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Author Topic: Mansonloran, The Purpose of the Universe, 16 Oct. 2016 Daniel, L V NV. US  (Read 283 times)

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Teacher: Mansonloran
Subject: The Purpose of the Universe
Category: Sustainability of Civilization
T/R: Daniel Alderfer, Las Vegas NV.
16 October 2016, 18:56 Z

Transmitter: With Joy on this day Father, which may be most memorable in Urantian history, I thank You for giving us life and for making a place, where ever we are, to live and experience growing to maturity. Thank You for your patience and love. Is there some message you would have all to learn about?

Mansonloran: “Yes there is, you can write with full confidence, that what is said here today will resonate for some little time. What I'm meaning by that is the events of the day will reinforce this lesson. Our task and purpose is to punctuate with sufficient gravity the concept of: ‘What you see is what you get.’ How can I explain this? Let me put it another way; When the Magisterial Sons Mission soon is truly in everyone’s face, first somewhat and then more and more, it will be plain that Jesus has returned the second time, just as he promised. Hopefully, after the hysteric’s are exhausted and the accusations that He or Serara are the anti-Christ, are thoroughly debunked, and everyone of a sound mind and at least a little education can see the return is true, then at that moment the real progress starts. This moment may be a while in coming, but it will come and it is the defining moment of the millennium.

“Now with sincere understanding, more and more eyes and ears will turn for guidance, to the administration of the Prince of Peace. The guidance will slowly make more sense; it will constantly address the most urgent needs, prioritized in a way to come across as practical and workable. This will be a slow process because of the diversity of the population of Urantia with tens of thousands of large cities and with a million distinct Factions, led by humans needing to process and communicate to each group. The decades immediately ahead will see the stress and turmoil of the economic disruptions, the unusual epic; weather, seismic, tsunamic, and governmental flux, taking place simultaneously, will horrifically complicate it all. But the truth is; that nothing, better, could possibly unfold, that could be a more perfect catalyst for the needed changes. Keep this in mind as you relate to all who will almost to a person; think the situation is unjust, unfair, and mindlessly out of control, asking; where is God and how could He let this happen?

“Once there was in a far country a ruler that saw a progressive way to guide her people. She called together her circle of counselors and they ruminated on her ideas as she attempted to have them all see the enlightened vision she was seeing. Her intent was to have them go to every corner of the kingdom and explain the changes now to take place.  As with any new idea; the explanation about why these ways should be adopted is ultra-important for the light to go on in each mind. Now as we consider the function and methods to begin the world wide turnaround of Urantia’s makeover, the problem the ruler in the far country had is our challenge too. Her people didn’t have the background of how the Family of God works or the perspective that the magnitude of even the local star group is so large, with over 600 inhabited planets in our immediate vicinity. That little tidbit of knowledge alone would open all minds up in orders of magnitude as the common surmise is that we must be alone in the universe. Everything needs to be taught from scratch.

“My purpose is to put in perspective, what the Corrective time is attempting to do.  The why of what makes the present dysfunction totally unacceptable is that all progress is retarded and stymied until the dissemination of knowledge takes place, that our civilizations overriding purpose is the producing of individuals of expanded maturity, recognizing service and cooperation for accomplishing high goals of usefulness in an enterprise of vast completion only just barely begun. What is the purpose of all the creation? Why are we here? Why is the creation made up of intelligent beings occupied almost solely at the moment as one big university? It is for the endless expansion of the Family, sharing ownership, able to in the end experience further and further, the exploration of what is possible.  The Father does not know what that means or what that looks like and He wants to find out. He dearly loves to have the company of all of Us on the journey, as the journey, the adventure is everything.

“Hopefully this is expressing in a comprehensive way, the truth about reality. The condensed version of our reason for being. The underlying explanation for seeing a purposefulness that lights our fire for energetic participation.  The explanation that we are now tasked to carry to billions in a thousand different ways. This is Mansonloran with pleasure, to bring this lesson about the real meaning of what is happening. Wishing you all a most excellent day, especially today! Domtia”………


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