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Author Topic: Ocilliaya,Money & Tasks 21 Oct. 2018 Daniel L V NV. US  (Read 237 times)

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Ocilliaya,Money & Tasks 21 Oct. 2018 Daniel L V NV. US
« on: October 21, 2016, 10:38 »

Eyes Only
Teacher: Ocilliaya
Subject: Money and tasks
Category: The will of God
T/R: Daniel Alderfer, Las Vegas Nev.
20 October 2016, 15:38 Z

Transmitter:  With thanks giving and praise we come at this time, with appreciation for our relationship with You where You are available around the clock for responding to our requests for all the needs of the day. We worship You our Father! Would You have an instruction or explanation that You want for all here working in the Corrective Time?

Ocilliaya:  “Yes Daniel you can begin writing.  My intention at this receiving session, is to give the explanation concerning having enough wherewithal money wise for doing what it is we Celestial leaders see that we would like you to do. Often you will be used for accomplishing some task that requires you to buy gas, supplies, or a transportation ticket to go and do something, with your own money until the Mission is organized.  What should you do, if at that time you are between checks from your work or pension and the last check, try as you might, had to go for unexpected expenses that left you a $1.50 in your debit account? Now you need a chunk of change to do something you need to do.

“You would try to solve it on your own as you think of something you could do to earn the extra right away or some stash around the house in a coin jar perhaps. You may think I am joking about this as most on this list have at least some extra and have not been that close to having no cash, since they can remember. Almost everyone has credit cards that would give the amount needed, to then pay for later, but more than a few don’t.  Yes, you could have had more diligence or foresight, so you wouldn’t be this low in cash, but whatever, more than a few will be given tasks that need some moola and you just don’t have it. What then? Especially later when times are tough and setbacks leave you bereft and you are now in the strata, which I have described above, for the first time ever!

“Being in a circumstance where you are out of cash, is not an accident, as we your leaders know exactly your situation down to the penny and we can solve any challenge for you beforehand by making sure you have plenty in some way or another and we bless all of you constantly, so this is not an issue. But when you find yourself so low, as many of you will before it is over, it is because this very challenge will be used to demonstrate ‘not by power and might,[supernatural intervention to solve things] but by my spirit’ [are the way things of God are accomplished].

“All it means is that another test of trust and faith is at hand for your own expansion. You would simply in quietness and confidence pray, mentioning how you know this will be solved in the time frame needed, some way, somehow, to do the task. Or not. Of course racking your own brain too, to try to come up with a resourceful solution. The ‘or not’ part is a distinct possibility. Meaning the money you needed does not come because things may change where; the task is no longer necessary, etc.  

The acuteness of these financial shortfall incidents draws us to The Father similar to a life and death health crisis.  You stand still and see the salvation of the lord, for what is needed. We learn as all these dramas take place and we are provided for, over and over, that our trust can be absolute. All of you being exercised by the repeated change of plans are a good example of this same dynamic. The lack of relief, where for years and years the same very difficult, thorn in the flesh is still there, [The thorn being: does The Father really know what he is doing? If I was doing it, this last week or month was a perfect opportunity because of the enormous attention worldwide by some extravaganza. Is not this an opportunity wasted?!!!!]. This brings out eventually whether your intent and allegiance is genuine, selfless, full, unadulterated or not. My purpose today is the laying to rest of any uncertainties when you are tested, as I am suggesting, and alerting you beforehand that all this will be your experience.

“Of course these difficulties won’t be only about money, there may be health troubles, equipment failure, communication failure, administrative failure and transportation failure, that then by your turning to The Father you can solve, and the help will come one way or another. Or not. This ‘or not’ thingy, is a permeate part of all of our existence in the Family of God. The Fathers will takes precedence, thus we many times wait in uncertainty.  You will see as you mature and expand that all of this we are explaining today is a very minor issue and that you can trust any child will be well compensated by the largess and generosity of the Father by and by! Meanwhile here we are, perhaps with no reserve at all, clearly, willing to be totally at the mercy of the Father to accomplish anything at all and we are serenely happy to do so.

“I come to you with only appreciation of you our mortal workers, so integral to very many of our refurbishing/rebuilding tasks. Use this lesson today for an expansion of confidence and faith we all are developing.  These things discussed hopefully help you to be ready to endure. By that I mean: endure everything that a strenuous training program and work situation will be. This is Ocilliaya with joy as this day unfolds.


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