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Author Topic: Luminerion, Coming to the Edge, 15 October 2016 Daniel, L V NV. US  (Read 216 times)

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Teacher: Luminerion
Subject: Going to the Edge
Category, Teaching Mission Skills
T/R: Daniel Alderfer, Las Vegas, NV.
15 October 2016, 17:25 Z

Transmitter:  With nothing but happiness for being part of the Corrective Time, I am here in respect and praise for You Father, Thank You very much that we have a part of You as our guide as close as breathing! Is there a message for all here at this time Father?

“Yes, you can begin writing, this is the one known as Luminerion, a Teacher and Guide, Chief of Seraphic Services on Urantia, working with all now in this Corrective Time. My intent in this lesson is to cover a subject especially close to me in my own experience, that I will call ‘coming to the edge’. When you are standing on a roof deck far above the street below or you are out in mountain country in Patagonia, South America, you can go right to the edge of a cliff and be dazzled by the 300 meter drop off, realizing the laws of physics are keeping you sane, to be very careful not to lose your footing or balance, being where you are.

“In this life we have similar experiences in the spiritual realm of needing to go to the risky appearing edge of some new behavior.  One example would be to give up the very well-paying position and comfortable living situation you have because you must move across the world to take on new responsibilities. Another similar edge would be to throw yourself whole heartedly into the Corrective time work through the internet. You know that when your spouse, children, relatives, friends eventually find out you are spending every free moment with training and study of a scripture book, and following of plans for the actual makeover of the whole planet, their assessment of your mental balance and sensibility takes a nosedive. Your potential fall from respect has you catch your breath for sure.

Perhaps you have been such a wild hair in your search for truth for so many years, you already have lost any respectability, but now the cliff edge is a personal one of abject surrender to the Father of all. To now give over all ‘so say’ to The Father without reservation, [You realize his kindness and reasonableness leave lots of room for your living space, ‘thank God’] but still, all behavior is under his over care and is subject in the end to all the perfection you know He expects. That is scary!

“Our chief prized possession is our freedom to do what we sweet please [as we have experienced so much personal slavery and oppression] and now to go back into that same over control freely, to trust in the mercy and wisdom of the controller, is a cliff edge of the unknown that certainly gives us pause. So we stand on the cliff edge and dither, for some little time.

“That’s normal and that’s okay. Now a guide and old hand at cliff jumping are at your side and are encouraging you to jump. You have no bungee cord attached that you can see yet and that is the problem. To be dashed on the rocks at the bottom is all you can see. In short you are not ready to die for the principle of putting others good above your own.

Not to worry, we come to this place of conviction and commitment over time because we become aware finally that this one path, taking The Fathers hand, is only love and pleasure in the end. The dying part is a myth and an illusion that we defeat through the realization of reality, what we thought was true isn’t true. The jump is followed by being bourn up by eagles er I mean Angels wings. Finally we see the truth; giving up everything for the Father is really only trading of ownership and the new overlord then flips and gives it all back, it makes no sense. I’m only joking; it makes a lot of sense.

This is Luminerion with Joy to be with all of you and I use this metaphor to encourage everyone of you to take that leap of faith in confidence and total resignation knowing it is all true and trustworthy and now you have a cause worthy of any seeming sacrifice, that really is not a sacrifice at all but a launch into true freedom. Good Day! Domtia”………..


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