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Author Topic: Califax, Being Fused in This Life Time,14 October 2016 Daniel, L V NV. US  (Read 389 times)

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Teacher: Califax
Subject: Being Fused in This Lifetime
Category: Announcements for All of Importance
T/R: Daniel Alderfer
14 October 2016, 01:45 Z

Transmitter: Is there anything you have for all of us here in the Corrective time on Urantia, Father?

CalIfax: “You can begin writing; the exercise last evening, for those that happened to be on the Forum, to count to ten and then experience what feelings you might, was for the expansion of all here on the Serara, Monjoronson forums.  To have you be aware of the possibility to experience the close presence of another adjuster other than your own.

“What I intend to say has to do with you all being more aware of the possibility of many of you fusing with your adjuster in this life time. Fusing means to become inseparably one with your Mystery Monitor. To start out with a partnership that is finally settled, permeate, irrevocable.  It is an event entered into the record, a secure hold in, The Family membership that from now on, has you and your love, The Father, your married partner as it were, melded in purpose and seamless oneness.

“Why is it important and highly beneficial that Father Christ Michael would have many fused in the Mission cadre? For one thing, there is a new powerful usefulness that looks like this: Because of the new status of this ‘couple’ being one, communication and inter-related responsive reaction at any moment is enhanced. Growth in needed skills and abilities takes place more rapidly. Communication with other Spirit Entities is opened to a new degree.  Understanding needed is now, over some time, internalized and more accessible to a fused being.

“The inner conversation with The Father is now much more personal and direct. You two together are now on board, as an extension of The Father. This is a new milestone of what was intended all along and which now is a reality. Your personality, the knowledge of The Father, and the lengthy experience of the Adjuster, become one. This means the fused being is a font of useful accessibility to The Father and a repository of power and information of such magnitude that for ever and ever you will not be able to exhaust or fully plumb the wisdom and inspiration at your fingertips.

“The ascension career has now begun in earnest with the assurance of your safe status as a holder of eternal life without question or wondering. It is a graduation of sorts to the full status of Divine contingency or possibility now forever fixed in unchangeable, assured family association and functionality. If a person is ambivalent to fusing at this time, it is certainly not to be condemned, or looked down upon, likewise you, all this time from your birth existence to now, were at that same ambivalence also. Now you are beginning to understand the opportunity and the desire for its attainment; is a gift from The Father.

“This new circumstance was unseen and unexpected by most of you because the time was not right for this opening of new opportunity. Now it is. If this [the possibility of being Fused in this lifetime] resonates with you, as was mentioned, write a personal message to Ron Besser, speaking of your desire to begin the process for your Fusion. This is new territory for all of us, yet the possibilities are very exciting for the added effectiveness in the mortal staff. Effectiveness only dreamed of until now.  At the moment it is unclear just what this all means, but you can go ahead with confidence as it plays out in the coming years.

“More that I could say about this, is to cast some light on what is the difficult process Christ Michael mentioned yesterday in the message through Ron Besser? At the least it would mean a new, more connected at the hip, interaction with the Serara, Magisterial Mission. This journey to Fusion would not be with partial commitment or even the slightest possibility of slacking in the duties on the horizon each day. Perhaps that is some of the strenuousness or difficulty alluded to by Christ Michael. That would be an aspect I could personally vouch would be part of a person’s journey. It would mean a signing on for the, come what may, cheerful willingness to be subjected to any and all requests that would be fitting for your particular training. In other words a status of training, a cut above the normal more low key training all are experiencing now.

“To have your life at this time, not your own, like it has been, would be another way to put it. None of this would be anything that isn’t within reason. Simply expressed, it would be a new level of consistent availability not expected by most. Those which wouldn’t be in this status of training, of a path to present life Fusion.

“This is Califax with these areas for your consideration about this fusing question and what it means for you now. I wish you all the most stimulating and expansive period, as the actual commencement takes place soon with the Return of Jesus/Christ Michael.  Domtia to all”.


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