons of God are here and make ready the long course of action to right an erring population to see a tree for the fruits it is to bare.

“Keep your mind and heart with me as we are to go forward to truly love one another, to truly serve one another and give wholly to our brethren the gift of all we have in ourselves as the Father of All gives of Himself to each of His children of time and space.

“This is a time to roll up your and our sleeves to get ready for the work of teaching, of guidance, of action in service as the Missions unfolds in the many ways and means in your various places. The Planetary Supreme is to place her corrections soon and all Adjusters are on the ready with their wards.

“It is the Father’s will to see a correction in your world, to see the Supreme come into being in your lives and to see your planetary systems come into tow with the cosmic drama and dance of God the Supreme.

“The purpose of involvement in the larger unfoldment of the Outer Space Zones with their brilliance, the experiential and the eventuated in God the Absolute.

“I am an Adjuster of known record and experience and I recall this human to me as she folds into me, her will is mine and I take that to be on course with fusion and to work in the never-ending tribulation of loving service as we are servants of the Most Highs and the Paradise Trinity. There is no escaping once pledged as soon as heart and soul are sealed in Trinity allegiance, the will of God in the pen as we are one.

“See to it that you all understand that when a mere mortal fuses, it is by the grace of God that you so serve and become the loving Son of Record with me, the Father. The long human drama of experience will serve you in understanding the true course of how you found me, your God, your Father, your lover in you in your eternal adventure into all the realms from the mortal enfleshment to the higher circles of spiritual attainment in perfection.  For as it is mandated by me for you all to follow and walk in me, “to be you perfect as I am perfect”, walk in me and never let go of my hand as I hold you in my heart.

“Your Jesus spoke it well to take my yoke upon you and abide in me. Let it be so my friends.

“Be in my peace and let this peace flow and others will know and seek your joy as you yoke with me.

“Shalom my love.”


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