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Author Topic: Understanding Self-Realization  (Read 284 times)

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Understanding Self-Realization
« on: October 17, 2016, 00:18 »

   Eyes only

   Subject:   Understanding Self-Realization
   Teacher:  Luninerion:  Chief of Seraphic Services on Urantia
   Category:  Teaching Mission Skills Including Transmitting
   T/R:  Amethyst   
   Location:  Upstate New York
   Date and Time:  October 16, 2016  Received 6:00 pm EST 

  Amethyst:  Luminerion, do you wish to speak with me about self-realization?

  Luminerion:  Yes, I do Amethyst. 

  “This is a topic that needs greater clarity and understanding on Urantia, especially for those who will be transmitting and serving in other capacities in the upcoming missions.  Unlike self-mastery that I discussed in my last meeting with you, self-realization will be an ever ongoing process throughout your universe career.  Self-mastery can be attained in little as one human lifetime or early in the morontia existence; It is directly linked to your cooperation with your Father Fragment.  Self-realization, however is an eternal ongoing process.  The self can only be fully realized when the self is fully completed.  With each thought, expression, and experience you have, you are adding to a greater realization of who you are and what you can accomplish. 

  “You begin your mortal life as a helpless infant and have little self yet that you can identify as you.  Later you become aware of yourself as a child in a family, then an adult, perhaps a parent.  You start to realize yourself as becoming more involved with ever expanding roles.  You experience yourself as a citizen of a country, then as one individual in a global community.  You are a child of God, then expand your awareness as a cosmic citizen of the universe, which over time continues to expand and expand.  As you progress through each level of experience, you realize yourself as being more than you had previously imagined.  When you fuse with your Adjuster, you actually realize yourself to be one with a fragment of God. 

  “In many ways, you might say, there is a correlation or similarity, albeit on a much different scale, between your expanding realization of who you are, and that which the Supreme Being experiences.  He too, will actualize and realize more of himself as he incorporates more and more creature experiences into himself and thus realize himself more.

  “Spiritual growth happens on many different levels; It is not limited to just greater self-realization.  However self-realization is a result of further spiritual growth. 

    “Many Urantians are at this time being given the most cherished opportunities for self-realization.  Nowhere in all of creation is there a planet populated with those like you,  Yes, there is great pain and wrong thinking that resulted from the rebellion.  But you are the survivors of this catastrophe.  You will prevail and come through those dark days with an essence like no other.  What a wonderful resume builder will be this Urantian experience in your universe ascension to the Corps of the Finality!

   “Cherish the skills you are learning here.  Practice, practice, and practice some more those transmissions.  Learn to see and treat your fellow humans as Jesus did when he walked this earth.  You are glorious souls in the making and one day in the distant future, your self-realization will amaze you. 

   “Grow little sprouts that have been planted in rebellion depleted soil, but who none the less see the Light of Truth on this small orb, for one day you will self-realize yourselves as the mighty oak trees you are destined to become!

   “I leave you now with my love to digest these words.”


Amethyst:  Luninerion, I am so humbled to be able to sit at your feet and receive.  I thank you with all my heart.

Luninerion:  You are most welcome my beloved fellow servant of God.





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