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Author Topic: Mansonloran, Anonymousness 19 October 2016 Daniel, L V NV.  (Read 245 times)

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Eyes Only
Subject: Anonymousness
Category: Monjoronson
T/R: Daniel Alderfer, Las Vegas NV.
19 October 2016, 19:47 Z

Transmitter: With feelings of appreciation, of worship, with memories of help and salvation many times, I am here, Thank You Father. Would You have some transmission for those working in the Corrective Time?

Mansonloran: “As you remember; when we spoke before, there was another subject that we touched on but did not develop, that I would like to address today. It has to do with ‘being mercenary’. Mercenary ways of life are, if I could paraphrase; greedy, grasping, materialistic, acquisitive, and money oriented. Jesus in his life here two thousand years ago was a good example of the opposite when it came to working with money or property to take care of business. I want to illustrate, for your understanding the story of a public guy you all know of. He had gotten his start in the music business, and made serious money when he was only twenty five years old. With good advice, he invested in real estate, made many successful hits there too and by aged thirty five was worth about a hundred million dollars.

“He contracted a disease that would prove fatal in the end and was brought up short to seriously consider how to handle what was left of his life. He had read the Bible and knew of the principle that anonymous giving, making it impossible usually for anyone to know the giver, was highly commendable, so he decided it was the way he would dispose of his wealth. What he decided to do as a full time job, was to actively be much more aware of all around him and to notice truly deserving situations and then to by stealth and detective work find out how to safely put in the hands of the individual, without the slightest possibility for it to be traced, brown bags of cash that was the amount he had researched they needed. This is the one you know as:---- I wouldn’t tell you for a million dollars!

“Almost the commonest thing in the world, next to eating too much, is the practice of telling, or at least making sure as many as possible find out somehow the good deeds a person has done. It is almost universal. Subtly and not very subtly it is a practice to make sure things are said that reveal your accomplishments, goodness and generosity. Conversely, sometimes, it is so shocking you almost want to strike a medal on the spot, you will find a person as you get to know them over time, who is not only totally the opposite, you literally have to pry with a set of horse shoe pinchers, even the smallest account of self-praise or to get them to talk about an altruistic thing they have done. You realize at that moment that you are standing in the presence of a God.

“Here is something that may give you pause; you can search the Urantia Book with a magnifying glass and a tweezers, and it is completely at fault for forgetting to show us the place Jesus did anything that even hinted at this most common act in  the world. This act that deviates so much from portraying the character of The Father which is; modesty, zilch amount of caring who gets the credit, except for being sure to give lots of it to others. To go out of your way to hide any charitable acts, covering up source with bales of insulation. Why? Because it begins to help us see the point; service and good acts are what we do, not to accentuate ourselves but to accentuate family progress by those acts of charity and service, succinctly put, ‘our total way of life’.  

“Thank you my trainee’s, in the Magisterial Sons Mission, as you regularly subject yourselves to the study and meditation that this forum is dishing out. With joy to be here and great interest as we see you expand in spiritual prowess, this is Mansonloran, good day!”


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