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Author Topic: Gaia Mother Supreme Urantia, Gaia Urantia Speaks to All, 18 Oct. 2016 Daniel L V  (Read 311 times)

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Teacher: Gaia Mother Supreme Urantia
Subject: Gaia, Urantia Speaks to All
Category: General Discussion
T/R: Daniel Alderfer, Las Vegas, NV.
18 October 2016, 22:19 Z

Thank You Father for the soon return of Jesus and Christ Michael and our knowing we are secure even when trouble comes. Is there some message You would have for all those working in the missions?

Gaia Mother Supreme Urantia: “Yes Daniel, you can begin writing. Today with the events soon taking place, you can know for sure that all is being as it should be. The basket case that is Urantia, with dysfunction from top to bottom is at the worst point in its history. Now our jubilation is without bounds as we see the injury and damage caused by Urantia’s leaders and its populous, who are locked into a fixation of self-interest, maintained by fear at both ends that has brought us to the place of practically the last second of it being reasonably feasible to turn things around.

“The individuals on Urantia that look to the Father in trust with perfect confidence are as you know, way, way, in the minority. My heart is sick but as I mentioned one time on these forums, I can soon and now hold my head up high. My frame, crust, oceans and air, look out through eyes of genuine hope. Father and Mother have been my most loyal friends and were often practically my sole comfort in deterioration and setbacks that would put most in despair. My existence now has a silver lining that is oh so encouraging. I want to bare my heart and share my joy with this mortal band, of such sincere devotion to The Father.

“Try to understand your appreciated place. Beings that in spite of almost universal misunderstanding, of all around you, have pressed on against the constant trouble and adverse circumstances, believing and not complaining with consistent positivity. This is rare and I want you to know, you who stand and dwell on me, are loved by me. We will again see the oceans teeming, the forests burgeoning, the deserts thriving, the rivers pristine, and the air pure and sweet. We will see fairness, kindness, safety and full supply for all. You humans on the Magisterial Staff and workforce are like the center of all societal soundness, all genuine Father centeredness, all basic thoroughness in spiritual approach, set in Universe knowledge that is founded on up to date revelation.

“I see all this and rejoice, my 4 billion year run is now at the crucial apex and how joyful I am. You are me and I am you in a very intimate way. I know each of you and am so proud of you! If not for you, it is a good possibility we would have had to start over. You are making it worth it. Your greatest virtue is your unshakable faith and belief in the Father! I want to emphasize that, I am most grateful to you!. This is my say today! Thank You Universal Father and Father and Mother of Nebadon. With love, Gaia, Mother Supreme Urantia. Domtia”……….

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