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Author Topic: Mother Spirit, You are Creators Also, 17 October 2016 L V NV. US  (Read 289 times)

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Teacher: Mother Spirit Nebadonia
Subject: You are a Creator Also
Category: Mother, The Divine Minister and Creative Spirit
T/R: Daniel Alderfer, Las Vegas, NV.
17 October, 2016, 18:11 Z

Transmitter:  Our Father, with the love that You gave us, we are here in devotion and openness for teaching and instruction from You. Thank You for life and purpose to transcend anything possible on our own. Is there some lesson or information You would have for us at this time?

Mother Spirit Nebadonia: “Yes there is Daniel, My message for today is regarding the need, as there will be, for your entering into very close communion with any of those Teachers and guides that have come upon the invitation of Christ Michael and Myself; for Corrective Time assistance. These Teachers, Guides and Counselors, these Technicians, specialized atomic experts to clean up radiation, diplomatic old hands, these masters that know how to restore environmental balance, how to teach with methods to fit any learning type, age or subject, these construction virtuoso’s, language authorities, agricultural and soil/microbial authorities, transportation guru’s, oceanic mentors, genetic experts, weather experts, tectonic experts, volcanic experts, atmospheric experts, antiquities experts, history maestro’s, dietary and nutrition champions, healing and health maintience adepts, experts to restore fisheries, masters of forestry initiation and management, electronic and computer designers, media, radio, TV and video/movie production directors, chemical, mechanical, civil, electrical and communication engineers, to mention a few, all here to help in the corrective time.

“My message is that these helpers here, mentioned above are willing and enthusiastic, to help you, and are advisors for your association, and networking as needed to accomplish it all. As we have mentioned before we could take over and set everything right, kind of like the Mother going into the teen agers room and cleaning it all up. The way of The Father is a much better way, and that way is to show and mentor behind the scenes as you, the mortals here now, do all the actual hands on restoration. It’s much slower but it is rich with peripheral benefits like ending with humans now much more mature and consequently experts and confident teachers of the future.  How do you mortals working with the Magisterial Mission begin associating with and becoming friends with these most able Guides? There are two ways;

“[1st] Partially in the Mission work, some of you will assist with, or be assigned to work with them, but as well and this is the gist of my message today: [2nd] you can be in stillness with the intention to commune with and start hearing these most ready and able coworkers. Your own initiative coupled with the ideas you will be beginning to have, will in many of you, begin to gestate toward some work or area of interest you want to become expert in and to start to prepare and imagine ways of practical application. Here is a crucial bit of information for you:

“Your effort in the thinking through what will work is the way this will work. We all as creators can do what a genius like Tesla did with a special gift he had. He could design and experiment with a concept, dream or principle from start to finish in his head. He could envision, build, work out practical solutions, in his case electro/magnetic/power scenarios and solve all the aspects needed by his thinking alone. You can too. Often a pit fall of a brilliant person is to become highly impatient and frustrated with trying to implement his or her ideas, often, way-far in advance for the need to actually start physically building a system or idea. Often the putting into existence of that idea reveals that there is enormous shortfall in practicality because of unconsidered ramifications still needing much experimentation and mental effort. The mental effort is an acquired skill that develops little by little as you diligently keep trying, until it comes to the place of a serious power you have. Some on this training Forum already have it!

“In short you can be working on and perfecting these ideas quietly, biding your time, confident and knowing there is coming a right time for its creation. Our baby of a method, concept or invention takes a very enormous amount of preparation. Perfecting it by thought is not only possible but the best way for seeing a dream materialize. We can take this concept or idea and with much consultation with experts and the hard work of logical thinking, the researching of similar ideas and solutions, solve all the loose ends and unconsidered challenges, in advance. This I am challenging you to do in concert with the skilled advisors you have here with us.  You would start putting this in a document. When Michael and I presented the plans to Paradise, for the creation of Nebadon, as was reported here before, it was a document equivalent to over 40,000 typewritten pages of details, outlining the creation we envisioned.  You can see what we did with some of the millions of years we have been around!

“Realistically, because of your abilities and circumstances, the disciplined thinking, the doing of the work, may be a flabby muscle at the moment. No problem, your request to The Father for more rigorous motivation and mental capacity, will be answered. Its common and considered normal for humans to spend [waste] large amounts of time in comfortable past times. Mental work capacity, often, only developed over time, becomes a comfortable past time.

“I love you all, I know you all, each one! This is one of your Mothers speaking, as We develop Our selves for service. Notice I’m putting Myself right in there with you in the universe classroom.  I am far from as capable as I will be! With Love and Hugs.  Nebadonia.  For now. Domtia”…….


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